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2012 Preview: St. Louis Rams

Going into last year, there were high expectations for the  St. Louis Rams.  Sam Bradford was coming off a decent rookie year as the Rams QB, and the sky was the limit for his second season, based on his first year’s performance. But Bradford dealt with nagging injuries and only managed to play on only 10 games.  In that 10 games, Bradford could only manage just 6 TDs.  Thus, the Rams finished last in the division, and their efforts to improve on their previous season fell way short.  The Rams did have a somewhat exciting off season with being active in free agency.  They picked up Courtland Finnegan from the Titans, and they drafted a stud corner in Janoris Jenkins, however Jenkins has a troubled past and has more baggage than Kim Kardashian packs for a weekend trip.  Perhaps the Rams biggest off season acquisition was new Head Coach Jeff Fisher.  St. Louis is not expected to win a lot of games in the division, but you have to imagine that Fisher will have them ready to compete in every single game.  Here is more from the 2012 St. Louis Rams.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Steven Jackson has proven he is a stud (have you seen him in the Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine?)   Recently he has been the most consistent player the Rams have.  Last year Jackson finished with a respectable 1145 in rushing, 9th in the league.  Jackson is entering his 8th season in the league.  The Rams spent 2 lower level draft picks on RBs this year for a little support. 

Area of Strength: It’s hard to pinpoint an actual area of strength.  You can say that a healthy Sam Bradford could be a strength for the team.  But who could actually predict that.  You could also say that the running game could be an actual strength for St. Louis, but how much gas does Steven Jackson have in the tank?  They also loss the services of Cadillac Williams, who was Jackson’s running mate in the backfield.  The defense did record 39 sacks, but they couldn’t stop anyone or keep the opposing offenses out of the end zone.  So, no real strengths for the Rams, as I see it.

Area of Weakness:  The defense has been pretty bad, especially the secondary.  Defense was the strength of former head coach Steve Spagnolo so its shocking they were not a powerhouse on D.  The Rams recently loss the person they thought would improve this situation: Gregg Williams.  On a brighter note, the Rams did take serious steps to improve their secondary during the draft by drafting Janoris Jenkins and Isiah Peed.  The Courtland Finnigan move won’t hurt either. 

2012 Marquee Matchups:  The Rams will have a tough go by playing the Niners twice this year in Weeks 10 and 13, but they also have some other hard matchups as well:  the Lions in Week 1, the Bears in Week 3, the Packers in Week 7, the Patriots in Week 8, and the Jets in Week 11.

All Things St. Louis Rams:  Here are a few ways to keep up with the 2012 St. Louis Rams:

Blogs:  Turf Show Times www.turfshowtimes.com ; Rams Herd www.ramsherd.com ; Rams Gab www.ramsgab.com

Apps:  The Official St. Louis Rams App for iPhone/iPad

Fan Clubs:  St. Louis Ram Fan www.stlouisramfan.com and Clan Ram www.clanram.com

Sunday in the Skybox: NFC West

Check in with us this week as we focus on the AFC West.  This division consists of the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and Seattle Seahawks.  While this division has been changed quite a bit over the years, one team remains a constant: the San Francisco 49ers.  “The Greatest Show on Turf” came alive in this division through the St. Louis Rams.  Retired QB Kurt Warner was most at home in this division as he led the Rams to 2 Superbowl appearances and the Cardinals to one appearance.  We love the fans from this division, specifically the long time 49er fans and the 12th man concept that hails from Seattle.  Continue reading

The Underdogs are stomping with the BIG DOGS…Week 3


Week 3 is THE week for HE SAID She Said FOOTBALL!  The only thing…our game (Redskins vs Cowboys) is Monday night!  As a result, we stayed in and ordered pizza.  There were 2 great games on Fox that we got to watch (along with Stattracker for the HSSS Fantasy Football League).

1pm:  An anticipated show down of our division rivals: The Eagles vs The Giants.  I fully expected the GMEN to lose, but hoped they would win.  Well WIN they did!  As banged up as the Giants are, they came to play, especially that Victor Cruz!  He had some BIG TIME plays yesterday that made the Eagles Defense look as overrated as I thought they would be.  HA!  Cruz danced all through the end zone.  A great replacement for Manningham.  On another note, I do not think Michael Vick was ready to play.  He looked off all day and now to add another injury-his hand is broken.  Andy Reid should have prepped Kafka all week to ensure he was ready…for that terrible performance, Andy Reid could have gotten Vince Young’s impersonator to come in and play…. Continue reading

What can the Rams “Show Me”?

What an incredible Rookie season it was for Rookie Sam Bradford. With 3512 passing yards, and 18 TDs, Bradford was named the 2010-2011 Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Bradford led the Rams to a 7-9 record, nearly winning that sad division, the NFC West.  Bradford will be a solid Fantasy Football pick up this year for a variety of reasons. First, he is no longer a rookie!  He is showing increased signs of leadership hosting unofficial practices with his teammates.  Bradford has also been housing rookies drafted this year, with nowhere to go in St. Louis.  I’m sure there is no place these rookie WRs and TE would rather be than staying with the starting QB! Additionally, the Rams have upgraded their offensive weapons by drafting 2 WRs and TE.  WR Donnie Avery will be back this season recovering from an undisclosed knee injury.   Bradford will also benefit from the run game.  I think he may surprise some this year and sneak up into that Top Fantasy Tier of QB maybe over a Eli Manning or a Ben Roethlisberger,(just that he’ll get more points).  If all the top names are gone, you may want to gamble….

Can anybody name a receiver or a TE for the Rams?  Anyone?  Anyone?  That’s what I thought.  Last year, Laurent Robinson and Donnie Avery were slated to be the starters at WR.  Neither were expected to be Fantasy factors, but they turned out to be NO FACTOR at all.  Avery didn’t play because of injury and Robinson was outplayed by Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson.  Outplayed is a stretch!  A BIG STRETCH.  Amendola led the team in receiving yards with 689 yards and receiving TDs at 3.  Gibson came in second with 620 yards and 2 TDs.  Nothing at all to talk about.  In this year’s draft, St. Louis was hoping that they could somehow get their hands on Julio Jones.  No such luck!  They did, however, pick two big receivers, Austin Pettis and Greg Salas in the 3rd and 4th rounds respectively.  Also in the draft, they got big 6’4″ 239 lb Lance Kendricks from Wisconsin.  I look for Kendricks to get the starting TE spot over Billy Bajema and Daniel Fells, who both showed pass catching ability last year, but don’t possess the raw talent of the rookie.  Any receiver on the Rams can emerge as a Fantasy sleeper, but it all depends on the continued development of 2nd year starting QB Sam Bradford.  Proceed with caution!

Hard to believe Steven Jackson is going into his 7th season of the NFL.  Jackson is a powerful back who still attacks the hole and still has playmaking ability.  Last year, Jackson rushed for 1,241 yards and 6 TDs.  Keeping it real, those TDs make a world of difference. 15 other backs scored more TDs than Jackson (I didn’t include Mike Vick who had 9 rushing TDs).  I wince as I type this next statement:  I have to be frank and say that due to his lack of scoring over recent years, Jackson is not a TOP TIER Fantasy RB.  While he ranks 8th in rushing yards in the league, he ranks 16th in scoring actual TDs.  I have a problem with that.  You might too, if you play in a score only league.  I wouldn’t take him as my 1st RB off the board on Draft day.  My 2nd, for sure… Have doubts?  Check the stats for yourself:

Rushing Stats
Year Team Att Yards AVG LG TD 20+ 40+
2004 St. Louis Rams 134 673 5.0 48 4 5 2
2005 St. Louis Rams 254 1046 4.1 51 8 6 2
2006 St. Louis Rams 346 1528 4.4 59t 13 9 1
2007 St. Louis Rams 237 1002 4.2 54 5 8 4
2008 St. Louis Rams 253 1042 4.1 56 7 6 1
2009 St. Louis Rams 324 1416 4.4 58 4 10 2
2010 St. Louis Rams 330 1241 3.8 42t 6 7 1
TOTAL   1878 7948 4.2 59 47 51 13
Receiving statistics
Year Team Rec Yards AVG LG TD 20+ 40+
2004 St. Louis Rams 19 189 9.9 28 0 4 0
2005 St. Louis Rams 43 320 7.4 27 2 1 0
2006 St. Louis Rams 90 806 9.0 64t 3 7 1
2007 St. Louis Rams 38 271 7.1 37 1 3 0
2008 St. Louis Rams 40 379 9.5 53 1 5 2
2009 St. Louis Rams 51 322 6.3 38 0 3 0
2010 St. Louis Rams 46 383 8.3 49 0 4 1
TOTAL   327 2670 8.2 64t 7 27 4

I know Jackson’s been a beast, but I have the feeling that the Rams will be an air raid this year with Bradford…the running game will be good, but not that great where you need to snatch up Steven Jackson all early…

Defense and Special Teams in St. Louis was, what’s the word, oh yeah, SOFT!  But they played in the worst division in the league, so soft was ok, I guess.  Soft may be a little harsh because they do have some playmakers who are young and improving.  LB James Laurinaitis is the leader.  He stops the run and he can defend the pass.  DEs James Hall and Chris Long are Sack Masters, together killin 20 QBs last year, with Hall leading the team with 11.  The secondary was pesky but they lost a huge piece with the departure of safety OJ Atogwe to the (as I clear my throat) Redskins.  They did address some Defensive needs in the draft.  They got DE Robert Quinn from North Carolina, a MONSTA!  They also picked up 3 DBs to help that depleted secondary.  Even with the playmakers and the new toys, the question will be whether the Defense can get some scores from their turnovers, which is what you look for in a Fantasy defense.  They just don’t score.  Speaking of not scoring, the Rams Special Teams is also guilty of that.  Not one returned kick or punt to the house last year.  Not even one called back.  Who needs a Fantasy Def/ST that doesn’t score?  Look elsewhere when you are drafting a defense.  This one just won’t generate enough points for you to win your Fantasy league.

We’re headed to the Big Apple to discuss the J-E-T-S!

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