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We Are ONE Year Old!

As you know, we are HUGE football fans.  We’ve had many football centered conversations.  A year ago we chose to take our ongoing conversation public.  Initially, we were looking for an outlet and wanted to connect with other fans.  As a result, we decided to start this crazy journey to create He Said She Said Football!

I have no idea what we were thinking when we came up with the concept for He Said She Said Football.  In its infancy stage, even before we decided to write the blog, this was about one thing and one thing only:  Fantasy Football.  J was the first woman who I had ever met that was as serious and passionate about fantasy football as me.  Not just fantasy, but football in general.  We each played in separate leagues for years, even running our own separate leagues.  We would bounce ideas about who to start and who to sit, what match-ups to exploit, who was garbage, and who was a sleeper.  It was a weekly ritual for us, until one day we decided we should play in the same league.  That’s when He Said She Said was born:  Guys against the ladies, in a head to head fantasy football league.  But it didn’t stop there–we should write about it.  We actually had the audacity to think that people would want to read about our competitive relationship revolving around football.  We had no idea that after one year, we would still have things to discuss. Continue reading

What Did You Do?

How was your first Sunday without football?  I know  you’re thinking, “What about the Pro Bowl?” And my response to that is, “What about the Pro Bowl?”  Who really cares about whether the NFC or the AFC wins in a game where the players care more about Hawaii than the game itself?  Does it really matter?  We watch the NFL for one reason and one reason only:  to see who wins in a game that counts, a game where the winner actually wins and the loser truly loses. Plain and simple.  Today, without football, was quite enjoyable for me. And I have to say that I didn’t think about football at all. It was actually peaceful. J and I went to brunch, relaxed and watched basketball.

By now, you know D and I are VERY competitive!  So of course we play Fantasy Basketball in the same league as well.    I’m not gonna lie: I don’t get the same rush as Fantasy Football but  it’s still fun.  My basketball team is the Chicago Bulls!  I was all geared up to watch the Bulls take on the Miami Heat.  Even though Miami was at home, I fully expected my Bulls to go into South Beach and leave with a W…no such luck :-(.  The Bulls certainly had their chances to win the game.  While I’m upset they lost and I have to listen to these Heat “fans” brag, I’m excited!  Why?  Because tomorrow the Bulls are coming to Washington, DC to play the Wizards.  Ya girl will be in the building!  I do support the Wizards (I’m a home team girl) but thanks to Michael Jordan, I will love the Bulls forever.  I can’t wait to check out how the Bulls rebound from today’s loss. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Deal When Your Team Loses

By Michelle Zehr

Michelle is a blog contributor for Gold Star Games, a one-stop-shop for tailgate gear and much more. 

With the NFL playoffs in full-swing (although this could be applied to any sport whether it is the playoffs or just a big game versus a rival opponent), diehard fans often find it difficult to imagine what happens when their team is bumped out of the playoffs and is sent into the off season. Months without football (or insert your favorite sport here) can be very hard to imagine. When the season ends, there may be yelling, dropped jaws in disbelief and sometimes even tears. Where do diehard fans go from here?

We all know it is hard when your favorite team has been knocked out of the playoff race. If it is tough on the fans, just imagine how difficult it is for the players who were actually on the field. Even worse, the player who missed what could have been the game winning field goal. First off, you need to put things into perspective. It’s just the end of the season. Remember, the end of the season does not mean the end of the world. The fate of your sports team is much more pressing than waiting to hear back from a job interview, a struggling marriage or struggling to make mortgage payments. It’s natural to allow yourself to be upset; especially when watching the games have become part of your weekly routine. However, you are going to eventually need to move on. Create a new routine in the offseason. Consider gathering your football buddies for a Sunday game of flag football instead of mourning on the couch.

Another option is to think positively. As hard as this may seem, think of all the teams who did not make the playoffs and their fans. At least your team made it to the playoffs and had a shot at going further. Unfortunately, everyone cannot win. There is going to be a winner and loser in every game. Remember, this is not the end of football. It is merely the end of the season and with each new season brings a fresh start.

Do some venting. Call up a local sports talk show and let your opinions be known. If you’d rather the entire city not know your opinions, call up a sports fan buddy and do some venting. Talk about the good and bad times of the season.

Are these ideas still not working for you? Others have suggested running, stress balls, mediation, starting your own football season with a video game or a night of drinking. Ultimately, the choice is yours. When you bleed black and gold, brown and orange, red and blue or any other team’s colors, it is hard to realize it’s just a game. However, it is. You will move on and before you know it, it will be time to break out your favorite jersey and enjoy a fresh start.


Congratulations to the following 6 teams that made it to the playoffs:

1. Domin8 Trix

2. Girl Behaving Badly

3. STAR Studded

4. Jacksonville Swaguars

5. Ballers Unorthodoks

6. DNasty

Well my ladies have been handling business all season long! As a result, 2 of the ladies (Domin8 Trix and Girl Behaving Badly) had bye weeks during this first round of playoffs. Congrats to the rookie, STAR Studded still having a phenomenal year. This week she knocked the commish out of the playoffs and has advanced to the next round. While I got knocked out of the playoff picture during the last round of games, I’m so proud my ladies are still representing at 1,2, and 3! We are in the home stretch now! Keep up the great work!

I’m not one to make excuses, but if I kept Seattle’s Defense in my lineup, I WOULD HAVE WON! But I digress. STAR Studded has a great team and a great “owner”, so congratulations are due. She deserves a lot of credit especially since this is her first ever Fantasy Football experience. She drafted like a vet and made great waiver wire moves. I do have to give Jacksonville Swaguars a shout out because he made a valiant effort this season and has been at the top of the HE division for most of the year. Special props for Ballers UnOrthodoks for carrying the MEN on his back as he goes into the next round of the playoffs. You had a terrible start to the season, but you came back like Rocky against Clubber! You have a tough task ahead taking on the #1 seed Domin8 Trix, but SHE CAN BE BEATEN! As a matter of fact, I’m prognosticating that BALLERS UNORTHODOKS will be the LEAGUE CHAMPION!

Congratulations to the remaining teams, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

No ICE Please…Week 13

The NFC East had a BAD week!  Not a win for any of the teams.  Who said we had the best division?  First,  the Eagles were embarrassed by Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks on Thursday night.  During the off-season, after the lockout, I looked in amazement at the team the Eagles were putting together.  And I thought to myself, this team will beat ANYBODY!  Man, was I wrong.  The Eagles are a bad team that can’t stop anyone.  Instead of teams fearing them, they come thinking that they can do anything they want to the Eagles:  run, pass, anything they want.  Andy Reid has done a lot for Philly, but he needs to go.  It’s time!

The Skins’ season went from bad to worse.  They not only lost their 8th game of the season, but apparently they lost two key pieces to their offense for the rest of the year.  Their most productive offensive weapon, TE Fred Davis, and their key O Lineman, Trent Williams will be suspended for 4 games for drug policy violations.  It’s a shame to see this happen for any team.  As for the game, the Skins made Shonn Green look like a perennial Pro Bowler.  But, they also did the same thing for their own Roy Helu.  This guy is really good.  They really should use him more. (Kyle, are you listening?)  Continue reading

She Said: Free Agents Only

We met at a football game.  Before we started officially “dating” we met up to watch a lot of football games.  We have so many friends (ladies and fellas) on Facebook and Twitter who are very passionate about sports.  These are all the reasons we started writing this blog.  We thought it would be a lot of fun.  We also thought it would give us an outlet to discuss sports with other people.  We are the type of people who will strike up a sports conversation with random people at the bar, on the metro, at a cookout, in Starbucks, in church…you get the idea.

Sure, there are social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  Did you know there is a social media outlet for Sports fans?  It’s called Free Agents Only.  On FreeAgentsOnly.Com you can meet other people who share a common love for sports.  This site has several features that I like: Top Sports Stories, a live Twitter-esque time line, groups based on sports interest, and the blog “View from the Sidelines”.

It’s free and easy to join…and with over 15,000 members that love sports…some is talking trash about their team for sure!

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