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2012 Preview: San Francisco 49ers

What an incredible 2011 season for the San Francisco 49ers!  Last year during the lockout, there was much speculation around who would emerge as the starter of the 49ers.  Alex Smith proved that he could start in this league.  Obviously he didn’t prove that enough since his team did flirt with Peyton Manning.  I have to bring it up because the 49er head coach just brought it up out of no where this week.  Over explaining why you had your eye on someone else does not restore confidence in a relationship Mr. Harbaugh-a little tip from me to you!  Aside from that bit of drama, the 49ers have impressed me this offseason!  They did take care of Alex Smith by giving him MANY weapons to use this season.  I mean how hard could it be to get Randy Moss the ball right?  Here is more from the 2012 San Francisco 49ers…

Fantasy Football Studs: The Niners defense is a top 10 fantasy football defense.  They were ranked 2nd overall, just behind the Steelers D, and gave up an average of  14.3 points per game.  Add in 18 forced fumbles, 23 INTs, 42 sacks, along with 2 return TDs from the special teams, you got a Fantasy stud.  Of course there are other Fantasy standouts on the Niners offense.  Frank Gore is still a dependable RB with gas in the tank. He’s coming off a 1200+ yard season, with 8 touchdowns.  There’s also TE Vernon Davis, who is consistently a top target for Alex Smith, and Michael Crabtree, is emerging as a sure handed go-to WR.  There is also new additions to the team that can also make fantasy impacts, like rookies AJ Jenkins at WR, and LaMichael James at RB.  And lets not forget, FA signees, Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, and the return of Randy Moss. Continue reading

Sunday in the Skybox: NFC West

Check in with us this week as we focus on the AFC West.  This division consists of the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and Seattle Seahawks.  While this division has been changed quite a bit over the years, one team remains a constant: the San Francisco 49ers.  “The Greatest Show on Turf” came alive in this division through the St. Louis Rams.  Retired QB Kurt Warner was most at home in this division as he led the Rams to 2 Superbowl appearances and the Cardinals to one appearance.  We love the fans from this division, specifically the long time 49er fans and the 12th man concept that hails from Seattle.  Continue reading

We Are Learning..Week 5

We all heard about the death of iconic NFL owner:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.  It’s only fitting that as HUGE fans of the NFL that we show respect for a man who left a huge mark on the game.  While we personally did not agree with many of his decisions (and we weren’t the only ones), we certainly love the fact that Al Davis was brazen enough to walk to the beat of his own drum.  As African-Americans, it’s also great to see what he contributed to the game in terms of diversity.  Here’s to you Al Davis for bringing mystique and BOLDNESS to the NFL, along with that vertical passing game. This quote of Al Davis really sums up his belief in the vertical passing game: “When we came out of the huddle, we didn’t want first downs and move the chains. We wanted touchdowns-the quick strike.  We were going to take what we wanted and that was Raider’s Football”  Raiders Football was Al Davis.  R.I.P. Continue reading

The Underdogs are stomping with the BIG DOGS…Week 3


Week 3 is THE week for HE SAID She Said FOOTBALL!  The only thing…our game (Redskins vs Cowboys) is Monday night!  As a result, we stayed in and ordered pizza.  There were 2 great games on Fox that we got to watch (along with Stattracker for the HSSS Fantasy Football League).

1pm:  An anticipated show down of our division rivals: The Eagles vs The Giants.  I fully expected the GMEN to lose, but hoped they would win.  Well WIN they did!  As banged up as the Giants are, they came to play, especially that Victor Cruz!  He had some BIG TIME plays yesterday that made the Eagles Defense look as overrated as I thought they would be.  HA!  Cruz danced all through the end zone.  A great replacement for Manningham.  On another note, I do not think Michael Vick was ready to play.  He looked off all day and now to add another injury-his hand is broken.  Andy Reid should have prepped Kafka all week to ensure he was ready…for that terrible performance, Andy Reid could have gotten Vince Young’s impersonator to come in and play…. Continue reading

It’s still early…Week 2


Burgers on the grill is how we kicked off Week 2 of NFL games on a crisp early fall day in Washington, DC.  Kudos to the NFL network and ESPN for starting game day coverage even earlier this year.  It’s fantastic!  I fully expected my Redskins to go 2-0 heading into Dallas and they did not disappoint…well sort of.  They should have blown OUT the Cards but due to mistakes, they let them hang around the whole game.  Still..a win is a win and now WE WANT DALLAS!

I continue to be impressed with Cam Newton!  He certainly has that star quality!  He still needs to learn personnel on the field though…Charles Woodson is pretty good.  I think he must have forgotten.   

As a Cowboy fan coming off another loss at the mistake prone hands of Tony Romo, it wasn’t a good week for me. I heard it from everybody and everywhere:  people on Twitter, Facebook, co-workers, employees, customers!!  I even see my boss’s boss and the first thing he says to me was, “Hey Daryle, HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!”. Then he sends me a work related email using the tagline, HTTR.  Since I wear my Cowboy colors proudly, I take it, but I also give it. I even got into a friendly twitter battle yesterday with a fellow blogger @Sports_R_Me_MP3, who loves his Niners, who happened to be playing my ‘Boys. Now before I get to the game, I ripped Romo last week for giving away another game. I wiped my hands of the QB. But yesterday, after being knocked out of the game with fractured ribs, Romo toughed it out to lead the ‘Boys back in an OT victory, after being down going into the 4th quarter.  Romo is in no way off my Hit List, but he showed me and a lot of fans what he is actually capable of doing Continue reading

The 49ers!

Who is the QB for the SF 49ers? Wideout Michael Crabtree asked that same question. If he doesn’t know, how am I supposed to know. So as I write this, I can only speculate. Last year, Alex Smith started the season and ended the season as the starter. In between we saw Troy Smith and David Carr. Not much else to say about any of the QBs for the Niners. This upcoming season, Smith is claiming the starting position. We’ll see! I just looked at the depth chart and I saw David Carr’s name. Good luck with that. Rookie coach Harbaugh definitely has some decisions to make. I am intrigued by rookie Colin Kapernick out of Nevada. Kaepernick has a strong arm, mobility, accuracy, but has yet to develop that presence in the pocket. I do think that if the rookie can pick up the Harbaugh system, he might find himself in the starting lineup. Like I said, WE’LL SEE, but for now, stay away from all Niners’ signal callers in your Fantasy draft.The Niners’ running game begins and ends with Frank Gore. I personally think that Gore would be considered an elite Fantasy RB, but unfortunately for many Niners’ and Fantasy fans, HE IS NOT. It’s not because he doesn’t have the talent or the ability, or even the desire. He just doesn’t have the durability. Last season, Gore was on his way to a decent season for the SF and Fantasy owners, but once again, he gets hurt. In Gore’s six year career, he’s played the entire season ONCE! Also in his career, he’s had double digit TDs in just one season. How can you count on this guy week in and week out? I’m not saying don’t draft Gore, but you better have some insurance. We have no idea what’s going on at QB, so the Niners are going to run the ball a lot. That’s the main reason why Gore runs down so easily. So draft Gore, but you want to definitely handcuff him to Anthony Dixon, who is a big bruiser with quick feet. The Niners did add some depth in the backfield which can also help keep Gore fresh and upright. If you draft Gore, make sure you have some depth at the RB position on your roster.

NFL Head Coach Rookie Jim Harbaugh will have his hands full his first season in the league.  One area of concern for him, but not fantasy football owners is the wide receiver position.  The most consistent “receiver” is Vernon Davis at TE.  Last year he lead the team with 56 receptions, 914 receiving yards, and 7 TDs.  Just before the 2010 season, Davis was awarded a five-year contract extension for $37 million with $23 million guaranteed, making him the league’s highest paid tight end.  Davis is entering his 6th year in the league (dare I say veteran status?) and will show up as a key component of the San Francisco offense.  Can’t say he doesn’t have the proper monetary incentive to do so.   Back to actual WIDE RECEIVERS, the 49ers have Michael Crabtree.  While last year’s 741 receiving yards and 6 TDs weren’t bad, I’m looking to see more from Crabtrree in 2011.  Yes Josh Morgan and Ted Ginn are on the team but don’t expect them to be viable Fantasy Football options this fall.

The San Francisco Defense has a lot of big names (Patrick Willis, Takeo Spikes, Justin Smith, Nate Clements etc) but for Fantasy Football owners looking for a solid SCORING defense, San Francisco is not really where one wants to look.  Last year the 49er defense got to the QB 44 times (7th in the league) but only scored 1 TD all season long.    A lot of the 49er games were tough to watch (especially for 49er fans I’m sure).   Nothing really that special about Special Teams either.  Ted Ginn Jr was the return man and with over 900 return yards, he did not make a single trip to the house.  Not something you wanna see on StatTracker is all I’m saying.

Here is a question we at He Said She Said Football posed to Mike Patton of The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog (www.theeverydaymanssportsblog.wordpress.com<http://www.theeverydaymanssportsblog.wordpress.com/>) and Sports Blog Movement on Twitter.  Follow him @Sports_R_Me_MP3.

Q: What 49er is the most relevant for Fantasy Footballers this season and why?

A: I think that RB Frank Gore is the most relevant this season in Fantasy Football.  Reason being is that if you look at the past few seasons, he has been the focus of the offense and has scored the most TDs.  Plus, he gets the most touches of anyone on their offensive squad.

We are so close to wrapping up our team by team Fantasy Football analysis…  We hope you’ve got a lot of tips for your Fantasy Football Draft Day.  Up next: the Jags!

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