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2012 Preview: San Diego Chargers

The 2012 San Diego Chargers will start the season like normal: with Norv Turner on the hot seat.  It’s amazing that Norv still has a job after being at the helm of a team that has so much talent and nothing to show for it.  You have to admit that Turner has been very effective with offenses over the years, but he just can’t get the Chargers to cross the bridge to the Super Bowl.  And last season was sub par to say the least.  They struggled in just about every game.  There All Pro caliber quarterback was the biggest culprit in the struggle, since he developed a nasty habit of throwing interceptions.  Going into this year, they are down a couple of vital weapons to their past successes.  Vincent Jackson, who finally got his way by kicking and screaming his way into free agency, signed with Tampa Bay.  Jackson was a 1000 yard receiver who was a big target.  The Chargers also lost Mike Tolbert to the Panthers.  Tolbert was a goal line beast who was good for double-digit TDs.  They were still able to keep some important pieces, and they were also able to procure the services of other important players through free agency.  The Chargers will have a tall order to compete in the division.  Norv Turner will be in his normal position:  in the hot seat.

Fantasy Football Studs:   Philip Rivers had a bad season last year.  But a bad season for Rivers doesn’t equate to what other QBs might do.  He still had 4624 passing yards and 27 TDs.  Not bad, but not his usual.  Also included in the abnormality was the 20 INTs.  But you still have to consider Rivers a stud.  Another stud is TE Antonio Gates, who has been the forgotten man because of injuries.  Gates, however, is coming back healthy and revitalized.  Receivers Malcom Floyd and newly acquired Robert Meachem will play big roles as well in this revamped passing game.  Lastly, RB Ryan Mathews will play a huge role, especially after his 1000 yard season in 2011.  He will be the primary back, even with the presence of free agent Ronnie Brown.

Area of Strength:  Even with the struggles of Philip Rivers and the Charger offense last season, the passing game will still be the strength of the team.  Rivers will most likely throw for over 4000 yards.  He’s got good receivers that will stretch the field and move the chains.  Antonio Gates will re-emerge as a top tight end, as long as he stays healthy.  Malcom Floyd will be the main man, and Robert Meachem will finally have the kind of season that everyone expected from him when he was drafted by the Saints.  Also, running back Ryan Mathews will also be a big part of the passing game.  This passing game will rebound from last years woes.

 Area of Weakness:  The defense will be the part of the Chargers that will be a definite weakness.  It is an old unit and getting older by the minute.  LBs Takeo Spikes and Shaun Phillips are the leaders along with Quentin Jammer and Atari Bigby in the secondary.  These players were good in their day but they lack fresh legs.  Last season, the Chargers uncharacteristically jumped out to a 4-1 start before the bye.  After the bye, they lost 6 straight games, and their opponents racked up an average of 28 points.  That will not be good this year, especially with the arrival of Peyton Manning in the division.

2012 Marquee Matchups:  The Chargers have a tough schedule this season, highlighted by matchups with the Falcons in Week 3, and the Saints in Week 5.  After their Week 7 bye, they take on some division foes, but they have a tough 4 week stretch in Weeks 12 through 15, taking on the Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, and Panthers.

All Things San Diego Chargers: There are several ways to keep up with the  2012 San Diego Chargers.  Here are a few we like.

Blogs:  Bolts from the Blue http://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/ ; Bolt Hype http://www.bolthype.com/ ; Bolt Beat http://boltbeat.com/

Apps: San Diego Chargers for iPhone (by San Diego Chargers)  

Fan Clubs:   The official fan club for the San Diego Chargers can be found on www.chargers.com under fan zone. 

Capital Food Fight and Thursday Night Football

Last night brought back the return of Thursday Night Football.  For me, it means a few things:  it means another night of NFL action, which is always a good thing, but it also means that it’s just a few more weeks left in the regular season before the playoffs start, and ultimately the end of another season, which for me is a sad thing, because I love the NFL.  Thursday Night Football also makes me appreciate the Fox, CBS, and ESPN broadcasts because the NFL Network just doesn’t get it right when it comes to broadcasting a live football game.  I love the NFL Network but they are TERRIBLE. Continue reading

She Said: Football and a Fight on Thursday Night

We have an exciting Thursday Night planned! There are 2 football games tonight that are pretty exciting to us.  At 8pm, the Virginia Tech Hokies will be at Bobby Dodd Stadium to take on the  Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Starting at 8:20, Thursday Night Football returns to the NFL Network  with an AFC West showdown between the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers.

Before all of this action, we will be attending the Capital Food Fight, benefiting DC Central Kitchen in Washington, DC.  The Capital Food Fight will feature prominent chefs in a culinary battle while 67 top DC restaurants serve their signature dishes. The host of the 2011 Capital Food Fight is Anthony Bourdain (of the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations”).  Celebrity Judges include: Ted Allen (host of Food Network‘s “Chopped”); Joan Nathan (James Beard Award winning cookbook author); and Ming Tsai (chef/owner of Blue Ginger and host/producer of “Simply Ming”).  The proceeds of this event benefit DC Central Kitchen (a non-profit that feeds thousands of people in additional to providing culinary training to once homeless and hungry adults). Continue reading

He Said: What’s up Philip Rivers?

Last season, I made a huge argument that Philip Rivers needed to be strongly considered for NFL MVP.  Yeah, I knew he wouldn’t win, mainly because San Diego was so bad.  But despite how terrible the Chargers were, Rivers had one his best year statistically, and had numbers that rivaled Brady, Manning, and Vick.  He threw for over 4700 yards and 30 TDs compared to the actual MVP, Tom Brady, who threw for 3900 yards and 36 TDs.  I wrote during the off season that Rivers was going to have a huge year and based on that assessment, he was bound for and MVP-like year, AND that he was going to be a must for your Fantasy line-ups.  I targeted this guy in all of my Fantasy drafts, nabbing him in two of my leagues.  I was sure that Rivers was going to lead me to another Fantasy championship……

Man, was I wrong!

This guy has been killing me and other owners Fantasy owners all across the world who felt as I felt.  Rivers has just to have a good all around game.  I will admit, he’s doing a decent job in yardage (averaging almost 300 yards per game)  but I’m in standard scoring leagues.  Touchdowns are paramount.  And speaking of TDs, in 7 games, he’s hit paydirt just 7 times.  In 2 of the games, he put up a DONUT!  That’s not gonna win you many Fantasy matchups.  Now all of sudden, Rivers has a turnover problem.  He already has 11 INTs.  He had 13 all last year.  And he’s fumbled 6 times losing 3 to the opposing teams.  This is not the guy that I championed last year for MVP.  This is not the guy I bragged about this summer as an elite QB.  This is not the guy I thought I was drafting in my Fantasy leagues.  Who is this guy/  I will tell you:  He’s a BUST, right along with Chris Johnson, Ocho, and Peyton Hillis.  But what do I do?  Do I ride it out with this guy, or am I forced to turn to Andy Dalton or Mark Sanchez?  You see what you do to me Philip Rivers!!!!  I’m a defending champion that was trying to make it to the playoffs.  (PLAYOFFS?!?! I’m just trying to win a game!!!!)  Who out here feels my pain?  Am I overreacting……


Ladies, ladies, LADIES! We took care of business AGAIN! For the 2nd week in a row, the ladies have locked down the top two slots in the league. Shout out to Domin8 Trix for keeping her #1 status! For the 2nd week in a row she has scored the most overall points (this week with 161). Holding it down and close behind at #2 is Girl Behaving Badly with a convincing win in the…

HE SAID She SaidFantasy Football Match Up of the Week: Girl Behaving Badly took it to Team Bring It (who I noticed has since picked up MY Washington Redskin Defense on waivers). Looks like Jahvid did his BEST along with the rest of the Detriot Lions this weekend in that Kansas City game! Congratulations to Girl Behaving Badly for serving Team Bring It his second loss of the season!

Fellas!! We should be embarrassed!!!!! Not only are the WOMEN tied with us in overall records at 5-5, but they are outscoring the MEN 1138-1009!! AND, we let them even the score in head to head competition. I will give props to Girl Behaving Badly for handling her business, but I gotta call out Team Bring It: Bruh, how you gonna leave Steven Jackson in your lineup?!?!?!?!!!!!! EVERYBODY knew he wasn’t gonna play. Fellas we gotta do better! These Ladies are serious and they are coming to play every week. We have another chance this upcoming week with Ballers Unorthodoks taking on Domin8 Trix. Ballers, you gotta bring what Team Bring It couldn’t bring against GBB this past weekend. Now Ballers, I know you are feeling the sting of losing to me, AND watching your Niners get done up by my ‘Boys, but you need to MAN UP!! Shout out to Domin8 Trix. You are doing your thing! But you will eventually go down. The MEN will PREVAIL!! Continue reading

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