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The Bucs

To say Mike Williams is getting off to a decent start in Tampa Bay is an understatement.  I’m sure they are smiling ear to ear about the decision to draft Williams in the 4th round of the 2010 draft.  Williams led all rookies with 65 receptions for 964 yards and 11 touchdowns.  His 11 touchdowns marked a new Buccaneers franchise record for most receiving touchdowns in a single season. That’s how you come in and make an impression!  Williams will continue to be the go to #1 receiver this year in Tampa, making him a receiver to draft this year.  Tampa is an exciting, young up and coming team in the league.  The other rookie WR from last year, Arrelious Benn will still play a role in the offense, as the Bucs will look to him to step up production.  Keep an eye on him as the season picks up…he may make a difference.  The only other receiver worth mentioning in the realm of Fantasy Football is veteran TE Kellen Winslow.  Winslow had a productive season with 730 yards, and 5tds–certainly not top tier among all NFL Tight Ends, but not bad.  The Bucks did add TE Luke Stocker in the4th round…he will have to work his way into the offense…

I like Cadillac’s, but I know from personal experience that they break down.  I like Graham crackers, but if you apply enough pressure, they crumble.  That goes double when it comes to the Bucs running game.  Lucky for them, they can confidently place the ball in the hands of LeGarrette Blount.  This kid is a MONSTER!  Blount came in the league with a HUGE chip on his shoulder pads following his tumultuous final year in college.  He started off his rookie season in Tennessee but landed softly in Tampa.  The Bucs used him sparingly in the beginning of last season, but he forced his way into the starting lineup in week 8 with his break away speed and counter punch mentality.  In 13 games played, he managed 1007 rushing yards, a 5 yard per carry average, and 6 TDs.  In his last 4 games, he had 408 rushing yards, with a 6.1 yard per carry average.  I know that the Bucs will use both Cadillac Williams and Earnest Graham for a change of pace, but Blount is the man.  I think he should garner a 3rd or 4th round draft pick, though I’m sure there are some who will draft him too early.  Regardless of how early he goes in your draft, this guy will produce for you.

Very few up and coming NFL QBs have made the Fantasy impact that the Bucs’ Josh Freeman has made.  In just his second year in the league, Freeman went from Fantasy sleeper to “this guy is too hot to bench”.  I have to admit, I had no thought whatsoever about Freeman in the beginning of last season.  In fact, I didn’t think much of the Bucs going into the season.  But they surprised me and a lot of other people.  Last year, my Fantasy team struggled at the QB position.  I started 4 different QBs over the course of the first 12 or 13 Fantasy weeks till I discovered Freeman was available on the Waiver Wire.  I picked him up when the Bucs were fighting for a playoff spot.  Freeman was the main reason why they were in contention.  In the his last 4 games, he threw for 1009 yards, 9 TDs, and 0 INTs.  That 4 game stretch include a 5 TD performance against the Seahawks, which helped me win my league championship.  The thing I really like about Freeman is that he makes very few mistakes.  For the whole season, he only had 6 INTs.  He also had a good overall season performance with 3451 yards and 25 TDs.  I believe that this guy has to be drafted.  If you can’t get your hands on a Rodgers, Brady, Brees, or P Manning, Josh Freeman is a great alternative.

The Bucs spent the majority of their draft picks on the defensive side of the ball.  I would look to this defense to be a contender Sundays.  They ranked a respectable 9th in the league in Defense in the 2010-2011 season with 19 ints, 3 TDs.  With only 26 sacks (fewest in the NFC South), the Bucks needed a better pass rush and this year they drafted help.  I think with the opportunities to create more turnovers, the Bucs are going to make life a little more difficult for Brees, Matty Ice, and rookie Cam Newton

The A

Matt Ryan (Matty Ice is what they call him) has proven to be a good dependable QB for the Falcons.  Coming into the league in 2008 to a team that was surrounded by controversy, Ryan has been poised and shown terrific leadership.  He has made steady improvements year after year and has now become a great Fantasy option.  I drafted him as one of my QBs last year and quickly traded him away for Carson Palmer(BIG MISTAKE).  While Palmer threw INT after INT, Matty was throwing TD after TD to his WRs.  Last season, Ryan passed for 3705 yards, 28 TDs and just 9 INTs.  Those are very good numbers.  He established a good rapport with Roddy White, but now he has Julio Jones who will make an immediate impact and help Ryan reach for Fantasy super stardom.  Right now, Ryan is in that second tier of Fantasy QBs, but with a year under his belt and new weapons, he is a must start every week.  Draft him with no hesitation.

Close your eyes and imagine getting to choose from an elite arsenal of weapons before going into battle.   Weapons that will ensure you crush you opponent.   This is what it’s like to be QB Matt Ryan on game day.  Matty Ice will have his usual reliable wide out Roddy White who finished his 6th NFL season with 1389 receiving yard and 10 TDs has established his playmaking ability with 381 yacs while often double teamed.  If for some reason Matt can’t get Roddy the ball (and trust me it isn’t often), he has another receiving option in 14 year superstar veteran TE Tony Gonzalez.  Last year Gonzalez caught the rock for 656 yards and 6TDs.  This year though? Oh this year, ATL got Matt one of the most exciting weapons in the draft: JULIO JONES!  Every NFL fan was secretly hoping Jones would magically fall to their team on Draft Day.  The Falcons had none of that! They traded up (albeit too much) and got their man!  At Alabama, Jones established himself as a physical receiver.  He had an impressive combine with crazy vertical jumps and a 4.39 40!  He’s going to be exciting to watch!

The main playmaker on the Falcon Def is Jonathan Abraham.  Last year with 13 sacks.  The team had a total of 29 sacks and 22 ints which is great for getting Fantasy Football points out of a defense.  The PROBLEM is that secondary.  Last year the Falcons went 13-3 with that secondary, forcing the team to get into a lot of shootouts.  Well if its a shootout you want, its a shoot out you will get playing Atlanta because that secondary will allow you to score.  I’d pick up the Falcon Def when a starting DEF has a bye week.

There is no question that the Falcons can pass the ball all over the field with Ryan, White, and the newly acquired Jones.  But make no mistake:  that’s a running team in the ATL.  Ever since Michael “The Burner” Turner came to the Falcons, he hasn’t stopped running, and last year was no different.  Last season, he rushed for 1371, 12 TDs and 4.1 yards per carry.  He was third in rushing, behind Arian Foster and Jamaal Charles, and tied for third for rushing TDs with Adrian Peterson.  Turner is a Fantasy STUD.  If I have one concern about Turner, it his TD production week to week.  He has a tendency of scoring multiple TDs in one game, but none in others.  For example, in 16 games played last season, he went scoreless in 8 of them.  That’s bad news when you count on TD production from your main RB.  Even with this annoyance, I maintain that Turner is a must start every week.  I do also think that if you draft Turner, you may want to keep an eye on rookie Jacquizz Rodgers from Oregon State, who can make an impact in his first year with the Falcons.  But for now, The Burner is the man in ATL.

The Houston Texans

What Fantasy Footballer doesn’t love Matt Schaub?  Maybe one who’s a fan of the Colts, Jags, or Titans–but that’s about it.  It’s obvious the man knows how to move the football.  For the second season in a row, he has over 4,000 passing yards (last season he had 4,370) and over 25 TDs (finishing last season with 32).  In terms of Fantasy Football, Schaub is right up there with Brees, Brady, P. Manning, Vick–He’s going to get you the numbers and he’s a every week starter.  Now the reason you don’t draft him before a Brees, Brady, Manning is because of his 32 sacks, 12 ints, and 9 fumbles.  Regardless of the mistakes, Schaub will get you the points to cover them up.  A top-tier QB Fantasy Football draft pick.

If I could describe the 2010 Texans Defense in just one word, that word would have to be ATROCIOUS!  Specifically the SECONDARY.  They couldn’t cover anybody.  I think my grandmother even scored on them.  Now, I do have to say that the offense did their job keeping the Texans in games.  Even the run defense did a decent job, ranking 13th in the league.  But against the pass, they were ranked dead last.  The secondary gave up an average of 267.5 yards through the air, with a total of 4280 yards.  The also gave up 33 passing TDs and managed a paltry 13 INTs.  They did garner a shutout against the Titans, but that was no big feat since they had so many QB problems, but other than that, the least amount of points they gave up was 17 against an anemic Jags offense.  The Texans gave up an average of 26.7 points per game.  ATROCIOUS!  The Texans did address their defensive needs through this years draft.  6 of their 8 picks were defensive including 3 defensive backs.  They also hired goofball Wade Phillips as the new Defensive Coordinator.  As GOOFY as Wade is, he is a decent defensive coach, and should be able to handle the pressure since he’s not running the whole show.  There is even talk about them going hard after Nnamdi Asomugha, but until that Magical, Mystical, Majestical day happens, STAY AWAY!

The running game in Houston is to be respected.  That’s due to one fast man: Arian Foster.  Last year (due to the injury of Ben Tate) Foster ran for 1616 yards and 16 TDs. Pleasantly surprising Texans fans and fantasy owners alike, he ran for an average of 101 yards a game.  The high-powered offense of the Texans will be on point.  They have made upgrades to the defense.  So hopefully the Texans won’t have to have a shoot out with teams every week, further opening their run game.  Foster is worth the draft pick.  The Texans will drive the ball and someone needs to hit that goal line–I think Foster will still be the man.  If there is a question about  Derrick Ward-forget about it! He’s really a non-factor with 315 yards and 1 TD

The Texans have a great offense.  They have a good QB, and a great running game, whoever ends up running the ball, and they have the best WR in the NFL:  Andre Johnson.  I had the good fortune of drafting Johnson with my first pick (I think drafting a receiver first is the best Fantasy draft strategy, but that will be addressed in another post).  Johnson was plagued last year with nagging injuries which caused him to miss three games, but he still was dominant with 1216 yards receiving and 8 TDs.  He even received the Michael Westbrook Award for beating  down Courtland “Big Red” Finnegan in the heat of battle(did you notice my Five Heartbeats reference).  There is one knock against Johnson.  For a receiver with his gifts and gridiron prowess, you would like to see him get into the end zone more often.  In his 8 year career, he’s never reached pay dirt double-digit times.  However, that could be due to an effective running game.  Even though he’s never led the league in TDs, he’s still a must have and a must start, because he’s the BEST.  Johnson does have some pretty decent receiving partners surrounding him.  Kevin Walter is a slightly above average wideout lined up on the other side.  Jacoby Jones also filled in nicely when Johnson was out.  Jones is also a decent return man.  Lastly TE Owen Daniels can stretch the field, but he’s had his own injury problems, missing some time last season.  His backup Joel Dreesen, who’s a big receiving target, filled in nicely for Daniels.  I do think that Daniels is a good option to draft for your TE spot, but keep your eye on Dreesen as well.  This season, I do anticipate a lot of passing, especially with a suspect defense, so draft the Texan receivers, but with the exception of Johnson, don’t draft them too early.  That can kill a Fantasy team.

The G-Men

Since the NFC East is the division that is nearest and dearest to us, we have invited bloggers to guest post a season preview about their favorite in the NFC East to precede our Fantasy Football analysis. Introducing: 

2011 New York Giants Outlook (by The Sportz Guru at www.sportstories23.wordpress.com)

Let’s first talk about the 2011 NFL Draft. The Giants selected Prince Amukamara (CB) with the 19th overall pick. Many feel that the selection of Amukamara addresses a big problem the Giants last year: defense. They were a little weak at the CB position, so I think Amukamara can help them in that regard. He’s a very quick CB who can definitely pick-off a few balls, possibly in his rookie year. In his junior year at Nebraska, Amukamara totaled 60 tackles. 

After the selection of Amukamara, the Giants selected Marvin Austin (DT) with the 52nd pick (2nd round). This was a great pick because the Giants D-line was kinda beat up last year. This addresses that problem accordingly. The last pick of great significance was the selection of Greg Jones in the 6th round. Greg was projected to go much earlier; in the 3rd round. The Giants definitely got a steal by selecting him 3 rounds earlier then projected. Also, he possesses incredible speed and tackling prowess for a linebacker. Most believe he has the potential to become a stud in the NFL, provided he works his butt off day in and day out. Overall, the Giants had one of the best drafts in the league. They properly prepared for this, and their work certainly showed. If I were an ESPN analyst, I’d give the Giants an A- for this draft.
I think the Giants used the draft to address their major problems from last season. After all, that is the purpose of the draft right? I have a very positive outlook on the Giants in 2011 (provided there is an NFL season). I feel that they’ll win at least 10 games, which may not seem like a lot, but after a few years their rookies will be able to wreak havoc on the league. Just give it time and they’ll win lots of games.

Eli Manning is a player in which many fantasy football owners (and Giants Fans) have mixed emotions about.    Last year Eli ended the season with 4002 passing yards (5th in the league) and 31 TDs (again 5th in the league).  So why the mixed emotions?  Should be a no brainer right?  I’ll tell you why: the 25 INTs ( a league HIGH by the way) and the 7 Forced Fumbles.  Decision Making is the name of the Game when it comes to Eli Manning.  With the numbers Eli puts up in a season, he’s still a go to Fantasy QB.  Just know that his decision-making may cost you a few penalty points some weeks.  He won’t led the league in interceptions again this season.

Eli has some very good weapons on the WR front.  Hakeem Nicks has established himself as the go -to receiver for the Gmen.  He led the team with 1052 receiving yards and hauled in 79 receptions and 11 TDs in 13 games.  Nicks does have a durability problem:  He has not played a full season since he was drafted in 2009.  Nicks is still a stud receiver that you can count on, when he’s healthy.  Draft him with known hesitation but make sure you have a good plug in if he goes down.  The other receivers, you can count are Mario Manningham and Steve Smith.  Manningham is that one player that you forget about.  He starts to make noise and you’re like “Oh Yeah, I need to pick him up before somebody else gets him.”  Last season he caught 944 receiving yards and 9 TDs.  He was also a nice fill in when Nicks went out.  This guy has to be drafted in Fantasy.  Smith is a receiver that can move the chains as well.  But like Nicks, he also stays nicked up.  He only played 9 games last season.  He will be a good free agent for the latter part of the Fantasy season.  TE Kevin Boss is a sleeper Fantasy player.  He has yet to break into that Top tier of Fantasy TEs but he has potential.  He had 500 plus receiving yards and 5 TDs last season.  He is a draft worthy player but definitely in the later rounds.    

The Giants still have an aggressive defense.  Last season they led the league in tackles ( 886 solo and 737 assisted). Terrell Thomas has 101 (solo and assisted).   We are used to seeing huge stats in sacks, but last year the GMEN did not disappoint.  Last season they had 46 sacks lead by the usual suspects: Justin Tuck with 11.5 and Osi Umenyiora with 11.5.  Who can forget the havoc they wreaked on the Bears (I know Jay Cutler remembers) when they got 10 sacks (9 in the 1st half).  They were also 2nd in the league in recovered fumbles with 17.  Sadly, all of this defense only resulted in 1 TD.  Not such hot news for Fantasy owners.  But the opportunities this defense creates to score makes them exciting to watch live and on Stattracker.

 Last year, the RBs were in a game of musical chairs.  We saw  Brandon Jacobs lose his job, lose his cool, and get his job back, at least for a little while.  Ahmad Bradshaw became the starter, then started fumbling, which put him in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse.  Despite the up and downs of being in the backfield, the Giant RBs had very good seasons.  Bradshaw lead the team in rushing with 1235 yards and had 8 TDs.  He did have BIG PROBLEMS holding on to the ball, fumbling 7 times and losing 6.  This can KILL a Fantasy team.  We’ve all been there!  Jacobs had a decent year, rushing for 823 yards and 9 TDs.  He did do a better job protecting the ball, but he did cough it up twice.  This year look for Bradshaw to be the main man, which he should be, despite his slippery fingers.  He is the more elusive of the two backs and gives them another dynamic in the passing game.  He is an every week starter.  Lets hope he gets his fumbling problem corrected.  Remember Bradshaw:HIGH and TIGHT!  Jacobs can still make some noise on the field(and off it too apparently).  He doesn’t run with the same power like before, but he can still run over people (Laron Landry still sees Jacobs in his dreams).  Look at the matchups before you start him, but Jacobs is definitely worth drafting.

Ray and the Ravens!

The Ravens are a great source for Fantasy Football firepower.  The reason I say this is because they have success in ALL facets of the game.  They have a top-notch defense, a very capable offense that can move the ball in the air and on the ground , their special teams is on point, and they have an automatic kicker.  On top of all that, they added more weapons in this year’s draft to help us Fantasy ballers for the upcoming season…

“Take Ownership” of the offense is what Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is expecting of QB Joe Flacco this year in Baltimore.  Last year, the Ravens brought in prominent, play-making receivers in Anquan Boldin and TJ Houshmandzadeh giving Flacco the tools he needed to be successful.  The 2010 season was Joe Cool’s best season yet with 26 TD and 10 Ints (2 fewer than in both 2008 and 2009).  This year the Ravens drafted even more weapons adding Torrey Smith and Tandon Doss to the mix.  If that’s not motivation enough to get the job done, Flacco is trying to get his contract extension handled this year.  So far the Ravens don’t see things the same way.  Joe’s been quoted as saying that he feels 3 years is enough time for the Ravens to make a decision.  I’m not sure if I agree, but to his credit, Flacco is the Ravens’ all time leader in passing yards, touchdown passes, completions and attempts.  The question is: is the success because of Flacco or the arsenal of weapons he’s been given?  I think this season, we will REALLY find out.  With that being said,  from a Fantasy Football standpoint: drafting Joe Flacco is a Fantasty Football DO!  Nothing like a chip on your shoulder to make you have your best season yet.

Joe may be Cool and he may be the best QB the Ravens have ever had, but this is a RUNNING team!  When you talk about Ravens RBs, you only need to mention one name, Ray Rice.  No question, a Top 10 Fantasy Football RB.  He can run and catch, two things you look for when drafting for RBs.  He was the #10 rusher last season with 1220 yards and he had 556 yards receiving, with a TD total of 6.  While that TD number is low (Rice was called on to block more in the early part of the season), but he saw the end zone quite often during the 2nd half of the season.  He also had to deal with Willis McGahee poaching some scores, but Rice was and will continue to be the man.  There is talk that McGahee is done in Bmore, further evidenced by the drafting of Anthony Allen from Georgia Tech.  Allen will not be a Fantasy factor this year.  Rice has proven to be that workhorse, every down back that you like in a Fantasy Football player.  Draft him with NO hesitation!

No shocker here: look for the #1 receiver to remain, Anquan Boldin.  In his first season as a Raven, Boldin had 64 catches for 837 yards, and 7 TDs.  I believe one huge benefit to the Ravens’ offense is that they have worked out a lot of the chemistry kinks.  This year they will be stronger for it!  Derrick Mason the solid, reliable wideout is going into his 6th year.  In 2010 he was the #2 receiver.  I think while he will still be solid and on the roster, Mason is not who is on your board Fantasy Football draft day. He will not produce the numbers he has in the past.  Now as for awesome rookies: Torrey Smith (University of MD: Stand Up) is the rookie WR drafted this offseason.  At 6’1, 204lbs, the Ravens will look to Smith to be the HUGE, PHYSICAL deep threat.  I think he will have a great rookie season…especially with an older Derrick Mason on the roster.  Another name to keep an eye out for is Tandon Doss.  According to Philip Taft, Contributing Writer for www.bleacherreport.com<http://www.bleacherreport.com/> “Tandon Doss was picked as a result of Ravens QB Joe Flacco, who was given a list of receivers to evaluate and picked Doss.”  When the QB picks you, I’m sure he’ll work on getting you the ball….if you make it through training camp!

The Ravens seem to be very comfortable at TE also.  Todd Heap is a very talented option, but has dealt with many injuries in his career.  Last year, he had a bit of a Fantasy awakening, with 599 yards and 5 TDs.  He averaged 15 yards a catch, which was the highest on the team.  But Heap did miss some time last year because of injuries.  There were no worries, Ed Dickson did a nice job filling for Heap during his absence.  Some even took advantage by plugging in Dickson for a couple of weeks.  Both players are worth keeping an eye on.

The Ravens D is still a force.    They may not be the force that they once were, but they still strike fear when opponents see them on the schedule.  The reason I think they are still a viable Fantasy D is they have what a lot of NFL defenses don’t have:  PLAYMAKERS!!  Ray Lewis still hits as hard as he did when he got drafted out of the U.  He may not have high sack totals, but he is a tackling fool.  He can also play the pass and come up with an occasional INT.  Ed Reed, if healthy, can be the best football player on the field.  Anytime he gets his hands on the ball, he is a threat to score:  from ANYWHERE.  Ray Ray may lack sacks, but his LB partner T Sizzle is a sack master!  Terrell Suggs lead the team with 11 sacks last year, showing that when he plays, he just does not care who he hits.  The secondary is serviceable, but don’t really scare anybody…well Reed is the exception to this of course.  Still the Ravens, in my opinion, got one of the best steals in the draft with CB Jimmy Smith, out of Colorado.  Smith fell in the draft because of some off the filed issues, but there is no better place for a young defensive rookie to be than in the same lockeroom with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.  Oh, and dude can ball.  I predict he will be running back some INTs to the house this season. 

I’m not real big on talking about kickers, but they do score Fantasy points too.  Billy Cundiff has been a consistent Fantasy kicker, so he is draftable (is that a word)?  Cundiff was 26 of 29 in field goals which is adequate.  The one thing you may have to worry about is there may not be a lot of opportunities, but with the consistent improvement of the Ravens O, that could change.  Another thing about Cundiff is that he doesn’t have a BIG leg, so you may not get those bonus points for kicks over 50 yds.  But like I said, he is draftable.

Taking it from one purple team to another we are headed to the Twin Cities to discuss what the Vikings can offer to your 2011 Fantasy Football roster…

Da Bears

 How many Fantasy Football hearts has Jay Cutler broken since becoming a Chicago Bear?  I’m raising my hand as one.  I drafted Cutler in his last year in Denver, and he quickly became my every week starter.  He had that big arm, dishing passes out to Marshall, Royal, and Schefler with ease.  Now that he’s in the Chi, he still has the big arm, but no offensive line and no decent receivers to pass the ball.  I drafted him again in his 1st year as a Bear, but I quickly dropped him by Week 3.  Cutler did complete passes…to the OTHER team.  He also became ONE with the turf.  Last year, there was a little improvement.  In fact, he did lead his team to the NFC Championship (which they lost with him “injured” on the sideline).  In 2010, he managed over 3200 passing yards and 24 total TDs.  He also cut down on his completions  to the other team.  Cutler still finished the season with a total of 16 INTs and 6 lost fumbles.  His protection was only slightly better, so his fondness of the turf deceased a bit.  This year, expect more of the same.  The Bears drafted a big OT Gabe Carimi, who measures 6’7″, 314lbs, so that could help.  However, that’s the only O Lineman drafted.  Additionally, there were no other offensive weapons for Cutler.  With the lockout still hovering over the league, who knows if the Bears will address those needs.  If you draft Cutler you’ve been warned. 

Chicago is another one of those teams that have fans biting their nails on Sunday, as they do not easily put points on the board.  One of the main reasons?: That O line!  Anytime your QB eats grass 58 times in one season, forget about fantasy football players lighting it up.  I can’t even count how many times I have hawked stat tracker waiting for the next time Matt Forte will be on the field…The Bears hardly keep the ball.  Matt Forte is a RB I personally have experience with on my fantasy roster.  While last year was his best year, he is still not my go to starter every week.  It really depends on who the Bears are playing. If their opponent has awesome linebackers, Forte is on my bench.  Problem with the Bears is, if they get down early, they cannot run the ball.  They rely on Cutler (sigh).  Last year,  this amazing  tandem of Matt Forte and Chester Taylor was really Forte on his own.  Last year Forte rushed for slightly over 1000 yards and 9 TDs, while Chester Taylor had 267 rushing yards and 3 TDs. 

I’m not at all impressed with the set of receivers in the Windy City.  Not one of them scares any defensive secondaries.  No Chicago Bear receiver had over 1000 yards last year.  No Chicago Bear receiver had more than 5 TDs last year.  See what I’m saying.  Not impressive at all.  Johnny Knox “emerged” as the go-to receiver last year for Cutler.  Knox was the top receiver with 960 receiving yards and 5 TDs.  He could improve on his numbers this year, but don’t waste a draft pick on him.  Earl Bennett was looked upon as someone who could become a favorite option for Cutler because of their history as teammates at Vanderbilt.  So far that well has been dry.  There was big buzz last year about Devin Aromashodu being a Fantasy sleeper.  However, he only had 149 yards and 0 TDs in 14 games.  I do believe that Devin Hester can ONE day be a good WR.  He is no doubt a dangerous return guy and he can bring that same speed and elusiveness as a wideout.  But he still not a viable Fantasy option as a WR.  Last year he had 475 receiving yards and 4 TDs on 41 receptions.  He maybe worth taking a chance on, but only because he’s a deadly return guy. I personally think the only pass catcher worth drafting is TE Greg Olson. He has, for the last two years, been the first option for Cutler, especially in the red zone.  He’s a big  target and the only reason he is not a Top Five TE is become he’s been in Chicago.  He has been in the top 5 for the last two seasons in targets.  This year, Cutler will continue to rely heavily on him.

Defense wins games, and so the Chicago Bears had a successful 2010-11 season.  Their defense had 34 sacks (mostly by Peppers and Idonjie with 8 each).  Not bad for those leagues that give you points for sacks (mine do)!  The most notable key area of opportunity for the Bears defense is scoring!  While last season they had 21 Ints, this defense rarely gets in the end zone.  Not really a plus for Fantasy Football scoring…

We all know and love that electric return guy DEVIN HESTER (gotta respect the man, he did play for the U after all)!  However, teams know and respect the return monster Hester is too!  Only a few dare devils kick the ball to him… so he doesn’t return ’em like he used to.  What the Bears always get in return is OUTSTANDING field position.  It’s actually funny to watch: Hester just stands back there when it’s time to punt and POOF, the Bears offense starts beyond the 20 yard line.  Talk about “Game Recognize Game”! Another element that’s awesome for the Bears and their fans, but not so much for Fantasy Football owners.

Up next, we are taking it to B’MORE and it’s alllllllll about the Ravens!

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