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Fellas–we’ll get ’em next season! 

Ladies: much respect and congratulations!  The two best teams have earned the right to duke it out in the finals! Good Luck to Ballers Unorthodoks-earn that 3rd place spot!

Let me just say what we knew all along:

Looks like we have an all Ladies Superbowl! Congrats to Domin8 Trix and Girl Behaving Badly for making it to the finals!  You ladies have done a great job all year long! Congrats!  Also good luck to the rookie STAR Studded playing for 3rd place this week!  I know you got it!  The Fellas are dropping like flies!

Can’t wait to announce the official and final results in the New Year!


Congratulations to the following 6 teams that made it to the playoffs:

1. Domin8 Trix

2. Girl Behaving Badly

3. STAR Studded

4. Jacksonville Swaguars

5. Ballers Unorthodoks

6. DNasty

Well my ladies have been handling business all season long! As a result, 2 of the ladies (Domin8 Trix and Girl Behaving Badly) had bye weeks during this first round of playoffs. Congrats to the rookie, STAR Studded still having a phenomenal year. This week she knocked the commish out of the playoffs and has advanced to the next round. While I got knocked out of the playoff picture during the last round of games, I’m so proud my ladies are still representing at 1,2, and 3! We are in the home stretch now! Keep up the great work!

I’m not one to make excuses, but if I kept Seattle’s Defense in my lineup, I WOULD HAVE WON! But I digress. STAR Studded has a great team and a great “owner”, so congratulations are due. She deserves a lot of credit especially since this is her first ever Fantasy Football experience. She drafted like a vet and made great waiver wire moves. I do have to give Jacksonville Swaguars a shout out because he made a valiant effort this season and has been at the top of the HE division for most of the year. Special props for Ballers UnOrthodoks for carrying the MEN on his back as he goes into the next round of the playoffs. You had a terrible start to the season, but you came back like Rocky against Clubber! You have a tough task ahead taking on the #1 seed Domin8 Trix, but SHE CAN BE BEATEN! As a matter of fact, I’m prognosticating that BALLERS UNORTHODOKS will be the LEAGUE CHAMPION!

Congratulations to the remaining teams, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!


Three weeks left to the start of the playoffs and the ladies are sitting pretty collectively at 1, 2, 3, and 6.  Ladies, I am hanging on to dear life for this last playoff spot… I need someone to take it easy on me this week (hint, hint).  The fellas are scrapping for a 3rd playoff spot, especially the commish.  I can NOT let that happen!  I tried to plead my case to the commish (he saw me hit submit) but he’s hating on a sista…I understand, but he is still hugging that 7th slot 😉

Congrats to Domin8 Trix, STAR Studded, and DC for wins this week–Keeping our rankings in tact. Just a few more weeks to go to Playoff time Ladies!  Hang in there!  We’ve been running this league for a while now… Continue reading

He’s Mad…She’s Mad…and Nobody Knows ANYTHING in Week 8

Let me tell you how yesterday was supposed to go:   church,  finishing touches on our fantasy lineups, and Sunday Pre-game shows on ESPN/NFL Network.  She was “wishing” the Redskins would pull out a win and I was certain my Cowboys would pull out a win.  Well…none of that happened.  Continue reading

The Seattle Seahawks

Imagine this: A team with a losing record wins their division and hosts a playoff game in which they beat the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Sounds crazy right? Well, that’s exactly what the Seattle Seahawks did last season.

Now despite that Marshawn Lynch 67 yard TD playoff run against the Saints in the playoffs, the Seattle running game was pretty non-existent.  Lynch was the Seahawks leading rusher last year with 573 yards and 6 TDs in 12 games.  Followed up by Justin Forsett with 523 yards and 2 TDs in 16 games.  Leon Washington is a pretty decent Fantasy Football asset as a return man, last year he had 1,461 return yards and 3 TDs. Thinking about relying on him as a RB only? Naw. That’s why the Jets traded him.
Now that I’ve reviewed the stats, let me tell you about a few improvements the Seahawks have addressed so far this off-season.  With the 25th overall pick of the 2011 draft, the Seahawks selected Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter.  Carpenter cleared many openings for Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.  Coach Carroll has stated that Carpenter will start day 1 at right tackle.  Carpenter will be a great compliment to the O line enhanced by last year’s pick of left tackle Russell Okung drafted with the #6th overall selection.  Later in this year’s draft, (with the #75th overall pick) Wisconsin offensive guard John Moffitt was selected, probably to start at right guard. The Seahawks run game should improve greatly!

There is nothing special about the receiving core for the Seahawks.  As a matter of fact, they had no receiver with over 4 TDs last season.  PITIFUL!!  They have no-name guys who could walk right by and not be noticed by anyone, even in Seattle.  However, they do have Mike Williams, who was a standout at USC, coached by Pete Carroll.  Williams had loads of potential, but he ate himself (literally) out of the league while in Detroit.  When Carroll came to Seattle, he brought Williams with him, all fat and bloated.  But, Williams showed committment, worked himself into football shape, and became a pleasant surprise for his coaches.  Unfortunately, his Fantasy numbers still stunk!  He had 65 catches for 751 yards and 2 TDs.  SMH!!  Ben Obomanu (WHO?) was the second leading receiver with 494 yards and 4 TDs.  Throw in Golden Tate and Brandon Stokley (this guy KEEPS a job) and that rounds out the WR for the Hawks.  Until Seattle gets its QB situation straight, don’t count on any of these guys for Fantasy Football.  Though I do think Williams and Obomanu have some upside because they can stretch the field and will be targeted by the QB.  On the TE front, you only need to know the name: John Carlson.  Carlson is a big talented pass-catching TE who was used shamelessly last year as a blocker to protect whoever was taking snaps at the time.  Again, because the Seahawks have no stability at QB, don’t draft him either.  But he can be a nice pick up later in the Fantasy season if things change.

Matt Hasslebeck has been the injury plagued signal caller of the Seahawks for quite sometime in Seattle.  As of this posting, Hasslebeck is a free agent.  “Experts” (because who is really?) say that Hasslebeck could end up in Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, and the so on…basically any team without a rockstar QB is looking at Matt Hasslebeck apparently.  Wherever he winds up (even if its back in Seattle), I believe he will be effective, but he won’t be ranked a Top 10 Fantasy Football QB. There are about 12 names I’d draft before him.  On the flip side to that it’s rumored that Kevin Kolb is a QB that the Seahawks have been eyeing…but again the Seahawks and like 5 other teams are looking at Kolb…we’ll see.

The Seattle Defense/Special Teams had a few bright spots last year.  Even though they ranked 27th overall, 21st against the run, 27th against the pass, and 25th in points allowed per game, they still put up decent fantasy numbers.  They had 12 INTs, 2 returned for TD, 38 sacks, and 3 total Def TDs.  DE Chris Clemons led the team with 11 sacks, and his DE partner Raheem Brock added 9 more.  The Seattle secondary did get torched a lot last year but Safety Earl Thomas got 5 INTs.  Corner Marcus Trufant is getting up in age but can still be serviceable.   The rest of the secondary isn’t even worth mentioning.  Seattle did add some much needed depth on the Defense by adding 3 DBs, 2 LBs, and a DE in this year’s draft.   I look for them to be much improved this upcoming year especially since they addressed the holes in their secondary.  Special Teams did help out  also, due to Leon Washington returning kicks and punts.  Washington had a 101 yard kickoff return for a TD.  He finished the season with 3 KR TDs.  He can also make a difference with punt returns.  Anytime Washington gets his hands on the ball, he’s a threat to score.  If you can’t draft a top tier Fantasy Def or you need a bye week replacement, Seattle wouldn’t be a bad choice. 
If you are looking for a kicker to draft, STAY AWAY from Olindo Mare.  He was 25 for 30 in field goals, which is 79.5%.  You can definitely do much better.  He’s way passed his prime.
Up next is the Cincy Bengals…

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