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2012 Preview: San Diego Chargers

The 2012 San Diego Chargers will start the season like normal: with Norv Turner on the hot seat.  It’s amazing that Norv still has a job after being at the helm of a team that has so much talent and nothing to show for it.  You have to admit that Turner has been very effective with offenses over the years, but he just can’t get the Chargers to cross the bridge to the Super Bowl.  And last season was sub par to say the least.  They struggled in just about every game.  There All Pro caliber quarterback was the biggest culprit in the struggle, since he developed a nasty habit of throwing interceptions.  Going into this year, they are down a couple of vital weapons to their past successes.  Vincent Jackson, who finally got his way by kicking and screaming his way into free agency, signed with Tampa Bay.  Jackson was a 1000 yard receiver who was a big target.  The Chargers also lost Mike Tolbert to the Panthers.  Tolbert was a goal line beast who was good for double-digit TDs.  They were still able to keep some important pieces, and they were also able to procure the services of other important players through free agency.  The Chargers will have a tall order to compete in the division.  Norv Turner will be in his normal position:  in the hot seat.

Fantasy Football Studs:   Philip Rivers had a bad season last year.  But a bad season for Rivers doesn’t equate to what other QBs might do.  He still had 4624 passing yards and 27 TDs.  Not bad, but not his usual.  Also included in the abnormality was the 20 INTs.  But you still have to consider Rivers a stud.  Another stud is TE Antonio Gates, who has been the forgotten man because of injuries.  Gates, however, is coming back healthy and revitalized.  Receivers Malcom Floyd and newly acquired Robert Meachem will play big roles as well in this revamped passing game.  Lastly, RB Ryan Mathews will play a huge role, especially after his 1000 yard season in 2011.  He will be the primary back, even with the presence of free agent Ronnie Brown.

Area of Strength:  Even with the struggles of Philip Rivers and the Charger offense last season, the passing game will still be the strength of the team.  Rivers will most likely throw for over 4000 yards.  He’s got good receivers that will stretch the field and move the chains.  Antonio Gates will re-emerge as a top tight end, as long as he stays healthy.  Malcom Floyd will be the main man, and Robert Meachem will finally have the kind of season that everyone expected from him when he was drafted by the Saints.  Also, running back Ryan Mathews will also be a big part of the passing game.  This passing game will rebound from last years woes.

 Area of Weakness:  The defense will be the part of the Chargers that will be a definite weakness.  It is an old unit and getting older by the minute.  LBs Takeo Spikes and Shaun Phillips are the leaders along with Quentin Jammer and Atari Bigby in the secondary.  These players were good in their day but they lack fresh legs.  Last season, the Chargers uncharacteristically jumped out to a 4-1 start before the bye.  After the bye, they lost 6 straight games, and their opponents racked up an average of 28 points.  That will not be good this year, especially with the arrival of Peyton Manning in the division.

2012 Marquee Matchups:  The Chargers have a tough schedule this season, highlighted by matchups with the Falcons in Week 3, and the Saints in Week 5.  After their Week 7 bye, they take on some division foes, but they have a tough 4 week stretch in Weeks 12 through 15, taking on the Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, and Panthers.

All Things San Diego Chargers: There are several ways to keep up with the  2012 San Diego Chargers.  Here are a few we like.

Blogs:  Bolts from the Blue http://www.boltsfromtheblue.com/ ; Bolt Hype http://www.bolthype.com/ ; Bolt Beat http://boltbeat.com/

Apps: San Diego Chargers for iPhone (by San Diego Chargers)  

Fan Clubs:   The official fan club for the San Diego Chargers can be found on www.chargers.com under fan zone. 

Ehhhhhh…Week 12

Sunday’s games seemed somewhat anticlimactic to me.  Maybe it was because there were three very good games on Thursday.  Or maybe it was simply that my Cowboys weren’t playing.  Regardless, there wasn’t any particular game that was of interest to me. 

First, I was really sorry to see Matt Leinart get knocked out of the game with what appears to be a season ending injury.  I still remember how the former Heisman winner dropped to the 10th spot in the draft, when “experts” were saying that he could go #1.  Leinart seemed to be in the right situation:  a great offense with a top notch O line and superior running game, and one of the best receivers in the game to throw to throw to, since Andre Johnson was back from injury.  It’s too bad to see his season end.  Also, it’s too bad for the Texans, who probably were going to win the division and had a real shot to go far in the playoffs.  Ah well, it’s always next year! 

I also have to talk about Stevie “Why so serious” Johnson.  Ok, is this guy stupid?  I’m really curious to know.  First, I have to say, I love end zone dances and celebrations.  As a matter of fact, I loved Johnson’s Why So Serious t-shirt.  But to reenact the Plaxico Burress self inflicted gunshot wound was embarrassing and tasteless.  (Do I sound like Joe Buck?)  It cost the Bills 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff, giving the Jets a shortened field resulting in another Mark Sanchez TD.  I do have to give a shout out for the classy way Plax responded, “I’ve seen worse, and I’ve heard worse.  Doesn’t bother me.”   

Congrats to Tim Tebow on another win, this time in an exciting OT victory.  I’m not a Tebow hater or a Tebow apologist, but I do think that the guy is a winner.  However, I really want to highlight the play of Willis McGahee, and the Denver defense.  McGahee, is coming off a hamstring injury, and he trotted through the Charger defense for 117 yards at 5.1 yards a clip.  Actually for the season, he is averaging 4.8 yards a carry.  To me, he has shown that he is more than just a change a pace back only viable for short yardage work.  If he can stay healthy, he’s a top 15 RB.  He has just as much to do with the success of Broncos as Tebow does.  The main reason, in my opinion for the success of Denver, is the defense.  Especially the play of rookie Vonn Miller, who is leading the team with 11 sacks, on pace to finish the season with 16.  In the last three games, the defense has given up 10, 13, and 13 points, respectively.  Again, I’m not taking anything away from Tebow.  But, he does have a great supporting cast to help him.  Just my observation. 

Week 12 Things of Note:

Ryan Fitzpatrick impressed me yesterday. 

Beanie Wells REALLY impressed me yesterday. 

Phillip Rivers DIDN’T impress me 

Andre Johnson, you need to impress me


Stories of QBs and RBs..Week 9

Oddly enough, Peyton Manning is not the Manning that boldly faces Tom Brady and pulls out a huge W…it’s Eli.  I’ve been the first to criticize Eli in the past (heck, just this summer).  I have to admit he’s playing better than he ever has before.  If someone told me a QB in that game would come back with a game winning drive, I (like the rest of you) would have assumed that QB would be Tom Brady.  Eli was great yesterday.  Additionally, Tom Coughlin and that Giants DEF simply have Tom Brady’s number.  Speaking of DEF, it didn’t hurt Eli was going against the worst Defense in the league.  Who thought one could ever write that about a Bill Belichik Defense?

I cannot tell you the emotional rollercoaster that Philip Rivers put me through yesterday.  I made a prediction earlier in the day that said Green Bay would get its first loss due to the hot hand of Rivers, resulting in a breakout performance.  It started off pretty well too.  He quickly hooked up with Vincent Jackson for a quick score, and things were looking great.  But then Rivers happened again!  He threw, not one, BUT two Pick 6s.  I hadn’t seen anything like since the QB from my favorite team did it against the Lions, earlier this season.  I yelled and screamed and vowed that this guy would never see my Fantasy lineups again.  But things took a turn that I’ve been waiting for all season.  He threw another TD, and another, and ANOTHER, totaling 4 TDs along with 385 yards.  He did throw another pick to make it league leading 14 for the year, but I got 35 points from him yesterday.  I AM NOT MAD AT THAT!

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He Said: What’s up Philip Rivers?

Last season, I made a huge argument that Philip Rivers needed to be strongly considered for NFL MVP.  Yeah, I knew he wouldn’t win, mainly because San Diego was so bad.  But despite how terrible the Chargers were, Rivers had one his best year statistically, and had numbers that rivaled Brady, Manning, and Vick.  He threw for over 4700 yards and 30 TDs compared to the actual MVP, Tom Brady, who threw for 3900 yards and 36 TDs.  I wrote during the off season that Rivers was going to have a huge year and based on that assessment, he was bound for and MVP-like year, AND that he was going to be a must for your Fantasy line-ups.  I targeted this guy in all of my Fantasy drafts, nabbing him in two of my leagues.  I was sure that Rivers was going to lead me to another Fantasy championship……

Man, was I wrong!

This guy has been killing me and other owners Fantasy owners all across the world who felt as I felt.  Rivers has just to have a good all around game.  I will admit, he’s doing a decent job in yardage (averaging almost 300 yards per game)  but I’m in standard scoring leagues.  Touchdowns are paramount.  And speaking of TDs, in 7 games, he’s hit paydirt just 7 times.  In 2 of the games, he put up a DONUT!  That’s not gonna win you many Fantasy matchups.  Now all of sudden, Rivers has a turnover problem.  He already has 11 INTs.  He had 13 all last year.  And he’s fumbled 6 times losing 3 to the opposing teams.  This is not the guy that I championed last year for MVP.  This is not the guy I bragged about this summer as an elite QB.  This is not the guy I thought I was drafting in my Fantasy leagues.  Who is this guy/  I will tell you:  He’s a BUST, right along with Chris Johnson, Ocho, and Peyton Hillis.  But what do I do?  Do I ride it out with this guy, or am I forced to turn to Andy Dalton or Mark Sanchez?  You see what you do to me Philip Rivers!!!!  I’m a defending champion that was trying to make it to the playoffs.  (PLAYOFFS?!?! I’m just trying to win a game!!!!)  Who out here feels my pain?  Am I overreacting……


Well, week 8 is in the books, and the playoff picture is getting really crazy.  As noted by my partner in last weeks post, the ladies hold 4 of the 6 playoff spots now.  Since I just took another L, I’m barely holding on to a spot in the post season.  I have to give props to Team Bring It for stomping a mud hole in my team, dropping me to a 4-4 record.  I need to get it together! 

I on the other hand am proud of another cheap win.  I beat my bestie (STAR STUDDED) who had Aaron Rogers on bye. YAY ME!  The crazy thing is, in spite of her loss, she still managed to move UP from 5th to 4th in the league thanks to an L from DNasty. I am holding on to dear life for that #6 playoff spot!  I need all the wins I can get! Continue reading

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