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2012 Preview: Denver Broncos

The 2012 Denver Broncos have kicked off the year making major moves!  Peyton Manning is the most important player in football, making the Broncos one of the most popular teams in the league.  It was not just enough to bring in Manning, but Denver had to put the right pieces around their new QB to give them a chance to be successful this season.  Last year, the team was led by the great running game of by former QB Tim Tebow and running back Willis McGahee. The Broncos had one of the best running attacks in the NFL, all while having one of the worst passing attacks.  Manning is better than Tebow will ever be, but he is coming off of a devastating neck injury that many tought would send him to retirement.  Nowadays, he claims he’s as good as new.  If Manning returns to his old ways, Denver will be instant contenders for AFC champs.  He is the key to the Broncos success.  We all can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the Mile High City.  Here is more about the 2012 Denver Broncos.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Clearly the team has upgrades at QB, and I so badly want to name Peyton Manning as a fantasy stud quarterback, but no one can make that call now.  However, this man is a legend, and he will undoubtedly make the players around him better.  But it’s hard to name anyone on this team as stud material.  We are talking about a team whose leading receiver last year caught 44 balls for 612 yards.  That’s atrocious!  Not to slight Eric Decker and Demayius Thomas, who are definitely fantasy sleepers this year because of Manning.  The only individual that might be considered a stud would be Willis McGahee, and that’s only because he ran for close to 1200 yards last year.  That probably would have been more had it not been for Tebow running the ball instead of passing the ball.  McGahee will definitely have more chances to carry the football, but he is a bit long in the tooth.  The biggest fantasy stud for the Broncos will be the defense.  Even though they lost Brian Dawkins, they still are full of players that can get it done.  This includes Champ Bailey (who still has shutdown ability); and ball-hawks, Elvis Dumervil on the front four, and 2nd year linebacker, Vonn Miller.

Areas of Strength:  The Broncos have a  couple of strengths, but the biggest strength is that defense.  It was the defense (not Tim Tebow) that was the most significant reason that Denver made the playoffs.  No offense of the new Jet. The defense struggled the first half of the season, mainly because of injuries and an ineffective offense.  But in 5 of the last 8 games, they not only won, but they held their opponents below 14 points.  This season, they are fully healthy, and they are hungry.  This maybe the best defense that Peyton Manning has ever had in his career.

Area of Weakness:  This team really struggled last season in the passing game. And without stating the obvious, it caused the receivers to struggle.  So going into this season, the weakest area are the receivers.  Last year, Eric Decker led the team with 612 receiving yards and Demayius Thomas was second with 551.  There are no other receivers from last year that need to be mentioned.  Of course because of the new quarterback, they will be upgraded.  But they also added some other vital pieces like TEs  Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen, who will open up the field.  If the passing game is what they expect it to be, weaknesses will be hard to find in Denver.

2012 Marquee Matchups:   Seems like we want to see everyone face Payton Manning this year!  However in addition to division games, there are some pretty exciting match ups.  Week 1 Manning faces that Steelers Defense.  Week 7 he faces an old friend: Tom Brady and the Patriots.  After the bye week, its Manning vs Brees during Week 8.  Week 15 the Broncos head to Baltimore.  The Broncos have 5 games during prime time this year.  I wonder why.

All Things Denver Broncos: There are several ways to keep up with the 2012 Denver Broncos.  Here are a few great ways:

Blogs:  Mile High Report http://www.milehighreport.com/ ; Broncos Freak http://www.broncosfreak.com/ ; Orange Optimism http://orangeoptimism.com/

Apps: Denver Broncos Mobile for iPhone (by Broncos/YinzCam) and  The Denver Post for iPhone (by The Denver Post)

Fan Clubs:   Crush (Broncos fan club for women)  Also the official Denver Broncos fan club can be found on www.broncos.com under fan zone.  

Same Guy, New Uniform…Free Agency

As you know, Free Agency kicks off today!  While there are a lot of guys who will be sporting a new uniform this fall, these four guys seem to be this season’s most notable: 

Peyton Manning:  Of course this season’s most popular free agent still grabs most of the headlines.  After the rumor of over 15 teams interested, it seems like now it’s down to Miami, Tennessee, Arizona, and Denver.  The funniest part of the Manning coverage is how NFL insiders are all quick to say “Another team may sneak in and sign Peyton Manning.” That’s because people don’t want to be wrong like last year when the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha out of no where!  When it comes to Peyton Manning,  I’m a fan of the comeback .   I hope Manning returns better than expected (think Farve’s  first year in Minnesota).  Nothing would be sadder than to see Manning fail this season.   Miami is where I would like to see him land.  We can get the hype (and you know they will hype it!) of watching Manning vs Brady twice per year. 

Mario Williams:  If it weren’t for the Peyton Manning spotlight, the hottest Free Agent this year would be former #1 draft pick Mario Williams.  I’ve heard it all regarding teams who want this guy: Tennessee, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago to name a few.  I know all of those teams can use him.  I also know that most teams can’t afford both Manning AND Williams.  While the Bears really need another receiver, Williams would be great in the Chi.  I’m sure Bears fans would agree! Continue reading

Stories of QBs and RBs..Week 9

Oddly enough, Peyton Manning is not the Manning that boldly faces Tom Brady and pulls out a huge W…it’s Eli.  I’ve been the first to criticize Eli in the past (heck, just this summer).  I have to admit he’s playing better than he ever has before.  If someone told me a QB in that game would come back with a game winning drive, I (like the rest of you) would have assumed that QB would be Tom Brady.  Eli was great yesterday.  Additionally, Tom Coughlin and that Giants DEF simply have Tom Brady’s number.  Speaking of DEF, it didn’t hurt Eli was going against the worst Defense in the league.  Who thought one could ever write that about a Bill Belichik Defense?

I cannot tell you the emotional rollercoaster that Philip Rivers put me through yesterday.  I made a prediction earlier in the day that said Green Bay would get its first loss due to the hot hand of Rivers, resulting in a breakout performance.  It started off pretty well too.  He quickly hooked up with Vincent Jackson for a quick score, and things were looking great.  But then Rivers happened again!  He threw, not one, BUT two Pick 6s.  I hadn’t seen anything like since the QB from my favorite team did it against the Lions, earlier this season.  I yelled and screamed and vowed that this guy would never see my Fantasy lineups again.  But things took a turn that I’ve been waiting for all season.  He threw another TD, and another, and ANOTHER, totaling 4 TDs along with 385 yards.  He did throw another pick to make it league leading 14 for the year, but I got 35 points from him yesterday.  I AM NOT MAD AT THAT!

  Continue reading

Who’s the Fan?

Today our company celebrated the culminating events for its conversion.  As a result, I met a guy flying in town from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This morning, he was surprised to hear me listening to the Sports Talk radio.  As  a result we started talking about football.  Since he was from Indiana, I asked him did he love the Indianapolis  Colts.  His response:  “I don’t like the Colts this year”. 

Fair or not, I instantly labeled him the worst a fan could be labeled:  The dismissive “Fairweather Fan”. Sure it’s easy to love the Colts when Peyton Manning is leading the team to AFC North championship year after year.  Now is the test of one’s fanhood and this guy was failing MISERABLY my book.  This is a topic I am passionate about! Continue reading

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