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2012 Preview: Kansas City Chiefs

The 2012 Kansas City Chiefs are certainly glad that last season is over.  They had high hopes after a playoff appearance the year before.  But injuries to several players early in the season, took the wind out of the Chiefs’ sails.  It cost Todd Haley his head coaching job, but made way for defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to be the new coach.  Where Haley lost the respect of his players, Crennel became the player’s choice as their new coach. With a new season here, the Chiefs are looking forward to the return of key players to help them compete in a tough division.  They have also added some new additions  to help them.  With questions at quarterback, it remains to be seen whether a defensive minded coach like Crennel can put he right personnel in place or a dynamic offense.  Something that he was unable to do consistently when he was the head coach of the Browns.  Here is more on the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs.

Fantasy Football Studs:   The defensive unit will be very effective, especially with presence of LB Tamba Hali and new draftee nose tackle Dontari Poe.  The secondary is also very strong and are counting on the return of safety Eric Berry, who was lost to injury last year.  Another stud is WR Dwayne Bowe, who has been the most prolific receiver in Chiefs history.  The Chiefs are also hoping that running backs Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis develop that one-two punch that most teams are running.  Both RBs are coming off injury plagued seasons, with Charles getting knocked out for the season in Week 2 last year.

Area of Strength:  The Kansas City defense is the area of strength for the Chiefs.  Led by Tamba Hali and the tutelage of coach Crennel, the Chiefs hope to return to the playoffs.   Hali led the team with 12 sacks.  The Chiefs drafted Dontari Poe in hopes that he will help the team stop the run, which they struggled with last year.  Returning from injury is Pro Bowler Eric Berry, who is the leader of the secondary, which includes corners Brandon Flowers, free agent Stanford Routt, and fellow safety, Kendrick Lewis.  This unit will be the catalyst for this team.

Area of Weakness:  Quarterback Matt Cassel hasn’t played a full season since the Chiefs got him in a trade 4 seasons ago.  Last year, he only managed just 9 games and about 1700 passing yards.  Don’t get me wrong, when Cassel is healthy and has time, he can pick you apart and find the open receiver.  He’s got a good running game with good receivers.  But Cassel has yet to put together  the magic season when he took over for an injured Tom Brady in New England.  However, Cassel does have security in knowing that he has at least a full season to show that this is his team.  His backup is Brady Quinn, and no offense to Quinn, but Cassel’s job is secure for this season.  No sure that will help the Chiefs.  A healthy, upright Matt Cassel is what Kansas City needs to have a good season.

2012 Marquee Matchups:  Its going to be a difficult year with the schedule the Chiefs have this season.  Right out the gate, they have Atlanta in Week 1, Buffalo, Week 2, New Orleans, Week 3, and Baltimore, Week 5.  In Weeks 10 and 11, the Chiefs take on Pittsburg and Cincinnati back to back.

All Things Kansas City Chiefs:  There are several ways to keep up with 2012 Kansas City Chiefs.  Here are a few.

Blogs:  Arrowhead Pride http://www.arrowheadpride.com/ ; Arrowhead Addict http://arrowheadaddict.com/ ; Chiefs Command http://chiefscommand.com/nfl/top-nfl-rivalries-2012

Apps: Chiefs Mobile for iPhone (by Locker Partner) and  Arrowhead Addict for iPhone (by Notice Software)

Fan Clubs:   The official fan club for the Kansas City Chiefs can be found on www.chiefs.com under fan zone. 


Three weeks left to the start of the playoffs and the ladies are sitting pretty collectively at 1, 2, 3, and 6.  Ladies, I am hanging on to dear life for this last playoff spot… I need someone to take it easy on me this week (hint, hint).  The fellas are scrapping for a 3rd playoff spot, especially the commish.  I can NOT let that happen!  I tried to plead my case to the commish (he saw me hit submit) but he’s hating on a sista…I understand, but he is still hugging that 7th slot 😉

Congrats to Domin8 Trix, STAR Studded, and DC for wins this week–Keeping our rankings in tact. Just a few more weeks to go to Playoff time Ladies!  Hang in there!  We’ve been running this league for a while now… Continue reading

He Said: What’s up Philip Rivers?

Last season, I made a huge argument that Philip Rivers needed to be strongly considered for NFL MVP.  Yeah, I knew he wouldn’t win, mainly because San Diego was so bad.  But despite how terrible the Chargers were, Rivers had one his best year statistically, and had numbers that rivaled Brady, Manning, and Vick.  He threw for over 4700 yards and 30 TDs compared to the actual MVP, Tom Brady, who threw for 3900 yards and 36 TDs.  I wrote during the off season that Rivers was going to have a huge year and based on that assessment, he was bound for and MVP-like year, AND that he was going to be a must for your Fantasy line-ups.  I targeted this guy in all of my Fantasy drafts, nabbing him in two of my leagues.  I was sure that Rivers was going to lead me to another Fantasy championship……

Man, was I wrong!

This guy has been killing me and other owners Fantasy owners all across the world who felt as I felt.  Rivers has just to have a good all around game.  I will admit, he’s doing a decent job in yardage (averaging almost 300 yards per game)  but I’m in standard scoring leagues.  Touchdowns are paramount.  And speaking of TDs, in 7 games, he’s hit paydirt just 7 times.  In 2 of the games, he put up a DONUT!  That’s not gonna win you many Fantasy matchups.  Now all of sudden, Rivers has a turnover problem.  He already has 11 INTs.  He had 13 all last year.  And he’s fumbled 6 times losing 3 to the opposing teams.  This is not the guy that I championed last year for MVP.  This is not the guy I bragged about this summer as an elite QB.  This is not the guy I thought I was drafting in my Fantasy leagues.  Who is this guy/  I will tell you:  He’s a BUST, right along with Chris Johnson, Ocho, and Peyton Hillis.  But what do I do?  Do I ride it out with this guy, or am I forced to turn to Andy Dalton or Mark Sanchez?  You see what you do to me Philip Rivers!!!!  I’m a defending champion that was trying to make it to the playoffs.  (PLAYOFFS?!?! I’m just trying to win a game!!!!)  Who out here feels my pain?  Am I overreacting……



Let me start with the GREAT news: In the He SAID She Said Fantasy Football League Match up of the Week the guys took another L.  This week’s match up was between my girl (and Dallas Cowboys fan) STAR STUDDED and the man of his blog (also a Dallas Cowboys fan) DNasty.  Friday night DNasty saw STAR STUDDED in person and was talking King Kong size trash.  Taunting her about her bye week players, asking her how she know about the Waiver Wire…just awful!   He was very confident.  And well fellas…he choked!  Let me tell you:  The ROOKIE, STAR STUDDED, handled her biz against your league commish DNasty. Proud of you lady! Even happier that the fellas took another L!    

Continue reading


Carson, Donavan, and Ballers Unorthodoks! It’s been quite a day in Fantasy and the NFL.  First, I can’t believe what a great move the Bengals made in trading Carson Palmer to the Raiders.  The owner of the Bengals, Mike Brown is notorious for not trading at all, and he has gone on record by saying that he would never trade Palmer.  Well today he had a sense of clarity, because Brown pulled the trigger to the tune of two first round draft picks.  For that guy?!?!  UNBELIEVABLE!  Next, I have to mention the sad end to the career of Donavan McNabb.  He was benched in Sunday’s loss to the Bears, and it was announced today that the benching will be permanent.  What a terrible way to go for such an accomplished player who at one point in his career was an exciting franchise QB.  Doubtful, that he’ll end up like Kurt Warner, whose own career was brought back from the dead.  When he arrived DOA in Arizona.  So SAD McNabb.   Now on to He SAID She Said Fantasy Football. Continue reading


Let me pull this quote from last week:  “I’m really looking forward to my matchup against my partner in this whole thing, Play Action Princess (Baby, I will try to take it easy on you).”  That Ladies was from your league commish.  I love making people eat their words!  Well girls, what can I say?  We crushed the guys!  Y’all did great!  We were 1 point away from bringing out the brooms and sweeping the guys off of Stattracker!  Read ’em and weep boys!

Play Action Princess crushes DNASTY: 

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