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She Said: My Football Bachelorette Weekend

In case you were wondering:  We are NOT having a football themed wedding.  Still, I love a good theme party!  I have to give credit to my girlfriends.  They did a great job helping me celebrate this transition in my life.  I’m not a fan of the typical Bachelorette Weekend: male strippers and wild partying.  I am however ALL ABOUT great fun, food (yes drinks), and football.  My girls got it exactly right!

All of my girlfriends on this trip do not like football (3 of us can’t get enough, the other 3 could care less), so we didn’t go overboard. Plus, this is the preseason we are talking about.  Last weekend kicked off in rivalry fashion.  My friend who loves the Dallas Cowboys got her nails painted Blue and Silver–I’m sure just to irk me!  As soon as I hugged her hello at the airport, I noticed them…  

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