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2012 Preview: New York Jets

The New York Jets organization can be called many things, but quiet is not one of them.  The 2011 season was filled with problems stemming from the locker room.  Star WR Santonio Holmes called out his QB Mark Sanchez very early in the season.  In fact the star of the team, CB Derrelle Revis recently described the locker room as being in disarray.  It’s clear that with such an outspoken, sometime tactless coach, the Jet’s recently have had a hard time being mum about issues within the organization.  To add further drama, the Jets acquire the most polarizing QB in the NFL today–the ever tactful, Tim Tebow.  As you can imagine the move has caused a lot of questions regarding who will truly be the starting QB for the Jets and for how long.  Naturally in today’s media, players of the Jets organization have had to give opinions on this topic seemingly everyday since the trade.  Oh the events:  The Tim Tebow press conference, the Tim Tebow first day of OTAs, the Tim Tebow punt team practice.  Did you notice that the NFL shop as a special line of gear just for Tim Tebow?  I’m sure Mark feels very confident (just ask his agent).  This drama would be worth it if only the Jets had found someone to improve their completed pass percentage.  Here are a few more things about the 2012 New York Jets… 

Fantasy Football Studs:  There could very well be some good fantasy options on the Jets.  Santonio Holmes is still a good receiver who has a lot to prove after last year’s sub par season.  You can even get some good use out of tight end Dustin Keller and RB Shonn Greene. But none of these players can be considered fantasy studs.  When looking for a stud from the Jets for your fantasy squad, look only to the Jets defense as a possible option.  I look for the defense to get back to what got them to back to back AFC title games.  Also, anytime you have Derrelle Revis, your defense had a good chance to succeed. Continue reading

Sunday in the Skybox: AFC East

The American Football Conference-Eastern Division (AFC East) will kick off our Sunday in the Skybox team by team 2012 Preview.  This division (composed of the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets) has a combined total of 6 Superbowl wins.  Superbowl XLVI runner-up New England Patriots have controlled this division over the last decade winning 8 of the last 10 Division titles.  Another fun fact about this division is that it could be renamed, the Bill Parcells division.  Parcells himself coached for the New England Patriots and New York Jets.  Most recently Parcells was Vice President of Football Operations for the Miami Dolphins.  Over the years, current and former head coaches such as Bill Belichick are from the Bill Parcells coaching tree. 

Bad Blood in this Division: There has been long-standing rivalries in this division.  One of the biggest rivalries in football has always been the Jets and the Dolphins.  These teams have gone back and forth in some hard-fought games giving the Jets the overall advantage of 47-43-1.  The Dolphins have also had their battles with the Bills, meeting in the playoffs 4 times.  The most recent rivalry has been with the Patriots and the Jets.  It has mirrored the bad blood similar to the baseball Yankees and the Red Sox.  The Jets have mostly played second fiddle to the Pats, but NY has been competitive in recent years, playing the Patriots in playoff battles twice in the past six years.

Recently, there have been quite a few great moments between the teams in this division.  In 2008, the Dolphins pulled an upset win (38-13) over the Patriots using the WildCat offense.  Sadly Dolphins fans can’t shake the memory of a 41-14 loss to the Patriots during Monday Night Football in 2010.  The next day, the Dolphins fired Special Teams coach John Bonamego for managing to give up 21 points in huge special teams mistakes.  We all loved watching the battles between Randy Moss as a Patriot vs CB Derrelle Revis of the Jets.  Speaking of Revis, he called New England Patriot head coach Bill Belichick a “jerk” during a word association game played on ESPN againt Patriot TE Rob Gronkowski–awkward. Continue reading

He Said: What’s up with Mark Sanchez

After being drafted 5th in 2009 and playing in back to back AFC Championship games, one would think Mark Sanchez would be closer to being an ELITE NFL QB.  I will admit, I never believed that Sanchez was ever going to be looked upon in the same fashion as Brady, Brees, or Manning. However, I did think that he was a good QB that would lead his team effectively.  To put it plainly, Sanchez is having a bad year .  Some critics are saying that he has even regressed as a NFL QB, making mistakes that a rookie would make.  His own coach, Rex Ryan, went as far as to call him “stupid” for calling an ill-advised timeout at a critical point in a game. 

So…What’s up with Mark Sanchez? Continue reading

We Are Learning..Week 5

We all heard about the death of iconic NFL owner:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.  It’s only fitting that as HUGE fans of the NFL that we show respect for a man who left a huge mark on the game.  While we personally did not agree with many of his decisions (and we weren’t the only ones), we certainly love the fact that Al Davis was brazen enough to walk to the beat of his own drum.  As African-Americans, it’s also great to see what he contributed to the game in terms of diversity.  Here’s to you Al Davis for bringing mystique and BOLDNESS to the NFL, along with that vertical passing game. This quote of Al Davis really sums up his belief in the vertical passing game: “When we came out of the huddle, we didn’t want first downs and move the chains. We wanted touchdowns-the quick strike.  We were going to take what we wanted and that was Raider’s Football”  Raiders Football was Al Davis.  R.I.P. Continue reading

J-E-T-S! Jets!! Jets!! Jets!!

The Jets QB situation begins and ends with Mark Sanchez or Sanchise!!  Sanchez has solidified himself as a reliable Fantasy option.  He will not get you big numbers but he will put together a string of games that could do wonders for your Fantasy squad.  Last season, Sanchez threw for 3291 passing yards and  20 total TDs.  Like I said, not big numbers but he had FIVE games last season with 2 or more TDs.  Add in a 205 yards per game average, and you get over 20 + Fantasy points in those games.   I’m not suggesting that you draft Sanchez to be your starting QB.  But if you find yourself in need of a 2nd QB as your back up, take a shot at Sanchez.  Also, look at his schedule.  You have to take advantage of  his unfavorable matchups.  This season, the Jets play the Redskins (and what does that mean?),the Jags, and the Broncos, as well as playing the Bills and the Dolphins twice.  None of these teams have great defenses against the pass.  He also has a way of rising to the occasion when his backs up against the wall.  How many times did Sanchez almost lose the game,  and then come up with a clutch performance.  Sanchez is a decent option if you find yourself in need of a Fantasy QB

In 2010-2011 we witnessed the Fantasy Football return of Braylon Edwards.  Ending the season with 904 receiving yards and 7 TD, Edwards was the #1 receiver for the Jets playing all 16 games.  In his 2nd season with the Jets, Braylon became a reliable go-to for Sanchez….The issue for Fantasy Football owners is that’s not quite certain if Braylon will be a Jet this coming season.  The rumor mill is getting stronger around the prospect that Randy Moss will become a NY Jet.  Coach Rex Ryan, never quiet about anything, certainly has not been quite about wanting to beat the Patriots.  He would love to have Moss as a weapon.  Acquiring Moss would also cause some uncertainty for another top notch Fantasy Receiver in NY: Santonio Holmes.  Like Edwards, Holmes has been plagued with a few off the field issues himself.  Despite the off the field issues, Holmes has been productive with the Jets.  He completed his 2010-2011 season with 746 receiving yards and 6 TDs.    With free agency yet to materialize, only 1 thing is for certain: Mike Tannenbaum will be busy on the WR front. If it were up to me, I’d keep Holmes.  Let’s see how much that costs them though.  Smith is the for sure

On the TE front, Dustin Keller is pretty solid.  Leading the team in receptions (55), Keller had 687 receiving yards and 5 TDs.  The problem? Keller got all 5 of his TDs weeks 2-4 for the 2010-2011 season.   Keller’s stats improve each year, and this being his 4th year coming up, he will continue to get a lot of opportunities to score.

This Jets Defense is NO JOKE.  With 40 sacks, 12 Ints, 17 Forced Fumbles, and 3 TDs, they are a fantastic Fantasy Football option.  In 2010-2011 the Jets’ defense ranked 9th in the league. Linebackers Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas led the way with 6 sacks each.  Another story about that Jets D are those AMAZING corners: Cromartie and Revis. While they shut down a lot of receivers, only Cromartie had 3 picks last year. (More teams also target Cromartie’s side of the field).  From the looks of it, Cromartie will probably move on this year in free agency (currently known as limbo).  But no worries for Jets fans, Revis and Cromartie have been spending a lot of time with Kyle Wilson, the CB drafted from Boise State in last year’s draft.  The Jets get their Safety and Punt Returner Jim Leonhard back from a season ending shin injury.  Last year, the Jets lost Leonhard the Friday before they got WAXED in that 45-3 loss to the New England Patriots.  Going into this season, the Jets have reportedly said they will not use Leonhard has a return man going forward.  Gang Green as also drafted 2 rookies in the 1st and 3rd rounds respectively: Muhammad Wilkerson of Temple University and Kendrick Ellis of Hampton University.  The Jets defense will get younger, faster, and more athletic.  Not a bad look for the defensive part of your Fantasy Football day draft board…

The Jets running game has two options to choose from for Fantasy: Ladanian Tomlison and Shonn Green.  Last year, we saw the reemergence of LT after he was banished into HASBEENDOM by the Chargers.  LT led the Jets from the very beginning.  In the first half of the season, he was the main man for the Jets, and completely outplayed his counterpart Green.  But age and weariness set in, and LT didn’t run as well in the second half of the year.  One good thing is that he did last the whole season.  Green’s stats pale in comparison to LT.  He ran for 766 yards and two TDs.  The only thing that Green did similar to LT was yards per carry which was 4.1 compared to Tomlinson’s 4.2.  Green is faster and runs between the tackles with much more ease than LT.  He just has a hard time finding that end zone.  There are not too many other factors in the running game.  The Jets do have second year player Joe McKnight, but he won’t be a factor in Fantasy.  Look for LT to contribute, but expect Green to be the main man for the entire year.  Basically, they are both draft worthy Fantasy Football players who will get plenty of chances to run and score for you if needed.

Staying in Gotham City out next post will be about the G-Men


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