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Ladies vs Fellas: Week 4 2012

This week was the first Battle of the Sexes week in our league.  One of those match ups was Play Action Princess (me) vs El Jefe (Daryle).  Before we share the results, here are some notes about NFL players this week…

What you know about my man Alfred Morris?!

Is Jackie Battle the new LT in San Diego?

THAT’S the Aaron Rogers I know!

Flip a coin:  Spiller or Jackson?

Cam Newton made a come back (even if he did the A-Town stomp and lost)

Is Jason Witten back to Fantasy relevance?

Everything about the Jets is really bad…

Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, Julio Jones:  what happened?!

That Houston DEF is something serious!

Tony Romo…

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Guest Post: Sports Medicine’s Role in the NFL Concussion Lawsuits

Vance Miller is a lifetime fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Growing up in the Bay Area Vance had the opportunity to attend sporting events in both San Francisco and Oakland getting a mix of football cultures. Now Vance lives’ in Florida and has had the opportunity to write for Sina Kasraeian MD, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. http://www.sinakasraeianmd.com/

Former San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau’s shocking suicide earlier this spring has amplified concerns that NFL players have voiced for years about concussions. As lawsuits continue to pile up against the league, more and more evidence is released on the long-term health effects of sports-related brain injuries.

Medical Studies and Mounting Evidence
The University of North Carolina’s Center for the Study of Retired Athletes found that 20.2 percent of NFL players with at least three concussions had depression. That percentage is significantly higher than the figures reported for players who remained concussion-free.
Droves of former gridiron stars have alleged in legal filings that they have experienced progressively worse brain defects, including memory loss, lack of concentration and even dementia. They say their on-the-field concussions have decreased their quality of life and, in some cases, robbed them of their ability to work after their football careers are over. Continue reading

Athletes Turned Analysts: Keyshawn Johnson and Deion Sanders

We want to take this time during the off-season to recognize broadcasters, commentators, and analysts.  During this day and age of media and technology, sports talk is an aspect of the game that we really enjoy.  For this segment of “Athletes Turned Analysts”, we discuss two guys that truly belong on the tube! Continue reading

She Said: Combine Coverage

Tomorrow kicks off the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine!  We couldn’t be more excited  to get a glance at tomorrow’s NFL superstars!  Last year we were so impressed by guys like Cam Newton and Julio Jones.  These guys took that final interview/try out seriously.  Both players had monster rookie seasons to boot! 

After checking Combine coverage on NFL Network and ESPN, I have learned all the top players most folks will discuss.  I’m more excited about seeing players who are not on everyone’s radar…guys who will not go in the first round, but maybe do well enough to increase their chances in the 2nd and 3rd round.  Of course, D and I are EXTREMELY interested in looking at play makers who can contribute to our favorite teams (mine, the Redskins and his the Cowboys).  

We are going to have some fun!  Live coverage of the Combine starts Saturday Feb. 25th. We will be watching Combine coverage and sharing with  you our thoughts! In addition to blog posts, catch us on Twitter (@he_shesaidfball). 

Guest Post: How to Deal When Your Team Loses

By Michelle Zehr

Michelle is a blog contributor for Gold Star Games, a one-stop-shop for tailgate gear and much more. 

With the NFL playoffs in full-swing (although this could be applied to any sport whether it is the playoffs or just a big game versus a rival opponent), diehard fans often find it difficult to imagine what happens when their team is bumped out of the playoffs and is sent into the off season. Months without football (or insert your favorite sport here) can be very hard to imagine. When the season ends, there may be yelling, dropped jaws in disbelief and sometimes even tears. Where do diehard fans go from here?

We all know it is hard when your favorite team has been knocked out of the playoff race. If it is tough on the fans, just imagine how difficult it is for the players who were actually on the field. Even worse, the player who missed what could have been the game winning field goal. First off, you need to put things into perspective. It’s just the end of the season. Remember, the end of the season does not mean the end of the world. The fate of your sports team is much more pressing than waiting to hear back from a job interview, a struggling marriage or struggling to make mortgage payments. It’s natural to allow yourself to be upset; especially when watching the games have become part of your weekly routine. However, you are going to eventually need to move on. Create a new routine in the offseason. Consider gathering your football buddies for a Sunday game of flag football instead of mourning on the couch.

Another option is to think positively. As hard as this may seem, think of all the teams who did not make the playoffs and their fans. At least your team made it to the playoffs and had a shot at going further. Unfortunately, everyone cannot win. There is going to be a winner and loser in every game. Remember, this is not the end of football. It is merely the end of the season and with each new season brings a fresh start.

Do some venting. Call up a local sports talk show and let your opinions be known. If you’d rather the entire city not know your opinions, call up a sports fan buddy and do some venting. Talk about the good and bad times of the season.

Are these ideas still not working for you? Others have suggested running, stress balls, mediation, starting your own football season with a video game or a night of drinking. Ultimately, the choice is yours. When you bleed black and gold, brown and orange, red and blue or any other team’s colors, it is hard to realize it’s just a game. However, it is. You will move on and before you know it, it will be time to break out your favorite jersey and enjoy a fresh start.


Fellas–we’ll get ’em next season! 

Ladies: much respect and congratulations!  The two best teams have earned the right to duke it out in the finals! Good Luck to Ballers Unorthodoks-earn that 3rd place spot!

Let me just say what we knew all along:

Looks like we have an all Ladies Superbowl! Congrats to Domin8 Trix and Girl Behaving Badly for making it to the finals!  You ladies have done a great job all year long! Congrats!  Also good luck to the rookie STAR Studded playing for 3rd place this week!  I know you got it!  The Fellas are dropping like flies!

Can’t wait to announce the official and final results in the New Year!

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