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Ladies vs Fellas: Week 4 2012

This week was the first Battle of the Sexes week in our league.  One of those match ups was Play Action Princess (me) vs El Jefe (Daryle).  Before we share the results, here are some notes about NFL players this week…

What you know about my man Alfred Morris?!

Is Jackie Battle the new LT in San Diego?

THAT’S the Aaron Rogers I know!

Flip a coin:  Spiller or Jackson?

Cam Newton made a come back (even if he did the A-Town stomp and lost)

Is Jason Witten back to Fantasy relevance?

Everything about the Jets is really bad…

Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith, Julio Jones:  what happened?!

That Houston DEF is something serious!

Tony Romo…

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Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 1 2012

Well week 1 is in the books for the He Said She Said Fantasy Football League.  This year we’ve expanded our league from 10 to 12 teams.  Thanks to everyone participating.  Before we reveal our results, let’s reflect on the notable players from this week, shall we?

1.  Even though my Redskins beat the Saints (you read that right) Jimmy Graham is still a BEAST!

2.  God bless you Julio Jones and the 22 points you earned me this week.

3.   The Jets defense came through with the most points of all DEF in this league…and I thank you Jets.  I thank you.

4.   Were you savvy enough to start Michael Bush this week?

5.  Can Matt Ryan pull this off every week?

6.  Cutler to Marshall…they are back!

7.  Shame on you Matthew Stafford!

8.  Shame on you Michael Vick!

9.  A 63 yard kick from Akers and 51 yard kick from Janikowski…major.

10.  Someone in our league did not have a kicker in their lineup…smh

Well look who’s 1-0 just like the Redskins…PLAY ACTION PRINCESS–THAT’S WHO!

He Said: What’s up with Roddy White

Last year, I drafted Randy Moss and expected great things from him.  But I agonized with everyone else who drafted him as a starting WR, as he got shipped around the league like a FedEx package, eventually ending up on the bench in Tennessee.  I bring that all up because I was offered a trade which would have unloaded an unproductive and disappointing Moss, and giving me Roddy White.  I turned down the trade not only once, but TWICE.   BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT I’VE EVER MADE IN FANTASY FOOTBALL.

White went on to be the most prolific receiver in Fantasy last year.  Actually, it was pretty much a repeat of what he was able to accomplish the season before.  Last year, White finished the season with 115 catches, 1389 receiving yards, and 10 TDs:  numbers definitely worthy of a high draft pick this season.  And I wasn’t about to miss out on those stats again this season.  So, I used a draft pick on White thinking he would deliver big numbers.  But, now I ask:  What’s up with Roddy White? Continue reading

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