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HE SAID She Said FANTASY FOOTBALL Ladies vs Fellas

Hey Ladies! What a way to kick off the season. In the face of ill-advised, chauvinistic talk you showed up just like I knew you would: LEADING THE WAY! While I’m sure the fellas will try to down play it as “just week 1” please believe if it were one of them on top we’d hear all about it!

Shout outs and Congratulations to the top ranking team amongst the ladies and the whole league: Domin8trix who scored a dominating 126 points. Closely behind is my girl, Girl Behaving Badly with an impressive 124 points. All of the ladies but one (I will make y’all proud next week!) scored well over the 100 point mark, only 2 guys did that this week. They won’t admit it but I’m sure they will be worried the weeks they play a skirt!

Fellas, we had an OK start in Week 1. Yes, we have a better combined record than the ladies at 3-2 (shout out to Dnasty, Jacksonville Swaguars, and Mo Risen), and yes, we won our head to head matchup for the week (way to handle biz Mo Risen!). BUT, we were outscored by the ladies 525-444!! Fellas–we got to do better. Remember this is for bragging rights! AND if we lose out to the ladies, I WILL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT! (Ballers Unorthodocks: we are in this together). Continue reading

The Saturday Before “THE” Sunday…

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and attending my beloved “Home by the Sea” Hampton University has left me biased–There is NOTHING like the HBCU experience!  Football games in the fall are the best!  The Battle of the Band, the Fraternities and Sororities, then finally the best part: all of the alumni coming back still repping their home away from home!  Every time I go to a game at my beloved HBCU, Hampton University, it’s like I never left.

Today D and I stayed in DC and attended the Morehouse vs Howard game played at the legendary RFK stadium.  It reminded me of years past when I used to go to Howard games as a teen.  I also was reminded of the sense of “home” I felt when coming back to DC from Hampton for the HU vs HU games.  Ladies at HBCUs don’t care that it’s a football games, they are getting DRESSED UP!  Heels  and fly dresses or jeans, all type of hot coats etc! I saw the jazziest couple walking hand in hand donning their Morehouse and Spelman gear.  The experience in DC is different from most cities that host a game.  The Metro is rowdy, the traffic is crazy…and note: I’m not even talking about Homecoming!  Continue reading

Being a fan is INCREDIBLE!

This has been a great weekend. It highlighted the last set of preseason NFL games, which means that the regular season is a week away. The games showcase the talents of lesser known players who are trying to give a lasting impression so they can make a final roster……….somewhere, anywhere. This week also brought the official opening for College Football. I will admit that I would rather watch a NFL game, but college games are mad exciting. The BYU/Ole Miss game yesterday was riveting and had a lot of back and forth, and ended with a one point victory for BYU.

Even with the excitement of the pros and college, the most exciting football action i saw was the Live football contest of the Maryland City Mustangs taking on the Chesapeake Bay Piranhas. J’s little cousin plays on the offensive and defensive lines for the Mustangs. He is a first year player on a brand new team composed of kids who’ve never played organized ball before. They went up against an established team in the Piranhas, and it showed immediately even before the initial kickoff. It was entertaining to see because even though the Mustangs were clearly out of their league, they never gave up. It’s always cool to see football at that stage because its being played for the very reason i fell in love with the game to begin with: it’s fun. Its fun to play and its very fun to watch. Who knows, the next Jerry Rice, the next Deion Sanders, or the next Emmitt Smitth could have been on that field Saturday. It doesn’t even matter. All that matters is that character was being built and greatness was being shaped, and the kids were having fun.


Because we were running all over the DMV catching games this weekend, I have a great appreciation for ESPN 980 and 106.7 The Fan.  Driving and listening to that Utah St. vs Auburn game literally made the hour ride to Annapolis in traffic seem 10 mins long.  For Auburn to be down by 10 with roughly 3 mins left and come back and win that game is the MAIN reason why a team is NEVER to be counted out until the clock hits triple zero!  It’s also the reason why I LOVE college football.

Let me tell you why technology is a beautiful thing for sports fans:  The ESPN ScoreCenter App for Iphone and the College Football Scoreboard App for Iphone.  Another game that I didn’t get to watch but absolutely made me BEAM with pride is my Hampton University Pirates coming back in the last quarter against Alabama A&M in the 14th Annual Chicago Football Classic at Soldier Field.  While the Apps give you the score, it’s the peeps on Twitter who gave me the play by play.  Hampton blocked Alabama A&M’s kick at the end of the game!  YES!  Shout out to people who tweeted that… along with opinions on how Hampton should have won the Battle of the Bands! I love my H.I.U!      

Tonight me and D get to watch our mutual favorite College Team tonight right here in our own backyard!  Our University of Miami Hurricanes take on the Maryland Terps in an ACC showdown! (Don’t I sound like the commercial?)  Regardless of losing 10 players to shameful off the field controversy, we fully expect the CANES to handle business anyway!

The G-Men

Since the NFC East is the division that is nearest and dearest to us, we have invited bloggers to guest post a season preview about their favorite in the NFC East to precede our Fantasy Football analysis. Introducing: 

2011 New York Giants Outlook (by The Sportz Guru at www.sportstories23.wordpress.com)

Let’s first talk about the 2011 NFL Draft. The Giants selected Prince Amukamara (CB) with the 19th overall pick. Many feel that the selection of Amukamara addresses a big problem the Giants last year: defense. They were a little weak at the CB position, so I think Amukamara can help them in that regard. He’s a very quick CB who can definitely pick-off a few balls, possibly in his rookie year. In his junior year at Nebraska, Amukamara totaled 60 tackles. 

After the selection of Amukamara, the Giants selected Marvin Austin (DT) with the 52nd pick (2nd round). This was a great pick because the Giants D-line was kinda beat up last year. This addresses that problem accordingly. The last pick of great significance was the selection of Greg Jones in the 6th round. Greg was projected to go much earlier; in the 3rd round. The Giants definitely got a steal by selecting him 3 rounds earlier then projected. Also, he possesses incredible speed and tackling prowess for a linebacker. Most believe he has the potential to become a stud in the NFL, provided he works his butt off day in and day out. Overall, the Giants had one of the best drafts in the league. They properly prepared for this, and their work certainly showed. If I were an ESPN analyst, I’d give the Giants an A- for this draft.
I think the Giants used the draft to address their major problems from last season. After all, that is the purpose of the draft right? I have a very positive outlook on the Giants in 2011 (provided there is an NFL season). I feel that they’ll win at least 10 games, which may not seem like a lot, but after a few years their rookies will be able to wreak havoc on the league. Just give it time and they’ll win lots of games.

Eli Manning is a player in which many fantasy football owners (and Giants Fans) have mixed emotions about.    Last year Eli ended the season with 4002 passing yards (5th in the league) and 31 TDs (again 5th in the league).  So why the mixed emotions?  Should be a no brainer right?  I’ll tell you why: the 25 INTs ( a league HIGH by the way) and the 7 Forced Fumbles.  Decision Making is the name of the Game when it comes to Eli Manning.  With the numbers Eli puts up in a season, he’s still a go to Fantasy QB.  Just know that his decision-making may cost you a few penalty points some weeks.  He won’t led the league in interceptions again this season.

Eli has some very good weapons on the WR front.  Hakeem Nicks has established himself as the go -to receiver for the Gmen.  He led the team with 1052 receiving yards and hauled in 79 receptions and 11 TDs in 13 games.  Nicks does have a durability problem:  He has not played a full season since he was drafted in 2009.  Nicks is still a stud receiver that you can count on, when he’s healthy.  Draft him with known hesitation but make sure you have a good plug in if he goes down.  The other receivers, you can count are Mario Manningham and Steve Smith.  Manningham is that one player that you forget about.  He starts to make noise and you’re like “Oh Yeah, I need to pick him up before somebody else gets him.”  Last season he caught 944 receiving yards and 9 TDs.  He was also a nice fill in when Nicks went out.  This guy has to be drafted in Fantasy.  Smith is a receiver that can move the chains as well.  But like Nicks, he also stays nicked up.  He only played 9 games last season.  He will be a good free agent for the latter part of the Fantasy season.  TE Kevin Boss is a sleeper Fantasy player.  He has yet to break into that Top tier of Fantasy TEs but he has potential.  He had 500 plus receiving yards and 5 TDs last season.  He is a draft worthy player but definitely in the later rounds.    

The Giants still have an aggressive defense.  Last season they led the league in tackles ( 886 solo and 737 assisted). Terrell Thomas has 101 (solo and assisted).   We are used to seeing huge stats in sacks, but last year the GMEN did not disappoint.  Last season they had 46 sacks lead by the usual suspects: Justin Tuck with 11.5 and Osi Umenyiora with 11.5.  Who can forget the havoc they wreaked on the Bears (I know Jay Cutler remembers) when they got 10 sacks (9 in the 1st half).  They were also 2nd in the league in recovered fumbles with 17.  Sadly, all of this defense only resulted in 1 TD.  Not such hot news for Fantasy owners.  But the opportunities this defense creates to score makes them exciting to watch live and on Stattracker.

 Last year, the RBs were in a game of musical chairs.  We saw  Brandon Jacobs lose his job, lose his cool, and get his job back, at least for a little while.  Ahmad Bradshaw became the starter, then started fumbling, which put him in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse.  Despite the up and downs of being in the backfield, the Giant RBs had very good seasons.  Bradshaw lead the team in rushing with 1235 yards and had 8 TDs.  He did have BIG PROBLEMS holding on to the ball, fumbling 7 times and losing 6.  This can KILL a Fantasy team.  We’ve all been there!  Jacobs had a decent year, rushing for 823 yards and 9 TDs.  He did do a better job protecting the ball, but he did cough it up twice.  This year look for Bradshaw to be the main man, which he should be, despite his slippery fingers.  He is the more elusive of the two backs and gives them another dynamic in the passing game.  He is an every week starter.  Lets hope he gets his fumbling problem corrected.  Remember Bradshaw:HIGH and TIGHT!  Jacobs can still make some noise on the field(and off it too apparently).  He doesn’t run with the same power like before, but he can still run over people (Laron Landry still sees Jacobs in his dreams).  Look at the matchups before you start him, but Jacobs is definitely worth drafting.

The Seattle Seahawks

Imagine this: A team with a losing record wins their division and hosts a playoff game in which they beat the defending Super Bowl Champions.  Sounds crazy right? Well, that’s exactly what the Seattle Seahawks did last season.

Now despite that Marshawn Lynch 67 yard TD playoff run against the Saints in the playoffs, the Seattle running game was pretty non-existent.  Lynch was the Seahawks leading rusher last year with 573 yards and 6 TDs in 12 games.  Followed up by Justin Forsett with 523 yards and 2 TDs in 16 games.  Leon Washington is a pretty decent Fantasy Football asset as a return man, last year he had 1,461 return yards and 3 TDs. Thinking about relying on him as a RB only? Naw. That’s why the Jets traded him.
Now that I’ve reviewed the stats, let me tell you about a few improvements the Seahawks have addressed so far this off-season.  With the 25th overall pick of the 2011 draft, the Seahawks selected Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter.  Carpenter cleared many openings for Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram.  Coach Carroll has stated that Carpenter will start day 1 at right tackle.  Carpenter will be a great compliment to the O line enhanced by last year’s pick of left tackle Russell Okung drafted with the #6th overall selection.  Later in this year’s draft, (with the #75th overall pick) Wisconsin offensive guard John Moffitt was selected, probably to start at right guard. The Seahawks run game should improve greatly!

There is nothing special about the receiving core for the Seahawks.  As a matter of fact, they had no receiver with over 4 TDs last season.  PITIFUL!!  They have no-name guys who could walk right by and not be noticed by anyone, even in Seattle.  However, they do have Mike Williams, who was a standout at USC, coached by Pete Carroll.  Williams had loads of potential, but he ate himself (literally) out of the league while in Detroit.  When Carroll came to Seattle, he brought Williams with him, all fat and bloated.  But, Williams showed committment, worked himself into football shape, and became a pleasant surprise for his coaches.  Unfortunately, his Fantasy numbers still stunk!  He had 65 catches for 751 yards and 2 TDs.  SMH!!  Ben Obomanu (WHO?) was the second leading receiver with 494 yards and 4 TDs.  Throw in Golden Tate and Brandon Stokley (this guy KEEPS a job) and that rounds out the WR for the Hawks.  Until Seattle gets its QB situation straight, don’t count on any of these guys for Fantasy Football.  Though I do think Williams and Obomanu have some upside because they can stretch the field and will be targeted by the QB.  On the TE front, you only need to know the name: John Carlson.  Carlson is a big talented pass-catching TE who was used shamelessly last year as a blocker to protect whoever was taking snaps at the time.  Again, because the Seahawks have no stability at QB, don’t draft him either.  But he can be a nice pick up later in the Fantasy season if things change.

Matt Hasslebeck has been the injury plagued signal caller of the Seahawks for quite sometime in Seattle.  As of this posting, Hasslebeck is a free agent.  “Experts” (because who is really?) say that Hasslebeck could end up in Minnesota, Washington, Arizona, and the so on…basically any team without a rockstar QB is looking at Matt Hasslebeck apparently.  Wherever he winds up (even if its back in Seattle), I believe he will be effective, but he won’t be ranked a Top 10 Fantasy Football QB. There are about 12 names I’d draft before him.  On the flip side to that it’s rumored that Kevin Kolb is a QB that the Seahawks have been eyeing…but again the Seahawks and like 5 other teams are looking at Kolb…we’ll see.

The Seattle Defense/Special Teams had a few bright spots last year.  Even though they ranked 27th overall, 21st against the run, 27th against the pass, and 25th in points allowed per game, they still put up decent fantasy numbers.  They had 12 INTs, 2 returned for TD, 38 sacks, and 3 total Def TDs.  DE Chris Clemons led the team with 11 sacks, and his DE partner Raheem Brock added 9 more.  The Seattle secondary did get torched a lot last year but Safety Earl Thomas got 5 INTs.  Corner Marcus Trufant is getting up in age but can still be serviceable.   The rest of the secondary isn’t even worth mentioning.  Seattle did add some much needed depth on the Defense by adding 3 DBs, 2 LBs, and a DE in this year’s draft.   I look for them to be much improved this upcoming year especially since they addressed the holes in their secondary.  Special Teams did help out  also, due to Leon Washington returning kicks and punts.  Washington had a 101 yard kickoff return for a TD.  He finished the season with 3 KR TDs.  He can also make a difference with punt returns.  Anytime Washington gets his hands on the ball, he’s a threat to score.  If you can’t draft a top tier Fantasy Def or you need a bye week replacement, Seattle wouldn’t be a bad choice. 
If you are looking for a kicker to draft, STAY AWAY from Olindo Mare.  He was 25 for 30 in field goals, which is 79.5%.  You can definitely do much better.  He’s way passed his prime.
Up next is the Cincy Bengals…

The Motor City

The Detroit Lions  were the worst team in the NFC for a long time. Matt Millen should be banned from all levels of football for what he did.  He consistently made mistakes with coaching, player personnel and draft picks.  But those days are behind.  They have a solid coach in Jim Schwartz and a decent GM in Martin Mayhew.  After going 2-30 in the previous 2 seasons, they finished a much improved 6-10 last year.

The WR core in Detroit starts and ends with Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson.  He’s the Lions best offensive weapon…..BAR NONE, and he’s only gonna get better.  Drafting him is the best thing Matt Millen did in his terrible tenure as GM.  With 3 different QBs last year, Johnson finished with 1120 receiving yards and 12 TDs.  Nate Burleson is the wideout opposite of Johnson. Don’t expect big numbers from Nate but he’s a good complement to Megatron.  Rookie Titus Young could see the field but he probably won’t do anything significant. TE B Pettigrew showed some flashes last year, but with 4TDs in 16 games he’s certainly not a sure-fire draft pick.   He was second in receiving yards and TDs for the Lions.  Pettigrew’s strength: he is a good pass catching TE who can help extend plays for Stafford. His back up is Tony Scheffler who can also be a factor for Fantasy players.

3 games is all we got to see of Matthew Stafford last year before he went out with a season ending shoulder injury.  He and his teammates feel as though he’s 100%.  According to the Detroit News, when asked if there were a game this Sunday and could he play Stafford replied “Oh yeah, I’m good.  I feel good as ever, like I’m right were I want to be”.  Sweet sounds to Detroit Lions fans and Fantasy Football owners alike.  Stafford scored a TD every single he played his rookie season.  Of the 3 games he played last year, he had a combined total of 6 TDs.  This year, the Lions drafted another WR to work into the offense (currently dominated by Calvin Johnson aka Megatron) with Titus Young.  I like Stafford’s chances better than ever to come out and make a name for himself. 

Defense was a big reason for the Lions improvement, however, Defense was also a big reason for the 10 losses. The D in D was anchored by 2010 Defensive Rookie of the Year, Ndamukong Suh who is just plain NASTY!  He plays with so much ANGER (ask Rex Grossman).  I look for Kong Suh to be just as angry this year and improve upon the 10 sacks that he had in last year’s campaign.  I also think with the addition of Auburn’s Nick Fairley, (who might be angrier than Suh for the simple fact that he ended up in Detroit and not a team in the South), offensive coordinators will have their hands full.  Suh and Fairley essentially play the same position, but with those two up front they will be killing QBs this year.  Remember they play Chicago (more grass for Cutler) and Minnesota twice!  Throw in DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and backer Bobby Carpenter and the Detroit Front 7 will be very entertaining to watch this year!

Now, I did mention a reason the 10 losses:  The Detroit Secondary.  There’s no need to name names, because the whole secondary SUCKS!  It wasn’t addressed in the draft and the Lion’s had a chance to get one of the three corners taken in the first round.  Unless they have a free agency plan, look for them to be the weak link in the D.  The Special Teams has some bright spots and I look for it to be a Fantasy asset.  Stefan Logan, who had a 105 yard kickoff return for a TD last year, is their main return man on kickoff and punt returns.  They also drafred WR Titus Young from Boise State who is also a burner in the return game.  Jason Hanson and Dave Rayner will battle it out in the kicking game.  I give the edge to Rayner because Hanson is a fossil.  Look for the Detroit DEF/ST to continue to improve and be a good Fantasy option this year.

Let me just say this about the Detroit Lions backfield: WOEFUL!  Admittedly, I was one for those people ( and I know for a FACT I was not alone in this) who picked up Jahvid “NotQuiteThe” Best last year.  I looked like a GENIUS–for 2 weeks and 2 weeks only.  Week 1, Best scored 2 TDs vs the Bears and then Week 2, he scored 3 TDs vs the Eagles.   After that: NOTHING!  What’s worse (especially for the Lions) is that Best ended the year as Detroit’s best rusher at 555 yards for the season.  The Lions couldn’t run a bath let alone the ball last year.

To make amends, the Lions drafted Mikel LeShoure out of Illinois in the 2nd round. At Illinois, Leshoure ran for 1697 yards and scored 17 TDs in 13 games.  Hopefully that production will translate to the NFL.  According to scouting reports, LeShoure will compliment the speed of Jahvid (I can’t call him “Best” at this point) with power.  For the sake of Detroit fans, I sure do hope so!

**Our Team by Team Fantasy Football opinions are headed to CLEVEland next!

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