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2012 Preview: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are the cream of the crop when you are talking about the NFC North.  They were the favorite to win the division last year coming off of their Super Bowl victory, and they are the odds on favorite to win it again.  Last season, they ripped through their opponents and compiled a 15-1 record and leading the league in most of the offensive statistical categories with virtual ease. Aaron Rodgers has made the Cheeseheads forget all about that Favre character, and he will have another successful year in the upcoming season.  But as great as Rodgers was last year, the Packers couldn’t repeat te previous season’s team success.  So was last year a total bust?  Of course it was. Anytime you have such an explosive offense and you are one game away from a perfect regular season, wouldn’t you expect, at least a Super Bowl appearance? But that was last year.  What will the Green Bay Packers do this season?

Fantasy Football Studs:  By far the biggest fantasy football asset is QB Aaron Rodgers.  Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson…the Pack is stacked!  On the offensive side of the ball.  Aaron has many weapons and they move the ball easily.  This team is a no brainer for fantasy footballers on draft day!

Area of Strength:   The Packers will be a great team this year.  And the reason for that greatness will come from the strength of Aaron Rodgers and that Packer passing game.  Rodgers played in 15 games and still passed for over 4600 yards, 45 TDs, and only 6 pickles.  The one game he didn’t play in was the last game of the season, when they sat him out.  He is a big time QB and barring injury, he will be hot again this year.  The receiving corp is also dynamite.  Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings combined for over 2200 yards and 24 TDs, with Nelson leading the way with 1200 and 15 respectively.  These are two big time targets for Rodgers.  TE Jermichael Finley had a down year last season, coming off an injury, but he still managed over 700 yards receiving and 8 trips to the end zone.  These components R the strength and the catalysts of the Packers team.

Area of Weakness:  It was not a great year for the defense.  Especially with the passing game-yikes!  So its no surprise the Pack spent 4 of their 7 draft picks to improve on that side of the ball.  When you have Aaron Rodgers and an offense that can really rack up points, its easy to overlook this deficiency on the team.  A 15-1 record is great in the regular season, but clearly won’t cut it in the post season and its clear the Packers recognize this. 

2012 Marquee Matchups: Week 1 at home against the Niners, Week 4 at home against the Saints, Week 12 at the Giants are all key matchups, but dont forget the battle with the Lions in Weeks 11 and 14.

All Things Green Bay Packers:  There are many ways to keep up with the Green Bay Packers. Seriously!  Here are just a few we like…

Blogs:  The Acme Packing Company http://www.acmepackingcompany.com/ ; Cheesehead TV http://cheeseheadtv.com/blog/ ; Lombardi Ave http://lombardiave.com/ ; Total Packers http://www.totalpackers.com/

Apps: Packers Everywhere (by Green Bay Packers) ; Official Green Bay Packers Mobile ( by DMiINTERACTIVE); Packers News (Luno Software, Inc.)

Fan Clubs:   The official Green Bay Packer Fan Club can be found on www.packers.com in the fan zone. 

Sunday in the Skybox: NFC North

The NFC North consists of the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings.  Last season, the Packers were the odds on favorite to repeat as the Super Bowl champs, the Vikings put their hopes in Donavan McNabb as their QB, the Bears were the reigning division champs, and the Lions were just looking for a seat at the table desperate not to be last in the division.  Green Bay went 15-1, but failed to return to the Super Bowl after fielding one of the leagues worst defenses, the Bears  failed to make the playoffs after a mediocre 8-8, Minnesota struggled to go 3-13, benching McNabb and promoting rookie QB Christian Ponder as the starter, and Detroit made it’s first playoff appearance since Barry Sanders was running the pill.  In the upcoming season, i really don’t anticipate it being any different in the outcome.  The Pack made some necessary improvements on defense, and even though the Lions have had a tumultuous off-season with many arrests and unrest in the locker room, they still will make the playoffs, barring any major injury.  Chicago should improve, especially with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall,which finally gives Jay Cutler a target that he can rely on, but they still have a ways to go to get back to the playoffs.  The Vikes, however, will continue to struggle.  It’s hard to say if Adrian Peterson will return to elite status after a crushing ACL injury last season.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about the NFC North.

Division Superstars: This division is stacked with Superstars!  Superbowl winning QB Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Probowl RB Adrian Peterson of the Vikings have been wonders for fans and fantasy footballers.  Monster LBs: Clay Matthews of the Packers, Jared Allen of the Vikings, Ndomk Suh of the Lions all wreak havoc in this divison.  Let’s not forget about rockstar return man Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears.  Speaking of WR, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson holds down this division in Detroit.

Bad Blood in this Divison:   Ok, does everyone remember the game on Thanksgiving last season when the Packers played the Lions?  Do you remember the Stomp Heard Around the League?  It was brutal, just in case you forgot.  The game, itself was very competitive.  It was nice to see that the Lions play like actual lions instead of years of gobbling like a turkey on Thanksgiving.  There is definite bad blood between the two teams, but I really don’t think it stems solely from the Stomp.  The Lions are a really good team with great weapons on offense and a very good defense.  They are a challenge to the Pack for the division title.  There’s your bad blood right there.

Ranking Last Season: Green Bay Packers (15-1); Detroit Lions (10-6); Chicago Bears (8-8); and Minnesota Vikings (3-13)

2012 Divison Showdowns:  Week Two, Bears at Packers, Week Four, Vikings at Lions, Week Seven, Monday Night, Lions at Bears, Week Ten, Lions at Vikings, Week Eleven, Packers at Lions, Week Twelve, Viking at Bears, Week Thirteen, Viking at Packers, Week Fourteen, Lions at Packers and Bears at Vikings, Week Fifteen, Packers at Bears, Week Seventeen, Packers at Vikings and Bears at Lions

Yeah We Said It (during the preseason)!

There are many reasons to love football.  It gives you action and adventure, comedy and drama, theater and live-action.  Many times it’s the things that are said about the game and the players.  Action is on the field, and off the field from fans, reporters, bloggers….sometimes from the players themselves.  Here are a few lines from us in the 2011 offseason (during the lockout).  Funny how things actually played out…

I love Chad, you love Chad…it’s the end zone that no longer welcome’s #85.

The WR core in Detroit starts and ends with Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson.  He’s the Lions best offensive weapon…..BAR NONE, and he’s only gonna get better.

“Take Ownership” of the offense is what Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is expecting of QB Joe Flacco this year in Baltimore.  Joe may be Cool and he may be the best QB the Ravens have ever had, but this is a RUNNING team! Torrey Smith (University of MD: Stand Up) is the rookie WR drafted this offseason.  At 6’1, 204lbs, the Ravens will look to Smith to be the HUGE, PHYSICAL deep threat.  Continue reading

Packers Lions Post Game-by Jeremy Wiebe

**Jeremy Wiebe is a writes for www.jsportsblogger.wordpress.com.  He is a bonafide Lions fan.  Jeremy also writes about hockey.  Check out his blog and follow him on Twitter: @jstar1973.  Jeremy is a proud member of Sports Blog Movement.

Another disappointing Thanksgiving in Detroit. 8 straight losses for the LIons on Turkey Day. The thing is, this year was supposed to be different. A 7-3 start and in playoff position, the Lions were expected to challenge the Green Bay Packers and give the defending Super Bowl Champions a stiff challenge. Alas it was not to be.

The Packers bested the Lions 27-15 to run their record to 11-0 and retain total control of the NFC North. The Lions showed they’re not ready for the big time yet by committing numerous dumb penalties and making poor decisions. The worst being DT Ndamukong Suh being ejected in the third quarter after stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith.

Suh claimed in the post game news conference that he was stepping away from Dietrich-Smith and did not intentionally stomp on him. I don’t believe him. I love Ndamukong Suh but he needs to learn to control his emotions. His lack of discipline is hurting the Lions. Suh should be suspended for his actions and don’t be surprised if the league punishes him for this. Continue reading

The Underdogs are stomping with the BIG DOGS…Week 3


Week 3 is THE week for HE SAID She Said FOOTBALL!  The only thing…our game (Redskins vs Cowboys) is Monday night!  As a result, we stayed in and ordered pizza.  There were 2 great games on Fox that we got to watch (along with Stattracker for the HSSS Fantasy Football League).

1pm:  An anticipated show down of our division rivals: The Eagles vs The Giants.  I fully expected the GMEN to lose, but hoped they would win.  Well WIN they did!  As banged up as the Giants are, they came to play, especially that Victor Cruz!  He had some BIG TIME plays yesterday that made the Eagles Defense look as overrated as I thought they would be.  HA!  Cruz danced all through the end zone.  A great replacement for Manningham.  On another note, I do not think Michael Vick was ready to play.  He looked off all day and now to add another injury-his hand is broken.  Andy Reid should have prepped Kafka all week to ensure he was ready…for that terrible performance, Andy Reid could have gotten Vince Young’s impersonator to come in and play…. Continue reading

The Pack

Super Bowl Hangover?  Don’t bet on it… We all know the story of how Green Bay limped into the Super Bowl and won.  This season, they will be back bigger and better!

Aaron Rogers, won the Pro Football Writers of America “Good Guy Award” awarded to the player that best helped the media do their job.  He will undoubtedly be a player in the talks of who best help Fantasy owners everywhere make it to the play offs or win the league championship.  He is a no brainer as a Fantasy QB (especially with upgraded protection) but let’s break down who else on the PACK you might wanna keep an eye on draft day:

Jermichael Finley started last season as a Top Five TE in all Fantasy league formats.  Those who drafted Finley were not disappointed at the start of the season, giving fantasy owners those often hard to obtain TE fantasy points.  But with a season ending injury in week 5, many owners were scrambling around trying to find another TE to fill Finley’s big cleats.  This season, look for Finley to pick up where he left off.  It’s sometimes hard to return back so quickly from a devastating knee injury, but as I’m writing this analysis–Finley is out running routes.  He recently twitted, ” Today was the first time since Week 5 that I caught a ball & ran routes. And my my my, I look good.”

Well speaking of a good look, let’s talk about Fantasy Stud Greg Jennings.  You know him… he scored 12 TDs last year (2nd of all WRs in the league) and had 1,265 receiving yards…well TRUST he’ll be back!  The real issue is, which OTHER Green Bay wideout will make noise for Fantasy owners this year?  For years it was Donald Driver, and while he’s had some good seasons, at 36 years old  I think the best is in the past when it comes to Fantasy points.  James Jones, has not really stepped up with his play to be considered a heavy contender, in fact not really sure he’ll be a Packer this season (it’s a crowded roster)… I think you look to Jordy Nelson who stepped up big in the playoffs and the Superbowl last year.  Many were a bit surprised the Packers drafted  rookie WR Randall Cobb out of  Kentucky.  There are talks that Green Bay may have interest using him in WILD CAT ways, but of course Mike McCarthy is playing that down.  They have not been shy about saying he could play a big role in the return game.   Did you know that the Green Bay Packers have not had a kick off return for a TD since 2000?!?!   My guess is he will make his way into the pass offense…so stay tuned.

Also suffering a season ending injury was RB Ryan Grant.  Grant started off last year as top dog in the Packer backfield.  He had a great preseason and in Week 1, he was well on his way to being a Fantasy Stud.  Grant averaged 5.6 years a carry in that game and he even scampered for a 18 yard run.  Unfortunately, that was his last play for the season.  Grant has plans to come back this year, but he’ll be coming back to a crowded backfield, starting with rookie Alex Green out of Hawaii, being drafted in the 3rd round.  Green will get some looks this year, especially with Grant’s shaky health and the possible departure of Brandon Jackson, who did an OK job filling in for Grant last season.  Actually “OK” is being nice.  In 16 games, Jackson had 703 yards rushing and 4 total TDs.  Those numbers SUCK!  Other factors in the Green Bay backfield will be bruiser John Kuhn, who will definitely be a factor on short yardage and goal-line situations; and James Starks, who came on late last season and made his presence felt in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.  Remember his name!  Look for Starks to be a Fantasy Sleeper this up coming season.  I predict he will be competing with Green for the starting RB role in Green Bay.

You would think that a defense that has players with the names Matthews, Woodson, or Hawk would be a SCARY bunch.  Truth is, the Packers defense is scary–just not in Fantasy Football.  Clay Matthews, who was 4th in the league with 13.5 sacks, is a monster at LB.  Charles Woodson and his DB partners, corner Tramon Williams and safety Nick Collins, form one of the best secondaries in the NFL.  Add in LB AJ Hawk, NT BJ Raji (who remembers his entertaining interception TD return against the Bears in the NFC Championship), and DE Cullen Jenkins and you have a solid defense.  They also added a couple of late round defensive players in the draft.  BUT, they don’t SCORE.  The Packers D last year scored 2 regular season TDs off interceptions from Matthews and Woodson, AND they only pitched ONE SHUTOUT, that ugly 9-0 win over the Jets.  Also, on Special Teams, they have some good return guys in Williams and receivers Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson, but again, THEY DON’T SCORE!!  The Pack had ONE special teams TD last year, off a fumbled Cowboy kick return.  When it comes to the Green Bay Packer Def/ST, draft at your own risk.

 When it comes to kickers, you don’t realize how good one is until they start missing FGs.  Mason Crosby had been pretty consistent up until last year.  The two previous years he was AUTOMATIC.  But last year he missed a few.  He made 22 out of 28 FGs, 8 being 40-49 yards and 2 at 50+ yards.  That’s a 74.4%.  Still not bad and you definitely could do a lot worse.  Crosby can do it if you need him.  The Pack will move the ball very easily with that offensive firepower in the passing game, so look for Crosby to have plenty of scoring opportunities this year.

A team doesn’t win the Superbowl with out Playmakers on its team.  Ultimately, this is who we are recommending on Draft Day: Aaron Rogers,  Greg Jennings, and Jermichael Finley.  However, in those later rounds or when you need to cruise that waiver wire…check out Randall Cobb and James Starks.

Coming up, we take it to the Steel City and review what the Pittsburgh Steelers have to offer to Fantasy Football owners. 

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