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He Said: How are you NOT watching “The League”?

FX has created one of the funniest shows ever regarding Football: “The League”.  This show is about childhood friends (now mid thirties men) who have been playing fantasy football for years.  It’s so relatable!  The show covers everything from the draft , making trades, questionable decisions, etc…all the way up to the awarding of the league trophy: The Shiva.   Last season, they even created a last place trophy called the Sacko.  Oh, the hilarity! Continue reading

Who’s the Fan?

Today our company celebrated the culminating events for its conversion.  As a result, I met a guy flying in town from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This morning, he was surprised to hear me listening to the Sports Talk radio.  As  a result we started talking about football.  Since he was from Indiana, I asked him did he love the Indianapolis  Colts.  His response:  “I don’t like the Colts this year”. 

Fair or not, I instantly labeled him the worst a fan could be labeled:  The dismissive “Fairweather Fan”. Sure it’s easy to love the Colts when Peyton Manning is leading the team to AFC North championship year after year.  Now is the test of one’s fanhood and this guy was failing MISERABLY my book.  This is a topic I am passionate about! Continue reading

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