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She Said: Don’t Like ‘Dem Cowgirls Thanksgiving Traditions

Recently, I attended the game at FedEx Field when the Washington Redskins hosted the Dallas  Cowboys.  On the metro headed to the game, there was a young girl wearing a Brian Orakpo jersey.  Another Redskins fan said to the girl “You look excited for the game!”  The girl replied“YES!  I love the Redskins! Me and my dad!”  The fan replied back “Ahhh the old family curse.  This is my dad (points).  He got me too.  Has he told you about the 80’s?” Everyone on the train burst out laughing and so did the girl…poor thing, she didn’t even get it.

I was all of 8 years old when I first heard my Dad sing “Hail to the Redskins”.We were riding in the car.  My Dad has a great voice and I remember when he got to the part “Rah! Rah! Rah!” I laughed.  At that point in my life, I already knew 2 things about football: 1. WE like the Redskins and 2. We DON’T like the Cowboys.  Everyone in my family (except one cousin) roots for the Redskins. 

One Thanksgiving we watched the Redskins play the Cowboys and I remember my grandfather, father, and uncle all being mad.  I remember all the yelling and excitement.  Oh, and that one cousin I mentioned?  It was weird,  she was clapping when the rest of US were mad. She boldly declared “I like the Dallas  Cowboys!” Like she was coming out or something… I remember thinking she just wanted attention.  WE don’t like them, remember? Continue reading

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