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2012 Preview: Seattle Seahawks

The 2012 Seattle Seahawks clearly want to get a jump on everyone else.  Just yesterday the NFL punished the Seahawks for excessive offseason workouts.  Coach Pete Carro1l acknowledged his team is young and needs all the workouts they can get…he was not surprise by the punishment.  Sounds like Coach Carroll needs to brush up on the rules.  I’m sure for fans, its great to hear the team is being aggressive.  Here is more from the 2012 Seattle Seahawks:

Fantasy Football Studs:  Marshawn Lynch had the best season of his career last year, with over 1200 yards rushing  and 13 total trips to pay dirt.  Lynch has found new life since flying into Seattle, and he will continue to build momentum as a top RB.  The Seahawk defense is also a worthy option for your fantasy squad?  Last year they totaled 33 sacks and 22 INTs, which included 4 pick sixes.  QB Matt Flynn is an interesting option, but he only has two starts in his career.  But I’m sure many fantasy owners will take the risk.  He might by worth it.  Continue reading

2012 Preview: Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have come a long way since their Cinderella season in 2008 which resulted in a Super Bowl appearance.  Since then, they have only made one playoff  appearance, and have struggled the last two seasons through erratic  QB play, inconsistent RB play, and a frustrated All Pro wide receiver.  Going into the upcoming season, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, especially at the quarterback position.  Just this week, Coach Ken Whisenhunt waxed philosophical about who is gonna be his signal caller.   The Cards are gonna have to figure something, especially since the once upon a time easy division, is now chock full of competitive squads in the rest of the division.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Aside from the obvious (hello Larry Fitzgerald), the Cardinals have a few nice players for your fantasy football roster.  Bennie Wells finished 2011 with just over 1000 yards and 10 TDs.  Obviously not who I would pick as my first RB choice but in 2 RB leagues, he’s a good look.  If you play in an IDP league, Patrick Peterson could be a great friend of yours in 2012.  His rookie year he scored 4 TDs on punt returns (also great for DEF/Special Teams).  I expect him to build on his skills as a CB this year in the league, improving the number of INTs (2 in 2011) and playmaking ability. Continue reading

2012 Preview: San Francisco 49ers

What an incredible 2011 season for the San Francisco 49ers!  Last year during the lockout, there was much speculation around who would emerge as the starter of the 49ers.  Alex Smith proved that he could start in this league.  Obviously he didn’t prove that enough since his team did flirt with Peyton Manning.  I have to bring it up because the 49er head coach just brought it up out of no where this week.  Over explaining why you had your eye on someone else does not restore confidence in a relationship Mr. Harbaugh-a little tip from me to you!  Aside from that bit of drama, the 49ers have impressed me this offseason!  They did take care of Alex Smith by giving him MANY weapons to use this season.  I mean how hard could it be to get Randy Moss the ball right?  Here is more from the 2012 San Francisco 49ers…

Fantasy Football Studs: The Niners defense is a top 10 fantasy football defense.  They were ranked 2nd overall, just behind the Steelers D, and gave up an average of  14.3 points per game.  Add in 18 forced fumbles, 23 INTs, 42 sacks, along with 2 return TDs from the special teams, you got a Fantasy stud.  Of course there are other Fantasy standouts on the Niners offense.  Frank Gore is still a dependable RB with gas in the tank. He’s coming off a 1200+ yard season, with 8 touchdowns.  There’s also TE Vernon Davis, who is consistently a top target for Alex Smith, and Michael Crabtree, is emerging as a sure handed go-to WR.  There is also new additions to the team that can also make fantasy impacts, like rookies AJ Jenkins at WR, and LaMichael James at RB.  And lets not forget, FA signees, Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, and the return of Randy Moss. Continue reading

We Are ONE Year Old!

As you know, we are HUGE football fans.  We’ve had many football centered conversations.  A year ago we chose to take our ongoing conversation public.  Initially, we were looking for an outlet and wanted to connect with other fans.  As a result, we decided to start this crazy journey to create He Said She Said Football!

I have no idea what we were thinking when we came up with the concept for He Said She Said Football.  In its infancy stage, even before we decided to write the blog, this was about one thing and one thing only:  Fantasy Football.  J was the first woman who I had ever met that was as serious and passionate about fantasy football as me.  Not just fantasy, but football in general.  We each played in separate leagues for years, even running our own separate leagues.  We would bounce ideas about who to start and who to sit, what match-ups to exploit, who was garbage, and who was a sleeper.  It was a weekly ritual for us, until one day we decided we should play in the same league.  That’s when He Said She Said was born:  Guys against the ladies, in a head to head fantasy football league.  But it didn’t stop there–we should write about it.  We actually had the audacity to think that people would want to read about our competitive relationship revolving around football.  We had no idea that after one year, we would still have things to discuss. Continue reading

Fantasy Football Battle of the Sexes

Fantasy Football with us each week is pretty fun.  We play in a few leagues (separately and together).  Additionally, we run the He Said She Said Fantasy Football League.  In terms of harmless competition, some weeks are better than others.  If you play Fantasy Football with someone in which you are romantically involved, needless to say every week brings something…let’s call it “interesting”.  Here are 10 items that spark arguments and spirited debate between us:

I ask him for start or sit advice regarding one player, and he takes credit for my whole line up.

I better not lose to her in any matchup or I will NEVER hear the end of it. Continue reading

Yeah We Said It (during the preseason)!

There are many reasons to love football.  It gives you action and adventure, comedy and drama, theater and live-action.  Many times it’s the things that are said about the game and the players.  Action is on the field, and off the field from fans, reporters, bloggers….sometimes from the players themselves.  Here are a few lines from us in the 2011 offseason (during the lockout).  Funny how things actually played out…

I love Chad, you love Chad…it’s the end zone that no longer welcome’s #85.

The WR core in Detroit starts and ends with Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson.  He’s the Lions best offensive weapon…..BAR NONE, and he’s only gonna get better.

“Take Ownership” of the offense is what Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is expecting of QB Joe Flacco this year in Baltimore.  Joe may be Cool and he may be the best QB the Ravens have ever had, but this is a RUNNING team! Torrey Smith (University of MD: Stand Up) is the rookie WR drafted this offseason.  At 6’1, 204lbs, the Ravens will look to Smith to be the HUGE, PHYSICAL deep threat.  Continue reading

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