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Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 3 2012

A wild week indeed!  After 3 weeks, we have another new leader in our Fantasy Football League.  Before we reveal our results, here are 10 things about Week 3 fantasy performances:

1.  Chris Johnson is useless

2.  Torrey Smith BALLED Sunday night!  Praying for his family

3.  Will Tashard Choice be viable in place of Jackson and Spiller?

4.  I knew it would be a big week for AJ Green 😦

5.  I may have spoke too soon about Larry Fitzgerald.

6.  Heeeeeeeeey  Jamaal Charles…I see you!

7.  Dez Bryant is the best offensive weapon the Cowboys have.

8.  MJD back like he left something.

9.  Will Mike Vick be benched?

10.  I still believe in you Cam. 

Congrats to the ladies taking that #1 spot back from the fellas!.  This week we have Battle of the Sexes match ups across the board.  Good luck!

Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 2 2012

Nice work to the fellas–way to claim that #1 spot!  Before we reveal the results for our league this week.  Here are a few notes on NFL players…

Fred Jackson might not have a job when he returns.

The Matt Ryan Fantasy Bandwagon has arrived!

Larry Fitzgerald is going to ask for a trade.

Danny Amendola tho?

Don’t give up on Peyton or Brees just yet.

With the exception of DEF/ST, the Bears vs. Packers game was a fantasy nightmare.

Who is Andre Brown and should Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson be worried?

Alfred Morris (your best fantasy pick up from last week) is still doing it.

Get to know Nick Foles, because Michael Vick will not last much longer. 

I saw the USC Reggie Bush Sunday.

The fellas have taken over the #1 spot this week!

Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 1 2012

Well week 1 is in the books for the He Said She Said Fantasy Football League.  This year we’ve expanded our league from 10 to 12 teams.  Thanks to everyone participating.  Before we reveal our results, let’s reflect on the notable players from this week, shall we?

1.  Even though my Redskins beat the Saints (you read that right) Jimmy Graham is still a BEAST!

2.  God bless you Julio Jones and the 22 points you earned me this week.

3.   The Jets defense came through with the most points of all DEF in this league…and I thank you Jets.  I thank you.

4.   Were you savvy enough to start Michael Bush this week?

5.  Can Matt Ryan pull this off every week?

6.  Cutler to Marshall…they are back!

7.  Shame on you Matthew Stafford!

8.  Shame on you Michael Vick!

9.  A 63 yard kick from Akers and 51 yard kick from Janikowski…major.

10.  Someone in our league did not have a kicker in their lineup…smh

Well look who’s 1-0 just like the Redskins…PLAY ACTION PRINCESS–THAT’S WHO!

Guest Post: Fantasy Football Shows Move to the Web

Author Bio:  Dwayne Thomas is a Redskins fan and writer from Salt Lake City, UT.   He currently writes for cabletv.com

If you participate as an owner in a fantasy football league, it’s not hard to imagine that fantasy football is kind of a new thing, or at least newer than you might think. In actuality, fantasy football became very popular starting in the early 1990s, and really came into its own during the “dot-com” boom of the late ’90s, but in fact it’s been around in one form or another since 1962.

Its genesis can be traced to New York City’s Milford Plaza Hotel when Peter Staunton, a limited-partner in the Oakland Raiders, Keith O’Brien, a former Raiders public relations executive, and Scotty Sterling, a former reporter crafted the rules and created the GOPPPL, also known as the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League.

Fifty-years later, fantasy football is big bucks, big technology, big prizes, and big fun for everyone involved. In fact, there are several magazine, radio shows, and extremely professional and useful websites dedicated to the weekly football contest that boasts more than 45 million annual participants.

Here’s a look at some of the top Fantasy Football resources that used to be on cable television but have since made their way to the World Wide Web, giving them round the clock access to a global base of participants. Continue reading

Saturday September 1st…

Cue Ice Cube:  Today was a good day.  

It felt great to get up (run a few miles then get coffee) and watch College Game Day on ESPN.  I also had my first Fantasy Football draft of the season.  For the most part I think my draft was decent.  I’m most excited about having Matthew Stafford as my starting QB.  Typically I draft staples like Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or a Manning…It’s amazing how this year QBs are getting taken sooner than ever before.  I blame it on the lack of consistent skill players out there. I digress.  Another thing I’ve noticed: the stress of drafting never subsides.  Year after year, draft after draft–it never goes how I planned.  That also happens to be what I love about Fantasy Football drafts.  I have been playing for years with some of the same people and they never cease to amaze me on draft day.  Even when I think I know their strategy (he always drafts Eagles etc), a few surprises always come up.  

I also a Fantasy Football draft this afternoon.  This is my third draft of the season in a 10 team standard league on Yahoo.  I had the 8th pick in a snake draft.  Not the most attractive pick.  If I had my choice, I would take the 10 th pick in this kind of league.  Those back to back picks are the best.  Anyway, I did ok with the eighth pick.  I found a cool website, http://www.FootballGuys.com, that will rate your draft for you.  According to them, I have a 99% chance of making the playoffs.  I will let you know how I do. Continue reading

Guest Post: The Best Fantasy Football Cell Phone Apps of 2012

Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, reviews.

The Best Fantasy Football Cell Phone Apps of 2012

4 fanatic-worthy apps that take action with you—wherever you go!

My husband woke up from a fantastic dream this morning—body covered in sweat big, eyes wide with anticipation, panting, his hands clammy and his racing pulse. He bounced out of that bed with every ounce of energy. It was like seeing a kid wake up on Christmas morning. But it’s August—and it’s Fantasy Football season once again!

If you’re glued to the television, radio, internet, and smart phone come Fantasy Football draft season like my husband is—do yourself a favor and get some cell phone apps to keep you updated on all of the first round picks, trash talk, and drama when you’re on the go. There’s zero need to stick to the television anymore with the following fanatic-worthy apps for the iPhone, Android, and Droid-enabled tablets and phones like our T-Mobile 4G phones.

My husband trusts the following Fantasy Football-dedicated apps for complete up-to-date news and management of his Fantasy Football teams.

1. Draft Machine 2012 – Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet ($0.99 – for iPhone)

The Draft Machine 2012 – Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is a fully-functioning Fantasy Football draft order generator. This particular app is based on something called Value Based Drafting—which means it orders determined on the previous year’s results as well as the most recent year’s player ratings. My hubby digs this tool to help him with his picks because it takes the following into consideration:

  • The number      of people playing in your league
  • The number      of starting positions for each position
  • The number      of available starting positions in the NFL
  • Standard      league settings—including all positions (i.e., QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF, and      all individual defensive positions) and scoring options (i.e., from ESPN,      NFL, etc)

Taking all the details into consideration (i.e., injuries and team changes from the previous year), this app will generate a list of valuable players for your picks based upon your specific league settings. Continue reading

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