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Saturday September 1st…

Cue Ice Cube:  Today was a good day.  

It felt great to get up (run a few miles then get coffee) and watch College Game Day on ESPN.  I also had my first Fantasy Football draft of the season.  For the most part I think my draft was decent.  I’m most excited about having Matthew Stafford as my starting QB.  Typically I draft staples like Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or a Manning…It’s amazing how this year QBs are getting taken sooner than ever before.  I blame it on the lack of consistent skill players out there. I digress.  Another thing I’ve noticed: the stress of drafting never subsides.  Year after year, draft after draft–it never goes how I planned.  That also happens to be what I love about Fantasy Football drafts.  I have been playing for years with some of the same people and they never cease to amaze me on draft day.  Even when I think I know their strategy (he always drafts Eagles etc), a few surprises always come up.  

I also a Fantasy Football draft this afternoon.  This is my third draft of the season in a 10 team standard league on Yahoo.  I had the 8th pick in a snake draft.  Not the most attractive pick.  If I had my choice, I would take the 10 th pick in this kind of league.  Those back to back picks are the best.  Anyway, I did ok with the eighth pick.  I found a cool website, http://www.FootballGuys.com, that will rate your draft for you.  According to them, I have a 99% chance of making the playoffs.  I will let you know how I do. Continue reading

He Said: I’m Going Back to College

I’m a huge football fan.  I grew up watching and playing the sport religiously.  A football player was the second thing I wanted to be when I was a little kid, right after policeman.  Every Sunday I was in front of the television, and when I got old enough to stay up, I watched Monday Night Football.  All that time, I never realized that there was football being played on Saturdays too.  

Growing up in Washington, DC, there were no college football powerhouses, no big rivalries, no national title contenders.  I didn’t get to be a part of any big college football games like folks did in Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, or Florida.  Even when I got to college at Liberty University, the biggest schools that we played were Villanova, Carson-Newman, and Delaware State.  Not exactly powerhouses of college football.  I occasionally watched Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma Sooners or the Jimmy Johnson Miami Hurricanes, which eventually became my favorite college team, but it wasn’t the NFL. Continue reading

He Said: Heisman Watch

Last week, HE SAID She SaidFOOTBALL began to take a look at this year’s Heisman hopefuls not named Luck.  We started it off with Clemson  sophomore QB Tajh Boyd, who tonight leads his team against ACC foe Georgia Tech.

  This week, we want to highlight Houston  Sr. QB Case Keenum.  In Keenum’s most recent performance, he led the Cougars in a 73-34 victory over Rice.  “Led” is actually a complete fabrication and understatement.  Keenum went on to throw for 534 yards and 9 TDs!  He also broke the record for TD passes in college football with 139 career touchdowns, adding to the record he broke last week for total offense in a college career.  Though he has a stellar career which has spanned over 6 years due to a horrific knee injury early last season, Keenum is considered a longshot for the Heisman.  ESPN has him #7 on their experts poll.  Houston is currently undefeated and has done so in convincing fashion.  They have outscored their opponents 418-198, and with 4 games left, they have a good chance of finishing the season undefeated.  Even with that, the Cougars will not be given any serious consideration for a National Championship.  Also, because Keenum doesn’t face to any real competition in Conference USA, he may not receive the votes needed to win the Heisman.  However,Case Keenum should receive notice from some of the voters, and even more important, NFL scouts.  He may not be a household name now, but let’s see how things play out for Case.

Saturdays are good for us!

Last week our Canes dropped below .500 in a loss to the Virginia Tech Hokies.  We watched the game at Buffalo Wild Wings in College Park Maryland.  Luckily the Terps had an away game and had just suffered a loss of their own.  Otherwise things for us in that Wild Wings could have been worse.

Today I fully expected the Canes to win-and win they did…well barely Continue reading

Who’s the Fan?

Today our company celebrated the culminating events for its conversion.  As a result, I met a guy flying in town from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This morning, he was surprised to hear me listening to the Sports Talk radio.  As  a result we started talking about football.  Since he was from Indiana, I asked him did he love the Indianapolis  Colts.  His response:  “I don’t like the Colts this year”. 

Fair or not, I instantly labeled him the worst a fan could be labeled:  The dismissive “Fairweather Fan”. Sure it’s easy to love the Colts when Peyton Manning is leading the team to AFC North championship year after year.  Now is the test of one’s fanhood and this guy was failing MISERABLY my book.  This is a topic I am passionate about! Continue reading

Being a fan is INCREDIBLE!

This has been a great weekend. It highlighted the last set of preseason NFL games, which means that the regular season is a week away. The games showcase the talents of lesser known players who are trying to give a lasting impression so they can make a final roster……….somewhere, anywhere. This week also brought the official opening for College Football. I will admit that I would rather watch a NFL game, but college games are mad exciting. The BYU/Ole Miss game yesterday was riveting and had a lot of back and forth, and ended with a one point victory for BYU.

Even with the excitement of the pros and college, the most exciting football action i saw was the Live football contest of the Maryland City Mustangs taking on the Chesapeake Bay Piranhas. J’s little cousin plays on the offensive and defensive lines for the Mustangs. He is a first year player on a brand new team composed of kids who’ve never played organized ball before. They went up against an established team in the Piranhas, and it showed immediately even before the initial kickoff. It was entertaining to see because even though the Mustangs were clearly out of their league, they never gave up. It’s always cool to see football at that stage because its being played for the very reason i fell in love with the game to begin with: it’s fun. Its fun to play and its very fun to watch. Who knows, the next Jerry Rice, the next Deion Sanders, or the next Emmitt Smitth could have been on that field Saturday. It doesn’t even matter. All that matters is that character was being built and greatness was being shaped, and the kids were having fun.


Because we were running all over the DMV catching games this weekend, I have a great appreciation for ESPN 980 and 106.7 The Fan.  Driving and listening to that Utah St. vs Auburn game literally made the hour ride to Annapolis in traffic seem 10 mins long.  For Auburn to be down by 10 with roughly 3 mins left and come back and win that game is the MAIN reason why a team is NEVER to be counted out until the clock hits triple zero!  It’s also the reason why I LOVE college football.

Let me tell you why technology is a beautiful thing for sports fans:  The ESPN ScoreCenter App for Iphone and the College Football Scoreboard App for Iphone.  Another game that I didn’t get to watch but absolutely made me BEAM with pride is my Hampton University Pirates coming back in the last quarter against Alabama A&M in the 14th Annual Chicago Football Classic at Soldier Field.  While the Apps give you the score, it’s the peeps on Twitter who gave me the play by play.  Hampton blocked Alabama A&M’s kick at the end of the game!  YES!  Shout out to people who tweeted that… along with opinions on how Hampton should have won the Battle of the Bands! I love my H.I.U!      

Tonight me and D get to watch our mutual favorite College Team tonight right here in our own backyard!  Our University of Miami Hurricanes take on the Maryland Terps in an ACC showdown! (Don’t I sound like the commercial?)  Regardless of losing 10 players to shameful off the field controversy, we fully expect the CANES to handle business anyway!

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