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Big Wins in Week 10

Let’s start with the first match up of the year between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Andy Dalton has only faced one really top notch defense this year in the San Francisco 49ers. I was extremely interested to see how the young guy would fair.  It was good to see he still had chemistry and could rely on fellow rookie AJ Green.  The real issue is that Dalton did not receive the benefit of a Cincy running game at all. Down 17-24 in the start of the 4th quarter…the poor guy throws 2 INTs instead of orchestrating the big come back.  The Steelers on the other hand had a HUGE day on the road.  After the big loss to Baltimore at home at Heinz field last week, many (not I) doubted the Steelers ability to bounce back.  That defense that everyone thinks is too old to get the job done closed out Sunday’s game.  After the pitiful loss handed to Baltimore fromSeattle…the Steelers are back on top of the division. 

 The next team that had the opportunity to stand up to their bully was the Detroit Lions.  Week 5, the Lions travelled to Chicago for MNF and they got a win!  Javhid Best “ran on their head” (163 rushing yards) that game.  Yesterday, the Lions host Chicago and they let Devin Hester RUN!  Let’s keep it real-at some point or another, teams make that mistake.  What made the difference in the Lions getting smacked down yesterday was the 4 INTs throw by Stafford…then a fight breaks out…but it was too late…I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the Lions’ playoff hopes.  They got off to a hot start.  However, they have Green Bay in  their division (who they still have to play twice, starting on Thanksgiving Day), Chicago with who they split games, and then the Saints coming up too…It’s going to be difficult. Continue reading

Da Bears

 How many Fantasy Football hearts has Jay Cutler broken since becoming a Chicago Bear?  I’m raising my hand as one.  I drafted Cutler in his last year in Denver, and he quickly became my every week starter.  He had that big arm, dishing passes out to Marshall, Royal, and Schefler with ease.  Now that he’s in the Chi, he still has the big arm, but no offensive line and no decent receivers to pass the ball.  I drafted him again in his 1st year as a Bear, but I quickly dropped him by Week 3.  Cutler did complete passes…to the OTHER team.  He also became ONE with the turf.  Last year, there was a little improvement.  In fact, he did lead his team to the NFC Championship (which they lost with him “injured” on the sideline).  In 2010, he managed over 3200 passing yards and 24 total TDs.  He also cut down on his completions  to the other team.  Cutler still finished the season with a total of 16 INTs and 6 lost fumbles.  His protection was only slightly better, so his fondness of the turf deceased a bit.  This year, expect more of the same.  The Bears drafted a big OT Gabe Carimi, who measures 6’7″, 314lbs, so that could help.  However, that’s the only O Lineman drafted.  Additionally, there were no other offensive weapons for Cutler.  With the lockout still hovering over the league, who knows if the Bears will address those needs.  If you draft Cutler you’ve been warned. 

Chicago is another one of those teams that have fans biting their nails on Sunday, as they do not easily put points on the board.  One of the main reasons?: That O line!  Anytime your QB eats grass 58 times in one season, forget about fantasy football players lighting it up.  I can’t even count how many times I have hawked stat tracker waiting for the next time Matt Forte will be on the field…The Bears hardly keep the ball.  Matt Forte is a RB I personally have experience with on my fantasy roster.  While last year was his best year, he is still not my go to starter every week.  It really depends on who the Bears are playing. If their opponent has awesome linebackers, Forte is on my bench.  Problem with the Bears is, if they get down early, they cannot run the ball.  They rely on Cutler (sigh).  Last year,  this amazing  tandem of Matt Forte and Chester Taylor was really Forte on his own.  Last year Forte rushed for slightly over 1000 yards and 9 TDs, while Chester Taylor had 267 rushing yards and 3 TDs. 

I’m not at all impressed with the set of receivers in the Windy City.  Not one of them scares any defensive secondaries.  No Chicago Bear receiver had over 1000 yards last year.  No Chicago Bear receiver had more than 5 TDs last year.  See what I’m saying.  Not impressive at all.  Johnny Knox “emerged” as the go-to receiver last year for Cutler.  Knox was the top receiver with 960 receiving yards and 5 TDs.  He could improve on his numbers this year, but don’t waste a draft pick on him.  Earl Bennett was looked upon as someone who could become a favorite option for Cutler because of their history as teammates at Vanderbilt.  So far that well has been dry.  There was big buzz last year about Devin Aromashodu being a Fantasy sleeper.  However, he only had 149 yards and 0 TDs in 14 games.  I do believe that Devin Hester can ONE day be a good WR.  He is no doubt a dangerous return guy and he can bring that same speed and elusiveness as a wideout.  But he still not a viable Fantasy option as a WR.  Last year he had 475 receiving yards and 4 TDs on 41 receptions.  He maybe worth taking a chance on, but only because he’s a deadly return guy. I personally think the only pass catcher worth drafting is TE Greg Olson. He has, for the last two years, been the first option for Cutler, especially in the red zone.  He’s a big  target and the only reason he is not a Top Five TE is become he’s been in Chicago.  He has been in the top 5 for the last two seasons in targets.  This year, Cutler will continue to rely heavily on him.

Defense wins games, and so the Chicago Bears had a successful 2010-11 season.  Their defense had 34 sacks (mostly by Peppers and Idonjie with 8 each).  Not bad for those leagues that give you points for sacks (mine do)!  The most notable key area of opportunity for the Bears defense is scoring!  While last season they had 21 Ints, this defense rarely gets in the end zone.  Not really a plus for Fantasy Football scoring…

We all know and love that electric return guy DEVIN HESTER (gotta respect the man, he did play for the U after all)!  However, teams know and respect the return monster Hester is too!  Only a few dare devils kick the ball to him… so he doesn’t return ’em like he used to.  What the Bears always get in return is OUTSTANDING field position.  It’s actually funny to watch: Hester just stands back there when it’s time to punt and POOF, the Bears offense starts beyond the 20 yard line.  Talk about “Game Recognize Game”! Another element that’s awesome for the Bears and their fans, but not so much for Fantasy Football owners.

Up next, we are taking it to B’MORE and it’s alllllllll about the Ravens!

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