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The Pats

Love or hate the New England Patriots, one thing is for sure: Tom Brady = fantasy football success.  The pretty boy is arguably the best Fantasy QB (and real QB for that matter) regardless of the list.  Need reasons?  He scores TDs and he rarely has a turn over (just 4 measly INTs last season).  Last year Brady put up 3900 yards and 36 TDs (the most TDs thrown last season).  His QB rating was also a league leading 111.0–no shock there.  At 33 years old, looks like Tom will get younger, upgraded protection this season as the Patriots draft Colorado left tackle Nate Solder. The previous (Pro Bowl) left tackle Matt Light, is a free agent and not expected to return to the team. Apparently, the Pats have been eyeing Solder for a while. With their recruiting track record, I’m sure Brady will rarely get his jersey dirty. Just don’t be one of those who take him with the 1st pick of your Fantasy League Draft…

As I sit and write, I hear the tv in the background with commercials for Greenberg and Bederman; Saiontz and Kirk; Chason and Boscolo;  Benjarvus Green-Ellis??? There’s a new law firm RUNNING ALL OVER Boston.  It used to be that you could never count on a New England Patriot RB in Fantasy football.  Presenting exhibits: Lawrence Maroney, Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, and some veteran free agents that wore out their welcome with a previous team. But last year, that all changed, with the emergence of BGE (He plays RB, runs a law firm and a power company).  Last season Green-Ellis ran for 1008 and hit paydirt 13 times!  That’s Fantasy stud material!  He is partnered with Danny Woodhead who had a 926 total yards and 6 TDs of his own.  Both of these guys were great Fantasy performers last year, but its hard to say what Belichick will do this season.  The Patriots drafted 2 RBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds this year:  Shane Vereen from Cal, and Stevan Ridley out of LSU.  History has proven that Bill doesn’t draft anyone that high without playing them, so I expect the rookies to get some play this season.  This could come at the expense of BGE and Woodhead (LOL, that name cracks me up).  I still think Green-Ellis should be drafted in the early rounds and Woodhead in later rounds, but do your research and pay close attention to the scouting reports.  You know Belichick is sneaky…

When “Mr. Long Hair-Don’t Care” throws 36 TDs in one season, the casual sports fan has to be thinking “Who is this stud of a WR that plays for the Patriots?”.  As a hard core Fantasy Footballers, we all know no such thing exists in New England.  Tom Brady spreads the ball all over the field. With the loss of Randy Moss last season, many thought Brady had no one to catch passes.  Ha! Shame on you all who thought that…Instead Brady has everyone catching passes!  The Pats leading receiver is Wes Welker…a dwindling fantasy football staple over recent years.  Last year Welker led all Pats receivers with 848 yards and 7 TDs. Next up in receiving yards is (almost 32 year old) Deion Branch with 706 receiving yards and 5 TDs.  The Pats did not draft a receiver in this year’s draft so I expect that Branch will remain back at his old home.  The player with the most TDs however was 2010 2nd round draft pick TE Rob Gronkowski with 10 TDs.  He will be a stud this season for Fantasy Footballers.

Last years Pats D was very young and inexperienced for the most part.  With a year of experience under their belt, I look for them to come up strong, based on how they finished the season.  Lets look back: last season, 9 of the first 11 Pats opponents put up 20 or more points.  No Patriot player had double digit sacks for the entire season.  As a matter of fact, the sack leader on the team was DT Mike Wright with 6 sacks.  But the latter part of the season, they got their mojo working:  4 of the last 5  opponents scored a combined 20 points, with seven being the most points scored against them in those games.  The Defense was led by young guns: Jerod Mayo (who led the whole league in tackles with 113) and Devin McCourty (who was second in the league in interceptions with 7).  Last year’s defense was also hampered by some injuries, but you can count on a New England team to have depth, especially on the defensive side.  They will continue to be strong, especially with other standout players like Vince Wilfork, Brandon Merriwether, Brandon Spikes, and Patrick Chung.  They also added some more depth in this years draft, particularly with CB Ras-I Dowling from UVA.  Special teams are led by WR Brandon Tate, who had 2 kick return TDs, and the strong kicking game.  Last season the Pats used two kickers, Steven Gostkowski and Shayne Graham, because of Gostkowski being out for half the season due to injury.  I expect Gostkowski to return this season and be a consistent kicker for them, having many scoring opportunities.  The NE Def/ST will be a strong Fantasy move this year.


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