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We Are ONE Year Old!

As you know, we are HUGE football fans.  We’ve had many football centered conversations.  A year ago we chose to take our ongoing conversation public.  Initially, we were looking for an outlet and wanted to connect with other fans.  As a result, we decided to start this crazy journey to create He Said She Said Football!

I have no idea what we were thinking when we came up with the concept for He Said She Said Football.  In its infancy stage, even before we decided to write the blog, this was about one thing and one thing only:  Fantasy Football.  J was the first woman who I had ever met that was as serious and passionate about fantasy football as me.  Not just fantasy, but football in general.  We each played in separate leagues for years, even running our own separate leagues.  We would bounce ideas about who to start and who to sit, what match-ups to exploit, who was garbage, and who was a sleeper.  It was a weekly ritual for us, until one day we decided we should play in the same league.  That’s when He Said She Said was born:  Guys against the ladies, in a head to head fantasy football league.  But it didn’t stop there–we should write about it.  We actually had the audacity to think that people would want to read about our competitive relationship revolving around football.  We had no idea that after one year, we would still have things to discuss. Continue reading

The Week of the Comeback: Week 4!

We had SO much fun Monday night, that this week we decided we wanted to go where the people are again!  A couple years ago, we watched a Monday night football game at BlackFinn when the New Orleans Saints played the Atlanta Falcons. (the year the Saints wind up winning beating Atlanta and winning the Super Bowl later).  We had such a great time that we decided to go back!

We were NOT disappointed!  If you know about me, you know I love talking trash and being around proud fans of their team.  While I went primarily to check out my Redskins (and the official ESPN 980 post game show was being taped there), there were fans for just about every 1 o clock game on!  Steelers, Texans, Cowboys, Philly, 49ers…and of course Redskins fans!  Everyone was cheering (or jeering) at different games.  They had the sports bar MUST HAVES: lots of huge tvs, lots of beer options, and delicious food!   Check it out:

Continue reading

Who’s the Fan?

Today our company celebrated the culminating events for its conversion.  As a result, I met a guy flying in town from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This morning, he was surprised to hear me listening to the Sports Talk radio.  As  a result we started talking about football.  Since he was from Indiana, I asked him did he love the Indianapolis  Colts.  His response:  “I don’t like the Colts this year”. 

Fair or not, I instantly labeled him the worst a fan could be labeled:  The dismissive “Fairweather Fan”. Sure it’s easy to love the Colts when Peyton Manning is leading the team to AFC North championship year after year.  Now is the test of one’s fanhood and this guy was failing MISERABLY my book.  This is a topic I am passionate about! Continue reading

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