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Guest Post: Is the Aging Baltimore Ravens Defense a Problem?

Jerome Manson is a sports enthusiast who enjoys both watching games and writing about them.  When he is not cheering on his team from the stands, Jerome is blogging and creating content on http://www.selectaticket.com/Super-Bowl” 

While the Baltimore Ravens are sitting pretty with a 3-1 record this year there are still concerns for fans.  So far the Ravens defense has allowed an average of 390 yards per game in what is largely giving up big passing plays. Even rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden was able to put up 314 passing yards in a losing attempt against the Ravens. The Ravens Defense has been the poster child for tough and gritty defense for years now, but are they getting too long in the tooth?

Old Player’s Experience vs Physical Condition

To be clear, “old” is a term used lightly and harshly in the sporting world when players in their late thirties begin to look noticeably slower than their peers in the mid-twenties.  Older players take longer to heal and recover, must work harder to stay in the same physical shape, and can be more prone to injuries, but they come with added experience that makes them formidable. The Ravens boast an immense amount of experience with players like Ed Reed and the prolific Ray Lewis, both of which will probably be inducted into the Hall of Fame after they retire. Which could be soon as Ray Lewis is in his 17th season at 37 years old and Ed Reed is in his 11th NFL season at age 34. These players, and others, give the Baltimore Ravens years of leadership that cannot be ignored.

Stopping the Pass

As mentioned above, the Ravens have struggled to develop an affective pass rush this season. This is in part, or significantly due, to the Ravens missing Terrel Suggs after he tore his Achilles tendon during the offseason.  Suggs had 14 sacks last year and put added pressure on quarterbacks in the early downs. Suggs is expected to return sometime this season, but until that happens the Ravens defense needs to find a way to limit the big passing plays without the ten year veteran.

Causing the Turnovers that Matter

Even without an effective pass rush, the experienced Ravens defense is still coming up with important stops that lets them win games. Down by three against the Patriots with less than three minutes left, the Ravens rallied to stop Tom Brady with two big stops – keeping the Patriots from extending the drive, and setting up Justin Tucker to kick a game winning field goal. In the Week 4 game against the Browns the spread was a little too close for comfort until Ravens  secondary, Cary Williams, intercepted a pass late in the third quarter and returned it for a touchdown which gave Baltimore a much more secure lead. While they Ravens have been making it somewhat difficult on themselves, the defense continues to rise up to the challenge and make big plays happen when they need it.

Even though the Ravens defense is not what it was ten years ago, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Baltimore has consistently been in the playoffs with a large helping hand to stellar defense that is able to limit big offenses. They will have to shape up this year though, as they are giving up too many passing yards on big plays. If Baltimore can manage that, expect another playoff run by the physical team.

2012 Preview: Baltimore Ravens

The 2012 Baltimore Ravens have had some tests this off season.  The biggest news to hurt Ravens fans was the injury to LB Terrell Suggs.  T. Sizzle was hurt, well its not clear how he was hurt actually.  At first it was reported by playing hoops, then it was reported that he was injured through conditioning or during the season.  Regardless, this is a blow to the team, and especially to an aging defense.  Suggs was named the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year and wreaked havoc on Olines and QBs.  Suggs feels he will make a speedy recovery and is not down for the count this season.  Another nail biter for fans is the fact that their star RB Ray Rice may be holding out due to contract issues.  Finally, their long time probowl Safety Ed Reed is considering calling it a career.  Despite all of this, the Ravens are a premiere team in the league.  It will be great to see them pull through it all.  Here is more about the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Ray Rice is still going strong.  He ended this season with 1364 yards and 12 TDs.  That’s 2nd in the league and a DREAM for Fantasy Footballers and Ravens faithful.  Of course the DEF has been a staple for fantasy football.  Last year the D ranked 3rd in the league.  Not sure how successful this D will be in 2012 due to the questionable return of Ed Reed who is known for INTs, and infamous for taking them to the house.  Alos, missing the crushing pressure of Suggs and those sacks will hurt.  Hope the next man up for the Ravens is ready.  Continue reading

Turkeybowl, Harbowl, Rodgers and Romo

Seasons Greetings everyone!  We hope you each had a great Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.  Thanksgiving with our family was quite awesome!  We planned with our families to arrive no later than noon to get the festivities started.  While we didn’t have a typical tailgate, we did have a Packers/Lions pre-game set up.

I actually thought the Lions had a huge chance to win the game, and it started out pretty even.  However, the Lions loss their momentum, and their cool, and ultimately the game.  At least it was a good game for at least one half. 

 At halftime we had our version of a Turkey Bowl at the Morris house.  This was a competitive matchup between me and J’s father against J’s brother in law and her two young nephews, aged 4 and 6.  These little “ankle biters” were juking, and zig zagging, and head faking, and talking trash.  It was truly a sight to see.  The oldest one, AJ, had his own little touchdown dance.  It was a lot of fun!  I’m already looking forward to next year’s rematch.

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Let me start with the GREAT news: In the He SAID She Said Fantasy Football League Match up of the Week the guys took another L.  This week’s match up was between my girl (and Dallas Cowboys fan) STAR STUDDED and the man of his blog (also a Dallas Cowboys fan) DNasty.  Friday night DNasty saw STAR STUDDED in person and was talking King Kong size trash.  Taunting her about her bye week players, asking her how she know about the Waiver Wire…just awful!   He was very confident.  And well fellas…he choked!  Let me tell you:  The ROOKIE, STAR STUDDED, handled her biz against your league commish DNasty. Proud of you lady! Even happier that the fellas took another L!    

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The Underdogs are stomping with the BIG DOGS…Week 3


Week 3 is THE week for HE SAID She Said FOOTBALL!  The only thing…our game (Redskins vs Cowboys) is Monday night!  As a result, we stayed in and ordered pizza.  There were 2 great games on Fox that we got to watch (along with Stattracker for the HSSS Fantasy Football League).

1pm:  An anticipated show down of our division rivals: The Eagles vs The Giants.  I fully expected the GMEN to lose, but hoped they would win.  Well WIN they did!  As banged up as the Giants are, they came to play, especially that Victor Cruz!  He had some BIG TIME plays yesterday that made the Eagles Defense look as overrated as I thought they would be.  HA!  Cruz danced all through the end zone.  A great replacement for Manningham.  On another note, I do not think Michael Vick was ready to play.  He looked off all day and now to add another injury-his hand is broken.  Andy Reid should have prepped Kafka all week to ensure he was ready…for that terrible performance, Andy Reid could have gotten Vince Young’s impersonator to come in and play…. Continue reading

The Kickoff…Week 1


 It was the opening day for the NFL regular season and the day had been planned to a tee, even down to the game time meal.  J made gumbo (one of my favorites) and put her FOOT in it. (It was spicy and delicious if I do say so myself.  Shrimp, Scallops, and of course Maryland Blue Crab were all special components). 
We watched the 1pm game between the Baltimore Ravens and I team I did not recognize!  What the heck happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers?  Prior to the game, we watched a great segment on Sunday NFL countdown regarding that rivalry.  It highlighted the heavy hits, the low scoring outcomes, and how the Steelers have dominated the Ravens in tallying up the W’s. There were definitely some HEAVY HITS!  Line Backer Jarrett Johnson put a CRUCIAL hit on my man Hines Ward.  The Ravens Defense forced 7 turnovers.  Roethlisberger (who is usually tough to bring down) was sacked four times, threw three interceptions and lost two fumbles.  T Sizzle was all over him.  Speaking of defense…let me just say there was NO Steele Curtain.  Ray Rice rushed for over 100 yards on the best Defense in the league last year. Congrats to the Ravens for showing up BIG TIME to play! Continue reading

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