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2012 Preview: Atlanta Falcons

The 2012 Atlanta Falcons have a huge opportunity to win the division this year with all the turmoil  that the Saints are dealing with.  They have successfully erased the memory of the past .  They have consistently made the playoffs and have been battling with the Saints for division championships every year.  But the Falcons are always one or two steps behind when making the push to the conference title game, or better yet, the second round of the playoffs.  They have one the most consistent QBs, an All Pro WR, a future Hall of Fame TE, and a top 10 RB.  They were able to add a “shutdown” corner in the offseason to help out the defense.  It’s not quite now or never, but the Falcons need to make their move this year.  It’s long overdue.

Fantasy Football Studs:   The Falcons have a lot of weapons in their arsenal.  Matt Ryan is not yet considered an elite quarterback, but he can get it done for you on a weekly basis in the fantasy world.  Mainly because he has WRs Roddy White and Julio Jones.  White is still the main man in the passing game, though he hD a couple of slip ups last season.  Even with him not having a record-breaking season last year, he still managed over 1200 yards and 8 TDs. On the other side of the field is “#2” receiver Jones, who would definitely be a number 1 on just about every other team in the NFL.  He’s big, he’s fast, he’s a TO type with better hands and better sense.  TE Tony Gonzalez is still getting it done after all these years.  Entering in his 16th season in the league, he’s coming off an 80 catch, 875 yard season.  Lastly in the cache of weapons that the Falcons have is RB Michael Turner.  Turner is still fast and still hits hard.  He will continue to be the centerpiece of Atlanta’s offense.

Area of Strength:  The strength of this team could very be the running game.  But as good as the running game is in Atlanta, the real strength is the passing game.  Matt Ryan has slowly improved year after year since coming into the league in 2008.  Last year was his best statistical year, topping 4000 yards for the first time in his short career.  He also had a 92.2 passer rating, his highest in his NFL tenure, and he threw for 29 TDs, also his highest.  He now has the necessary weapons for Him yo continue to go forward and get the Falcons over that hump of making it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Area of Weakness:  It’s going to be interesting to watch what the Falcons will do on defense this season.  On paper, the defensive unit looks strong.  They have some big names with John Abraham and Ray Edwards on the front line, and Brent Grimes and newly acquired Asante Samuel on the defensive backfield.  But will the Falcons be able to put it all together on the field.  Much like their division mates, the Saints, the defensive team couldn’t stop anybody last year, with the exception of the Colts.  They are going to have to be stingy against the run to make any kind of impact.  This is the biggest hurdle that the Falcons would need to jump over to get pass the first round of the playoffs.

2012 Marquee Matchups:   In addition to the divisional match ups, here are a few other key games.  Week 2 the Falcons face Peyton Manning on MNF.  Weeks 8 and 9 the Falcons will get tested by the Eagles and then the Cowboys.  Week 16 the Falcons will host the Superbowl Champion New York Giants.  Christmas week they will also play the steadily improving Detriot Lions. 

All Things Atlanta Falcons: There are several ways to keep up with the 2012 Atlanta Falcons.  Here are a few we like…

Blogs:  The Falcoholic http://www.thefalcoholic.com/ ;  Blogging Dirty http://bloggingdirty.com/ 

Apps: YinzCam Inc. does have an app for the Atlanta Falcons.  It just says 2011…hopefully there will be an updated one for this season

Fan Clubs:  The official fan club of the Atlanta Falcons can be found at www.atlantafalcons.com under fan zone.  There is also Falcons Roost http://www.falconsroost.com/

Sunday in the Skybox: NFC South

The NFC South consists of the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Bucs.  The entire news of this division during the off season has been about the New Orleans Saints, their bounty programs, fines, and suspensions.  However over the course of this week we will go into more detail about all the teams in this competitive division. 

Division Superstars: This division is STACKED with Superstars!  Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Roddy White, Steve Smith,  Matt Ryan,  Michael Turner, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, LeGarrette Blunt, Dallas Clark, Josh Freeman and Marques Colston are a few that stand out.  These fellas bring excitement to fans every Sunday.  Continue reading

HE SAID: What’s in store for WildCard Losers

This is the time of year that I look forward to every year: the NFL Playoffs! It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! As happy as I am during this time, it also makes me a little melancholy: it’s the beginning of the end. It’s not like last year with uncertainty looming with a threat of a lockout, but it’s still sad to see the end coming. This past weekend we had a chance to witness the WildCard games, which usually is the most boring part of the playoffs to me. But not this weekend! There were some barn burners. With every sports writer and sports blogger giving game analysis of each contest, I want to take a little time to shed some light on the losers of these games, and where they may be heading in the next season.

The least anticipated of the four games was the Bengals taking on the Texans, with 2 rookie QBs and 2 strong defenses, with the Bengals coming out as the loser. Most experts had Cincinnati finishing with the worst record this season. With losing Chad OchoCinco to the Patriots and that whole Carson Palmer debacle, nobody gave them a chance. But with Andy Dalton having a firm grip of the QB of the present and future ; and world-class WR AJ Green, the Bengals made some noise this season. Throw in complementary players like Cedric Benson, Jerome Simpson, and Jermaine Gresham, the Bengals were in contention the entire season. Even though they didn’t beat any team of note, they both surprised and impressed just by making it into the playoffs. Even with the pieces they currently have, they seem pretty set, but wait….DON’T forget about those beautiful draft picks they acquired for unloading that Palmer guy to the Raiders. I would say that Cincy is sitting pretty. But you have to consider the history of the Bengals. They don’t always make good decisions. We’ll see how things unfold in the offseason.

I picked Detroit to be in the playoffs this season. My reasoning was all about that defense. Suh and Fairley….Fairly and Suh. What great cornerstones to build on. It was going to be a thing of beauty to see that defense. Well, there was definite beauty, but it mostly came from that offense. Matthew Stafford is on the verge of being the next big thing in the QB position. With over 5000 yards passing and 40 plus TDs, Stafford was a MONSTER! If he stays healthy, Detroit will always contend. Calvin Johnson proved that he is the best WR in the game, and with guys like Brandon Pettigrew, Tony Scheffler, and Titus Young, they will be set. The defense will continue to improve because they are young, mean and hungry…..a little too mean, maybe. My only concern would be the Lions running game. Who knows what’s going to happen with Jahvid Best and his concussion issues. I’m sure they will address that position in the offseason.

I knew going into their game, that the Atlanta Falcons had a good, almost great chance of coming out losers against the Giants in that WildCard matchup. I knew for one reason and one reason only: they don’t scare anybody. They never have. Matt Ryan’s not scary. Roddy nor Julio scare people. The Falcons D don’t scare teams, and even as good as he is, Michael Turner doesn’t scare teams. Where’s the intimidation factor? It works for the Lions, the Steelers, the Ravens. It even worked for the Giants, well at least it did yesterday. The Falcons will continue to be good and will continue to be playoff contenders, but until they get some toughness, they will continue to go winless in the playoffs.

I was not prepared to write anything about the Steelers because I expected them to go far in the playoffs. I was all prepared to say that Tebow had a great year, and he’s a great athlete, but he’s definitely not the Broncos QB of the future, and Denver should shop for a new QB and build the team around their very good defense. OOPS!! The Steelers lost a tough one. But I do expect the Steelers to continue to be playoffs contenders and even Super Bowl favorites next year. Big Ben and Rashad Mendenhall will return from their injuries. Pittsburgh has great young receivers, even with the uncertainty of the future of probable Hall of Famer Hines Ward, so they are set at WR. Their only concern will probably be the aging defense, but I’m sure that with be addressed. The Steelers always draft well and usually make good decisions during free agency. I don’t think Steeler fans have any reason to be too upset. Yesterday’s loss against Tim Tebow and the Broncos was upsetting enough!

What do you think of the Wild Card Weekend Losers?

He Said: What’s up with Roddy White

Last year, I drafted Randy Moss and expected great things from him.  But I agonized with everyone else who drafted him as a starting WR, as he got shipped around the league like a FedEx package, eventually ending up on the bench in Tennessee.  I bring that all up because I was offered a trade which would have unloaded an unproductive and disappointing Moss, and giving me Roddy White.  I turned down the trade not only once, but TWICE.   BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT I’VE EVER MADE IN FANTASY FOOTBALL.

White went on to be the most prolific receiver in Fantasy last year.  Actually, it was pretty much a repeat of what he was able to accomplish the season before.  Last year, White finished the season with 115 catches, 1389 receiving yards, and 10 TDs:  numbers definitely worthy of a high draft pick this season.  And I wasn’t about to miss out on those stats again this season.  So, I used a draft pick on White thinking he would deliver big numbers.  But, now I ask:  What’s up with Roddy White? Continue reading

The Week of the Comeback: Week 4!

We had SO much fun Monday night, that this week we decided we wanted to go where the people are again!  A couple years ago, we watched a Monday night football game at BlackFinn when the New Orleans Saints played the Atlanta Falcons. (the year the Saints wind up winning beating Atlanta and winning the Super Bowl later).  We had such a great time that we decided to go back!

We were NOT disappointed!  If you know about me, you know I love talking trash and being around proud fans of their team.  While I went primarily to check out my Redskins (and the official ESPN 980 post game show was being taped there), there were fans for just about every 1 o clock game on!  Steelers, Texans, Cowboys, Philly, 49ers…and of course Redskins fans!  Everyone was cheering (or jeering) at different games.  They had the sports bar MUST HAVES: lots of huge tvs, lots of beer options, and delicious food!   Check it out:

Continue reading

The Underdogs are stomping with the BIG DOGS…Week 3


Week 3 is THE week for HE SAID She Said FOOTBALL!  The only thing…our game (Redskins vs Cowboys) is Monday night!  As a result, we stayed in and ordered pizza.  There were 2 great games on Fox that we got to watch (along with Stattracker for the HSSS Fantasy Football League).

1pm:  An anticipated show down of our division rivals: The Eagles vs The Giants.  I fully expected the GMEN to lose, but hoped they would win.  Well WIN they did!  As banged up as the Giants are, they came to play, especially that Victor Cruz!  He had some BIG TIME plays yesterday that made the Eagles Defense look as overrated as I thought they would be.  HA!  Cruz danced all through the end zone.  A great replacement for Manningham.  On another note, I do not think Michael Vick was ready to play.  He looked off all day and now to add another injury-his hand is broken.  Andy Reid should have prepped Kafka all week to ensure he was ready…for that terrible performance, Andy Reid could have gotten Vince Young’s impersonator to come in and play…. Continue reading

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