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She Said: 5 questions from the HOF Preseason Game

1.  Were you really worried about Drew Brees moving the chains with no Sean Payton?

2.  Who else was impressed with the Saints running game?

3.  Could it have gotten any worse for Kevin Kolb?

4.  How much to do you now miss NFL officials?

5.  Did you watch past the 1st quarter?

2012 Preview: Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have come a long way since their Cinderella season in 2008 which resulted in a Super Bowl appearance.  Since then, they have only made one playoff  appearance, and have struggled the last two seasons through erratic  QB play, inconsistent RB play, and a frustrated All Pro wide receiver.  Going into the upcoming season, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, especially at the quarterback position.  Just this week, Coach Ken Whisenhunt waxed philosophical about who is gonna be his signal caller.   The Cards are gonna have to figure something, especially since the once upon a time easy division, is now chock full of competitive squads in the rest of the division.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Aside from the obvious (hello Larry Fitzgerald), the Cardinals have a few nice players for your fantasy football roster.  Bennie Wells finished 2011 with just over 1000 yards and 10 TDs.  Obviously not who I would pick as my first RB choice but in 2 RB leagues, he’s a good look.  If you play in an IDP league, Patrick Peterson could be a great friend of yours in 2012.  His rookie year he scored 4 TDs on punt returns (also great for DEF/Special Teams).  I expect him to build on his skills as a CB this year in the league, improving the number of INTs (2 in 2011) and playmaking ability. Continue reading

Sunday in the Skybox: NFC West

Check in with us this week as we focus on the AFC West.  This division consists of the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, and Seattle Seahawks.  While this division has been changed quite a bit over the years, one team remains a constant: the San Francisco 49ers.  “The Greatest Show on Turf” came alive in this division through the St. Louis Rams.  Retired QB Kurt Warner was most at home in this division as he led the Rams to 2 Superbowl appearances and the Cardinals to one appearance.  We love the fans from this division, specifically the long time 49er fans and the 12th man concept that hails from Seattle.  Continue reading

The Cards

In case you were wondering: The main Fantasy Football superstar of the Arizona Cardinals is STILL Larry Fitzgerald. Even with a dismal signal caller on offense, Fitzgerald still got his 1137 receiving yards and 6TDs. A less talented receiver would have been sent to waivers. Fitzgerald has proven regardless of the QB in Arizona, he is worth a draft pick for sure! Team mate Steve Breaston is who “some” thought (including Breaston himself) would fill the role of the traded Anquain Bolden. Because he is so NOT Anquain Bolden (plus Kurt Warner was not throwing the ball), Breaston had 718 receiving yards and 1 TD for the 2010-2011 season. While Breaston may be a pretty good poet, so far he’s not proven he’s ready for the Superstar Receiver title. With the unsure QB situation I would say the clear draftable WR in Arizona is only Larry Fitzgerald.

There could be a crowded backfield this year in AZ. Or at least it will be some competition for the starting spot. Last season, the running game was woeful, but that could have been because of the horrible QB play. Tim Hightower led the team in rushing with 736 yards and 5 TDs. Hightower was considered a big part of the one two punch that the Cards were supposed to have, along with Chris Beanie Wells. But with him being a restricted free agent, Hightower could be out of there. Speaking of Wells, can this guy stay healthy? He missed 3 games last year to injury, and only had 397 yards, and 1 TD. With this weak play, it could make way for rookie Ryan Williams, who was drafted in the 2nd round from Virginia Tech. Williams can actually make his way into the starting line-up, but he needs to work on his pass protection. Something that Wells still struggles with. I would stay away from the AZ RBs till its clear who is going to be running the rock.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has a knack for the offensive side of the ball. One would think that spending a little time in Pittsburgh would have given him a better grip on the defensive side of the ball, but NOPE! No such luck. Coach Whisey brought Joey Porter and Clark Haggans (all of them being former Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers). Porter and Haggans each got 5 sacks on the season, but that’s about all that came from the defense. Losing so many games last season earned the Cardinals a GEM of a draft pick in Patrick Peterson. Peterson has the ability to play the role of the league’s next shut down corner or hybrid safety! Either way with Rogers-Cromartie, Adrian Wilson, and Peterson in the secondary-it should be a significantly more difficult to score on the Cardinals this season.  From a Fantasy Football perspective, am still not suggesting that you draft this Def…They still need a lot of work.

Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, Richard Bartel. Do any of these QBs make you excited? I didn’t think so. We all know about Anderson and his ineptitude as a signal caller. He “dazzled” us last year with 2065 passing yards, 7 TDs, and 10 INTs in 12 games. Don’t get me wrong: He has the “intangibles”. He looks good on paper as far as the things that are important at a combine and he even looks good in a uniform. He just isn’t a starting NFL QB. Hall played 6 games and managed just under 400 yards passing, 1 TD, and 6 INTs. Maybe the Cardinals best QB is John Skelton. Skelton had 660 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs in 5 games. He’s got a future, but only as a back-up, just like Bartel. Don’t draft any of these guys, not even for a bye week. If you listen closely, Larry Fitzgerald is somewhere crying. Arizona needs this lock out to end quickly, so they can get somebody in free agency.

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