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2012 Preview: Cincinnati Bengals

Safe to say the 2011 Cincinnati Bengals had a great season.  I cannot think of anyone who had these Bengals playoff bound at the beginning of the season.  With a rookie QB and WR, most thought it was just a typical rebuilding year for the Bengals.  Last year we were introduced to the tandem of Andy Dalton and AJ Green who both had phenomenal rookie seasons after what was considered a major shake up in the team’s franchise.  Kudos to Marvin Lewis for hanging in there and starting to make the turn with this franchise (once again).  Often (actually always) this team plays the background to the Steelers and Ravens franchises.  I think the 2012 Bengals may give fans something to be proud of in 2012.  Here is more about the 2012 Cincinnati Bengals:

Fantasy Football Studs:  Wide Receiver AJ was drafted in the first round by the Bengals and he did not disappoint as a rookie.  1057 yards and 7 TDs is respectable.  Hopefully the sophomore slump is nonexistent for both him and Andy Dalton.  Dalton had his highs and lows just like any rookie QB but he also had a respectable rookie year.  Won’t jump out and say “stud” but he had a decent rookie year also. 

Area of Strength:  The Defense was stubborn in 2011, allowing on average 20 points per game.  There is was some questions in the secondary and one change was adding former Cowboy Terrance Newman…I won’t comment on that. Another upgrade was first round draft pick Dre Kirkpatrick, CB out of Alabama.  Where this defense will get really nasty is rushing the passer!  I hope Big Ben, Flacco and Weeden (yep) are ready.

Area of Weakness: I hate to question the run game, but I have to admit I’m worried.  Its understandable the Bengals are not the biggest fan of off the field drama possessing Cedric Benson.  I’m just not really sure Benjarvis Green-Ellis is the answer.  I think BGE has bursts of greatness.  However sometimes he has been just “so-so”.  Last year for the Patriots BGE did not have his best year.  Granted, when you play on a team with Tom Brady and remarkable TEs and Wes Welker, its hard to find a need to run.  Still last year BGE only had 667 yards and a respectable 11 TDs.  I ‘m sure he would be utilized more here in Cincy but I’m still a bit concerned….

2012 Marquee Matchups:  They have a pretty rough schedule but it’s in patches.  December looks to be what could make or break the Bengals.  Weeks 13-17 the Bengals play in order: San Diego, Dallas, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore.  It will be interesting to see how many of those games result in a Bengals W.

All Things Cincinnati Bengals:  There are a few ways to keep up with the Bengals, here are a few: 

Apps:  Cincinnati Bengals Mobile for iPhone (by Bengals/YinzCam) ; Cincinnati.com Football ( by Cincinnati.com)

Blogs:  Cincy Jungle http://www.cincyjungle.com/ ; Stripe Hype http://stripehype.com/ ; Bengals Gab http://www.bengalsgab.com/

Fan Clubs: In addition to the Cincinnati Bengals official fan club found on bengals.com under fanzone, the Bengals have 2 other cool fan clubs we like:  Bengals United Fan Club http://www.bengalsunited.com/  and Who Dey Fanshttp://whodeyfans.com/


Big Wins in Week 10

Let’s start with the first match up of the year between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Andy Dalton has only faced one really top notch defense this year in the San Francisco 49ers. I was extremely interested to see how the young guy would fair.  It was good to see he still had chemistry and could rely on fellow rookie AJ Green.  The real issue is that Dalton did not receive the benefit of a Cincy running game at all. Down 17-24 in the start of the 4th quarter…the poor guy throws 2 INTs instead of orchestrating the big come back.  The Steelers on the other hand had a HUGE day on the road.  After the big loss to Baltimore at home at Heinz field last week, many (not I) doubted the Steelers ability to bounce back.  That defense that everyone thinks is too old to get the job done closed out Sunday’s game.  After the pitiful loss handed to Baltimore fromSeattle…the Steelers are back on top of the division. 

 The next team that had the opportunity to stand up to their bully was the Detroit Lions.  Week 5, the Lions travelled to Chicago for MNF and they got a win!  Javhid Best “ran on their head” (163 rushing yards) that game.  Yesterday, the Lions host Chicago and they let Devin Hester RUN!  Let’s keep it real-at some point or another, teams make that mistake.  What made the difference in the Lions getting smacked down yesterday was the 4 INTs throw by Stafford…then a fight breaks out…but it was too late…I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the Lions’ playoff hopes.  They got off to a hot start.  However, they have Green Bay in  their division (who they still have to play twice, starting on Thanksgiving Day), Chicago with who they split games, and then the Saints coming up too…It’s going to be difficult. Continue reading

He Said: What’s up Philip Rivers?

Last season, I made a huge argument that Philip Rivers needed to be strongly considered for NFL MVP.  Yeah, I knew he wouldn’t win, mainly because San Diego was so bad.  But despite how terrible the Chargers were, Rivers had one his best year statistically, and had numbers that rivaled Brady, Manning, and Vick.  He threw for over 4700 yards and 30 TDs compared to the actual MVP, Tom Brady, who threw for 3900 yards and 36 TDs.  I wrote during the off season that Rivers was going to have a huge year and based on that assessment, he was bound for and MVP-like year, AND that he was going to be a must for your Fantasy line-ups.  I targeted this guy in all of my Fantasy drafts, nabbing him in two of my leagues.  I was sure that Rivers was going to lead me to another Fantasy championship……

Man, was I wrong!

This guy has been killing me and other owners Fantasy owners all across the world who felt as I felt.  Rivers has just to have a good all around game.  I will admit, he’s doing a decent job in yardage (averaging almost 300 yards per game)  but I’m in standard scoring leagues.  Touchdowns are paramount.  And speaking of TDs, in 7 games, he’s hit paydirt just 7 times.  In 2 of the games, he put up a DONUT!  That’s not gonna win you many Fantasy matchups.  Now all of sudden, Rivers has a turnover problem.  He already has 11 INTs.  He had 13 all last year.  And he’s fumbled 6 times losing 3 to the opposing teams.  This is not the guy that I championed last year for MVP.  This is not the guy I bragged about this summer as an elite QB.  This is not the guy I thought I was drafting in my Fantasy leagues.  Who is this guy/  I will tell you:  He’s a BUST, right along with Chris Johnson, Ocho, and Peyton Hillis.  But what do I do?  Do I ride it out with this guy, or am I forced to turn to Andy Dalton or Mark Sanchez?  You see what you do to me Philip Rivers!!!!  I’m a defending champion that was trying to make it to the playoffs.  (PLAYOFFS?!?! I’m just trying to win a game!!!!)  Who out here feels my pain?  Am I overreacting……


Well, week 8 is in the books, and the playoff picture is getting really crazy.  As noted by my partner in last weeks post, the ladies hold 4 of the 6 playoff spots now.  Since I just took another L, I’m barely holding on to a spot in the post season.  I have to give props to Team Bring It for stomping a mud hole in my team, dropping me to a 4-4 record.  I need to get it together! 

I on the other hand am proud of another cheap win.  I beat my bestie (STAR STUDDED) who had Aaron Rogers on bye. YAY ME!  The crazy thing is, in spite of her loss, she still managed to move UP from 5th to 4th in the league thanks to an L from DNasty. I am holding on to dear life for that #6 playoff spot!  I need all the wins I can get! Continue reading


I’m very sad to say that this league is starting to be She Said Fantasy Football League. The Men lost another head to head match up and our record is now 1-2 against the Ladies (Shout out to Domin8 Trix). We are being outscored by the Women 1571 to 1505 and we are tied in overall win loss record at 6-6. We have TWO teams in the He Said Division that have yet to win a game, but I won’t mention them by name but they know who they are. I’ve been singing this same song for THREE WEEKS now: WE gotta do better, the Ladies are killing us! Continue reading

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