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She Said: 3 Thoughts This Thursday…

What a wild week in the NFL!  There has not been a dull moment since the start of Free Agency.  I wanna share these thoughts with you…

Mark Sanchez: make your next move your best move.  I really feel for Mark.  Tim Tebow coming to NY is the worst thing that could have possibly happened for Mark.   I believe the Jets front office has not really been up front with us (or Mark Sanchez for that matter).  All this talk about how they have confidence in Mark Sanchez..HUMPH!  The Jets had one of the most tumultuous locker rooms in all of the NFL last season and to bring in additional drama is confusing to me.  I know, I know-they wanna bring Tim in for Wild Cat packages…but I don’t buy that.  A QB package player is still a threat to the starting QB.  Ask Donovan McNabb!  He thought it was all rainbows and good times when Mike Vick was acquired from the Eagles.  “Oh, he’ll be an option for certain packages”  We all know how that story ended.  Skip Bayless had a funny quote today: “Mark Sanchez is a mistake maker, Tim Tebow is a play maker”.  I’m just saying,  for the sanity of JETS fans everywhere, I sincerely hope Mark has his best season. Continue reading

She Said: Watch Out for the Big Boys!

Yesterday was an interesting day at the 2012 NFL Combine.  We got to see the O linemen and Tight Ends go to work.  It amazes me every year to see fellas that are 270-310 pounds MOVE with such speed and agility! I mean wow!

Let me start with the least impressive…In fact, I will put it this way: I’m glad my team is not in desperate need of a tight end.  The TE prospects were good, but no stellar, must-have 1st rounders in this group.  According to NFL Network, only 14 guys were invited to this years’ Combine.  It was hard to find anyone to jump up and down about.  Basically we want an awesome blocker who can be another receiving option.  Many of these guys didn’t catch the ball well.  If you feel your team does need a TE, no need to panic…studs like Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski were drafted in the 2nd round.  Even Jason Witten and Jermichael Finley were drafted  in round 3. I’d imagine that’s were guys like Dwayne Allen, James Hanna (who ran a fast 4.49) and DeAngelo Peterson would go round 3. They were all just…meh Continue reading

She Said: Combine Coverage

Tomorrow kicks off the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine!  We couldn’t be more excited  to get a glance at tomorrow’s NFL superstars!  Last year we were so impressed by guys like Cam Newton and Julio Jones.  These guys took that final interview/try out seriously.  Both players had monster rookie seasons to boot! 

After checking Combine coverage on NFL Network and ESPN, I have learned all the top players most folks will discuss.  I’m more excited about seeing players who are not on everyone’s radar…guys who will not go in the first round, but maybe do well enough to increase their chances in the 2nd and 3rd round.  Of course, D and I are EXTREMELY interested in looking at play makers who can contribute to our favorite teams (mine, the Redskins and his the Cowboys).  

We are going to have some fun!  Live coverage of the Combine starts Saturday Feb. 25th. We will be watching Combine coverage and sharing with  you our thoughts! In addition to blog posts, catch us on Twitter (@he_shesaidfball). 

She Said: What a weekend!

I think we can all agree the holiday season is a busy time of year for all of us!  Well in addition to the holiday hoopla (shopping, parties, etc) we both joined some friends in a fitness challenge.  Our fitness group (Having Fitness Is The New Sexy), started on December 5th.  It challenges everyone to not wait for the New Year (again) to take their health and fitness seriously.  Due to the decline of the college football season, we decided to walk a half marathon in DC prior to heading out to watch the Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Bucs Saturday Night. Continue reading

She Said: Team Beans for Christmas

Not every football loving lady wears a jersey to the game.  In fact, if they are anything like me, a jersey is the last thing to wear when watching the game (especially a pink one).  For years, there were limited options regarding Game Day attire for female fans.  Today is a new day!  Retailers are starting to recognize that just because ladies watch football with the guys, doesn’t mean ladies want to look like the guys!   I’m always on the hunt for jersey alternatives to wear on Game Day.  My approach to Game Day attire is to incorporate how I dress my everyday life. 

Black Friday I went searching for the Christmas gifts for the ones I love.  Naturally, I found one thing I absolutely HAD to buy for myself! While on  I found this Team Beans NFL Pashmina.  As soon as I saw it, I thought Merry Christmas to me!   Let me tell you, it gets pretty chilly at football games this time of year.  There is nothing more essential or stylish to rep your team than this.  It’s THE perfect gift for a Fabulous Fan!   Of course because I love the Washington Redskins, I got this one.   There is one for all 32 teams.

There are several cute ways to wear this accessory.  Here’s how I rock mine: 

Trust me, it will be her favorite gift this season…no matter how her team is performing on the field.  

She Said: Free Agents Only

We met at a football game.  Before we started officially “dating” we met up to watch a lot of football games.  We have so many friends (ladies and fellas) on Facebook and Twitter who are very passionate about sports.  These are all the reasons we started writing this blog.  We thought it would be a lot of fun.  We also thought it would give us an outlet to discuss sports with other people.  We are the type of people who will strike up a sports conversation with random people at the bar, on the metro, at a cookout, in Starbucks, in church…you get the idea.

Sure, there are social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  Did you know there is a social media outlet for Sports fans?  It’s called Free Agents Only.  On FreeAgentsOnly.Com you can meet other people who share a common love for sports.  This site has several features that I like: Top Sports Stories, a live Twitter-esque time line, groups based on sports interest, and the blog “View from the Sidelines”.

It’s free and easy to join…and with over 15,000 members that love sports…some is talking trash about their team for sure!

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