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She Said: My Football Bachelorette Weekend

In case you were wondering:  We are NOT having a football themed wedding.  Still, I love a good theme party!  I have to give credit to my girlfriends.  They did a great job helping me celebrate this transition in my life.  I’m not a fan of the typical Bachelorette Weekend: male strippers and wild partying.  I am however ALL ABOUT great fun, food (yes drinks), and football.  My girls got it exactly right!

All of my girlfriends on this trip do not like football (3 of us can’t get enough, the other 3 could care less), so we didn’t go overboard. Plus, this is the preseason we are talking about.  Last weekend kicked off in rivalry fashion.  My friend who loves the Dallas Cowboys got her nails painted Blue and Silver–I’m sure just to irk me!  As soon as I hugged her hello at the airport, I noticed them…  

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She Said: 5 questions from the HOF Preseason Game

1.  Were you really worried about Drew Brees moving the chains with no Sean Payton?

2.  Who else was impressed with the Saints running game?

3.  Could it have gotten any worse for Kevin Kolb?

4.  How much to do you now miss NFL officials?

5.  Did you watch past the 1st quarter?

She Said: I’m Reading “War Room”

After watching “A Football Life: Bill Belichick” on the NFL Network, I knew I wanted to learn more about Belichick and his success.  During warmer months (maybe since there are no football games to watch), I love to relax by reading.  I came across this book, “WAR ROOM: The Legacy of Bill Belichick and the Art of Building the Perfect Team”

“War Room” chronicles the work of Bill Belichick and his way of acquiring talent to build an NFL empire.  Belichick has a skill for putting together a team of not just players, but also scouts and coaches.  Many of his former assistant coaches you know, like Charlie Weis, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, and Josh McDaniels.  For everyone Belichick has lost to another team, his system is set up so the next man can step right up!  What I loved most about this book is how it shows the fine line between business relationships and personal relationships.  One example is the fall out between Mangini and Belichick before and most certainly after the Spygate scandal.  During this time, the wives and children of these guys remained close, coming over for dinners and sitting together in owner’s suites. Continue reading

She Said: Great Day to be a Redskins Fan

Just 2 days after he was drafted by the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III made his way to the nation’s capital.  There were reportedly 19,000 people waiting to welcome him.  I was one of them.  We arrived to Fed Ex Field 3o minutes prior to the start of the Washington Redskins Draft Party and joined a sea of burgundy and gold clad fans! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, people from all walks of life were out there ready to celebrate the Redskins.

Before taking the field for the RGIII press conference, I attended the Draft Party event hosted by the Women of Washington (WOW) Redskins. WOW Redskins is a fan club just for the ladies.  Boy, did I have a great time!  Not only did I get a chance to network with some incredibly wonderful, football savvy ladies; but I also met a few Washington Redskins.  My favorite of the bunch was Ryan Kerrigan, last year’s 1st round pick of the Redskins.

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She Said: Thanking Nike this Thursday

The most exciting NFL related event this week was the Nike launch of the new NFL uniforms.  I was not among the privileged to go to the launch event live in NYC.  As a result, I refreshed Twitter a thousand times trying to keep up with all the live tweets of the event to see pictures and such.  Nike deserves a lot of credit.  There was a lot of hype for this event.  The hype continued during this launch.  The launch started at 11am and it was close to 12 before we got to see the goods!  After all the fuss, the uniforms for the most part pretty much look the same.  Don’t get me wrong, the uniforms look great.  I love the sleeker design, but there were not the drastic changes I was expecting.  Clearly I feel victim to the leaked photos on the internet showing other design prototypes.    The best part of the uniforms were the gloves (love them!) and the shoes.  Accessories! Nike knows how to impress a girl like me!  Give me some sexy accessories any day-they make the outfit!  Continue reading

She Said: Donovan McNabb on First Take This Thursday

My 3 Things This Thursday all involve Donovan McNabb on ESPN’s First Take.  I can’t lie, I was fired UP watching the show today.

Last Thursday I wrote that Donovan would be the go-to person regarding the Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow situation because Donovan experienced a similar situation when Mike Vick came to Philly as a “package QB”.  So when I turned on First Take this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see Donovan on and wanted to hear what he had to say regarding that topic.  Donovan felt that Sanchez wouldn’t lose his job…apparently experience is not the greatest teacher in this case.  Donovan stuck to how he asked Andy Reid about Mike Vick coming to play.  Donovan felt this situation was different because Michael Vick was coming out of jail and I’m guessing he did not believe Michael Vick would take his job.  Donovan says he had to leave Philly because of money.  Vick, Kolb, and McNabb all had one year left but because he (Donovan) was owed the most money, he was the one to go…More on that in a minute. Donovan told Skip he does not regret recommending Mike Vick to Andy Reid.  According to Donovan, Mark Sanchez has nothing to worry about.  Continue reading

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