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The man of He Said She Said Football. I'm a die hard fan of America's Team: The Dallas Cowboys. I'm heavy into Fantasy Football, game day eats, and The U football.

He Said: 32 Questions I Need Answered!

It’s official:  Our favorite players are heading back to work for the 2012-2013 NFL Season!  I’m excited, but I also have concerns.

Atlanta Falcons:  How will the loss of Lofa Tatupu effect the Falcon defense?  Tatupu was placed on season ending IR yesterday. Arizona Cardinals:  Which quarterback will be throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald?  Apparently the team is split down the middle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

Baltimore Ravens:  Is this the year that Joe Flacco becomes an elite QB?  This summer Flacco declared himself the best NFL QB.  On top of that, Ron Jaworski put him on the list of top quarterbacks.

Buffalo Bills:  Will Fred Jackson rebound after a season ending injury halted his breakout season?  Last week, the Bills announced that Jackson will be sharing the load with CJ Spiller.

Carolina Panthers:  Does OL Ryan Khalil know something that the rest of us don’t know?  Just today, Khalil made a shocking statement that the Panthers will win the Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals:  Will Andy Dalton and AJ Green build on their rookie year, or will they hit a sophomore slump?  Dalton threw for 20 TDs and Green had over 1000 yards receiving.

Chicago Bears:  Will Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall rekindle the flame they lit while in Denver?  They both had their best statistical years in the Mile High City.

Cleveland Browns:  Has Mike Holmgren found his new franchise QB in Brandon Weeden? Holmgren had special relationships with Brett Favre in Green Bay, and Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle. Continue reading

He Said: She Said YES!

He Said: I’m Going Back to College

I’m a huge football fan.  I grew up watching and playing the sport religiously.  A football player was the second thing I wanted to be when I was a little kid, right after policeman.  Every Sunday I was in front of the television, and when I got old enough to stay up, I watched Monday Night Football.  All that time, I never realized that there was football being played on Saturdays too.  

Growing up in Washington, DC, there were no college football powerhouses, no big rivalries, no national title contenders.  I didn’t get to be a part of any big college football games like folks did in Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, or Florida.  Even when I got to college at Liberty University, the biggest schools that we played were Villanova, Carson-Newman, and Delaware State.  Not exactly powerhouses of college football.  I occasionally watched Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma Sooners or the Jimmy Johnson Miami Hurricanes, which eventually became my favorite college team, but it wasn’t the NFL. Continue reading

He Said: A Cowboys Fan in a Redskins World

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1977.  During that time, I was living in Portsmouth, VA.  I was born and have spent most of my life in the Washington, DC area.  It has been a tough ride being a Cowboys fan in a Redskins world.  Since I am a proud fan, I rep my team.  I always get challenged and questioned as to why I’m a Dallas fan:  “Have you ever been to Dallas?   Where are you from?  Name a player other Tony Romo! Where do the Cowboys play?”  It’s crazy to hear the same old mundane questions.  I actually think Redskins fans know more about my team than they do about their own team based on the questions I get.  I do have to admit that some bandwagon Cowboys fans misrepresent us with their lack of knowledge and unwillingness to support the team in hard times.  But for tried and true fans like myself, it has been a pleasure to cheer on America’s Team week after week, win or lose. Continue reading

He Said: I’d Love RGIII to Go 1st!

The Indianapolis Colts have gone on record saying Andrew Luck is not a guaranteed Number 1 overall draft pick.  Let me go on record saying: That’s fine with me!  I’d love RGIII to be a Colt.  Here are 5 reasons why:

1.  The Colts have a winning tradition and have built a very strong franchise, and even though Robert Irsay acted like a CLASS A jerk for the way he treated Peyton Manning, he does not want to lose.  Especially after last year’s dreadful season when they finished with a 2-14 record.  Mainly, he wants to show the world that he is smarter than everyone, and can be successful without Manning.  I’m not taking anything away from Andrew Luck, but RGIII will bring excitement back to that organization.  He will win back the fans that they lost last season and lost during the office season with the Peyton drama.  RGIII gives the Colts the best chance of winning now.

2.  The NFL is changing.  With the success of players like Michael Vick, Cam Newton, and even Tim Tebow, teams are looking for the extra dimension of a quarterback that can take off and run.  I’m not implying that the pure pocket passer will become obsolete, but most teams are now looking for a QB that can air it out with accuracy and run for a 40 yard gain.  RGIII can give you that. Continue reading

He Said: Playmaker Potential

With the final day of the Combine in the books, I want to take the time to interject some of my observations about the “sexy” skill players: QBs, RBs, WRs, an CBs specifically.  But before I dig in, I have to say that I always enjoy the Combine.  It’s one of my favorite times of the NFL off season.  It’s the prelude to the upcoming season.  Who can’t get excited about that?

I know that everybody is talking about RGIII and Andrew Luck, and they are who we thought they were.  But first, is Indy better off without Peyton and putting their future in the hands of Luck.  And is RGIII worth the number of draft picks that its going to take to get that second pick from St. Louis.  The last I heard was its going to take 2 number 1s, 2 number 2s and a number 3 to get that pick from the Rams.  Jeff Fisher, take that deal.  I guarantee you will win a Super Bowl before the team that gives up all of the picks for Griffin.  There’s not a lot to say about any other QBs at the Combine mainly because none of them didn’t particularly impress.  In fact the only other probable 1st round QB, Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M, wasn’t even at the Combine.  However, there were a few bright spots from Houston’s Case Keenum, Kellen Moore from Boise St., and Jacory Harris from the U.  But they won’t be drafted higher than the 3rd round. Continue reading

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