She Said: Emotional Monday Morning Quarterbacking

For those of you new to our blog (thanks for reading by the way), I am a fan of the Washington Redskins.   For the overwhelming majority of my adult life, this has not been a fun fact.  I’ve grown accustomed to being nervous every single Sunday watching the Redskins play.  I am also used to “fans” falling in and out of love with the team.  For over a decade, I’ve listened to sports talk radio.  Fans for the Washington Redskins (including yours truly) are emotionally unstable.  Every week, it seems like we are calling for someone to get fired or cut.  After the first 4 games of 2012 alone, I’ve heard for the firing/cutting of both Mike and Kyle Shannahan, Danny Smith (special teams coach),  WR Josh Morgan, CB DeAngelo Hall, and new to this list: kicker Billy Cundiff.  

Typically, I believe in giving players/coaches multiple chances and opportunities to perform well before I jump out there and yell “GET RID OF HIM!”.  Even a few weeks ago when seemingly all of Redskins nation wanted to cut Josh Morgan for his mental mistake in St. Louis, I kept pretty level-headed.  Well friends…yesterday I was one of the crazies!  After watching Billy Cundiff miss 3 field goals before making the game winner, I was enraged!  Even though Cundiff hit the game winner, I still wanted the Redskins to board the plane home and leave Cundiff in Tampa.  Like seriously Leave. Him. There.  

Riding in to work this morning, I listened to sports talk on 2 different local stations and there was a lot of debate regarding Cundiff.  People wanted the Redskins to bring back the previous terrible kicker, Graham Gano–which I can’t imagine.  As I’ve had a few hours to calm down, I’m back to the reality that there is a process in acquiring a new kicker.  Guys have to try out (more than likely guys who, like Cundiff have been cut from other teams) and we may not really get a better kicker-at least not someone significantly better.  In this afternoon press conference, Coach Shanahan said they don’t have plans to bring in kickers to try out this week.  This issue, like the weak secondary are issues that I will stress over the entire NFL season.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking happens on every show, all across the country, all week long.  But the most irrational comments and suggestions happen on Monday because people are so emotional.  I wonder how many other fans have calmed down, allowed the dust to settle and changed their minds.  

Did I mention, the Redskins actually won yesterday? 

Do you find yourself irrational about your team on Mondays?

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