Wi-Fi, Injuries, Wild Endings and Other Fans

What a wild weekend in the NFL!  There were upsets, shoot-outs, close calls, questionable calls, and OTs.  It was definitely something for everyone (unless your team happens to be one of the teams that lost).  

We watched the early games at The Green Turtle in Arlington, VA.  We are moving to the area in 2 weeks so we wanted to explore sports bars in our neighborhood (there are MANY).  The atmosphere was awesome, but there is one major flaw for this place.  They did not have Wi-Fi.  I’m not a picky person, but as a NFL fan and Fantasy Football owner, I expect a sports bar to have Wi-Fi in 2012.  There were fans of many teams so it was cool to hear people yelling about different games.

There was a Lions fan directly in front of us and he could barely breathe.  This guy was full of emotions-rightfully so.  I wanted to feel bad for him when the Lions actually lost in OT, but I was distracted by the Skins loss myself.  Sitting to the right of us was a Jets fan.  He was another one yelling on every other play, taking his hat off and putting it back on, standing up and sitting down.  The nerves of fans.  It’s a sight to see. 

There were also some devastating injuries that could have huge impacts for some teams for the rest of the season.  The hottest player this season has been Bills RB CJ Spiller.  Since filling in for Fred Jackson, Spiller has been the player that the Bills thought he was.  So it had to be silence for Buffalo fans when Spiller was knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury.  Also lost for the day were Lions QB Matthew Stafford with a leg injury, Dolphins RB Reggie Bush with an injured knee, and Cowboys Safety Barry Church, who is lost for the year with a torn ACL.  These are big losses for their respective teams. The most disturbing injury was Raiders leading receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, who was knocked unconscious after a devastating collision in the end zone.  It was very scary watching the receiver lay still why the trains were working to revive him.  As bad as the Heyward-Bey injury seemed, it looks like he will be fine and could return to play at some point this season.  The same can’t be said for All Pro CB Derrelle Reis who may be lost for the year with his own ACL injury.  Injuries are a big part of this game and will continue to be so, but their impact can be not only devastating to the player and their team, it affects the fans just as much.

The final game of the night between the Patriots and Ravens was as great as I hoped.  Our prayers for comfort and strength go to Torrey Smith and his family on the home-going of his younger brother.  He balled!  What a courageous effort in such a time of adversity.  That kick at the end of the game still has me scratching my head.  One thing I know for sure: Bill Belichick should certainly see a fine today.  At the end of the game, he ran up on one of the “referees” and grabbed him to follow up about the controversial kick.  You can’t grab all up on the “refs” like that man.  I don’t care if you are Bill B.

There were a couple of people who made us chuckle today too.  We have an agreed upon pet peeve.  We hate when fans wear jerseys from another team that is not playing.  For example if Dallas is playing the Redskins at Cowboys Stadium, it’s silly to see someone show up with a Ravens jersey on.  Drives us nuts.  Another pet peeve is when people wear jerseys that are no longer relevant.  I understand you paid the money for it, but if the player is not a HOF player and they are no longer on the team, you look silly wearing the jersey.  I’d rather you not wear any game day attire.  But that’s just us.  Here are 2 people who made us shake our heads. 

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