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If you participate as an owner in a fantasy football league, it’s not hard to imagine that fantasy football is kind of a new thing, or at least newer than you might think. In actuality, fantasy football became very popular starting in the early 1990s, and really came into its own during the “dot-com” boom of the late ’90s, but in fact it’s been around in one form or another since 1962.

Its genesis can be traced to New York City’s Milford Plaza Hotel when Peter Staunton, a limited-partner in the Oakland Raiders, Keith O’Brien, a former Raiders public relations executive, and Scotty Sterling, a former reporter crafted the rules and created the GOPPPL, also known as the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League.

Fifty-years later, fantasy football is big bucks, big technology, big prizes, and big fun for everyone involved. In fact, there are several magazine, radio shows, and extremely professional and useful websites dedicated to the weekly football contest that boasts more than 45 million annual participants.

Here’s a look at some of the top Fantasy Football resources that used to be on cable television but have since made their way to the World Wide Web, giving them round the clock access to a global base of participants. and “Fantasy Football Live”

For all things football, it’s impossible to do better than When it comes to their fantasy football offering, leagues and league owners have literally everything at their disposal including information on every team and player, expert analysis, and everything necessary to create and manage a league, no matter how simple or complex.

Fantasy footballers who frequent can catch new installments of the NFL Network “Fantasy Football Live” streaming videos for the latest in trades, key players on the waiver wire, injury updates, sleeper picks, and heading into the start of the NFL season timely advice on starting lineups, including in-depth analysis of each position and matchups on the other side of the ball.

The link above will take you directly to’s fantasy resources, including their streaming show, “Fantasy Football Live.”

 ESPN Daily Podcast “Fantasy Focus Football”

Sports’ broadcasting giant ESPN has been in the fantasy football business for a very long time, and has access to all the data and expert analysis second only to the NFL itself.

Their online streaming content includes daily podcast, “Fantasy Focus Football.” The daily podcasts are hosted by Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry, with guest spots from athletes and other fantasy experts like Stephania Bell, who delivers concise and timely information on injury to key players.

Follow the link above to all of ESPN’s fantasy football resources, including their daily podcast, “Fantasy Focus Football.” “Fantasy Football Today” was one of the original online fantasy football resources that offered leagues and league owners a home. In fact, many paper-based leagues moved their management to in an attempt to no longer have to do the math and scoring by hand each week.

The link above takes you to the homepage of “Fantasy Football Today,” with live episodes six days a week, including 12-1 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday, and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. & 8-9 p.m. Sunday (all times are Eastern Time). The show is hosted by senior fantasy writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, and Nathan Zegura.

Follow the show and chat about it on Twitter or the chat interface provided during the show. Catch it all at the link above.

 Yahoo! Sports “Fantasy Football Live”

Like, Yahoo! Sports jumped into the online fantasy football business early in the game, creating a loyal following of league owners year in and year out. They provide resources that allow owners to fully analyze each player, look at scheduling dynamics and player matchups, and even cash leagues for some bling at the end of the season.

Each Sunday during the NFL season, Yahoo! Sports brings you “Fantasy Football Live” starting at 12 p.m. ET and 9 a.m. PT. The Emmy nominated show is hosted by fantasy experts Brandon Funston, Brad Evans, Chris Liss, and John Weisbarth.

Get insightful information about the dynamics of the day’s matchups, starting lineups, late changes that could make or break your day, and up-to-the-minute injury updates that could have an impact on your proposed lineup.

Click the link above for one of the timeliest and most informative fantasy football shows in the internet, “Fantasy Football Live” from Yahoo! Sports.

No matter where you go for your weekly web-based fantasy football shows, you’ll find all the resources you need—including apps for your Android and iOS smartphones and devices—to have a winning season. Heck, even if you lose you still had a blast!

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