Saturday September 1st…

Cue Ice Cube:  Today was a good day.  

It felt great to get up (run a few miles then get coffee) and watch College Game Day on ESPN.  I also had my first Fantasy Football draft of the season.  For the most part I think my draft was decent.  I’m most excited about having Matthew Stafford as my starting QB.  Typically I draft staples like Brees, Brady, Rodgers, or a Manning…It’s amazing how this year QBs are getting taken sooner than ever before.  I blame it on the lack of consistent skill players out there. I digress.  Another thing I’ve noticed: the stress of drafting never subsides.  Year after year, draft after draft–it never goes how I planned.  That also happens to be what I love about Fantasy Football drafts.  I have been playing for years with some of the same people and they never cease to amaze me on draft day.  Even when I think I know their strategy (he always drafts Eagles etc), a few surprises always come up.  

I also a Fantasy Football draft this afternoon.  This is my third draft of the season in a 10 team standard league on Yahoo.  I had the 8th pick in a snake draft.  Not the most attractive pick.  If I had my choice, I would take the 10 th pick in this kind of league.  Those back to back picks are the best.  Anyway, I did ok with the eighth pick.  I found a cool website,, that will rate your draft for you.  According to them, I have a 99% chance of making the playoffs.  I will let you know how I do.

Now that we have the drafts completed,  you would think we could work on our wedding dinner menu and send out invites in peace while watching the Canes right?  WRONG!  College game days are great for us because we don’t root for opposing teams like we do for the NFL.  For us, It’s all about the U!  The Canes played Boston College.  It was a big season opener for a young Canes team on the road against a big opponent. Miami came out pretty flat and got down early 14-0.

Then came the Duke Johnson!  True freshman Johnson had his coming out party today against Boston College.  I’m not sure, but he may have had the best debut performance in a college football game in recent years, and I am so happy he belongs to my Canes.  The Miami native had 7 carries for 135 yards and 2 TDs.  It wasn’t just what he did, but how he did it.  He used speed, agility and power. Lethal combinations that the Canes have been missing for years.  This kid is a monster.  Mark my words, he’ll have a Heisman before the end of his college career.  Our defense had a long day.  The game went down to the wire with a controversal call on the 1 yard line on a 4th and goal play.  Let me clear things up:  The ball did not make it into the end zone.

Oh yeah, our Canes won!

Finally the Cowboys Classic:  Michigan vs Alabama.  Whelp. Before I get into that, did you see the Clemson vs Auburn Game?  Now that was the game of the night!  In the end T. Boyd and the Tigers pulled it out.  There were many comments (on Twitter of course) about how uncanny the similarity between the Auburn defense and the Atlanta Falcon defense…hmmmmmm.  As far as the Michigan/Bama game…lets just confirm the SEC is still dominating NCAA football.  At least that’s how it looks for now.  By the 2nd quarter the score was 21-0.  It’s tough to say what went well for Michigan. In the 3rd quarter, QB Denard Robinson suffered what looked to be  a back injury.  Bless his heart, trying to reach for a 1st down that his team desperately needed.  He was not knocked out of the game though, he came back.  His effort like the game was a lost cause.

Today was the kind of Saturday that makes it okay summer is almost over.  A great way to kick off September and the college football season! We hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

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