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Our Week 4 Picks

She has a lot of work to do to catch up…

Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 3 2012

A wild week indeed!  After 3 weeks, we have another new leader in our Fantasy Football League.  Before we reveal our results, here are 10 things about Week 3 fantasy performances:

1.  Chris Johnson is useless

2.  Torrey Smith BALLED Sunday night!  Praying for his family

3.  Will Tashard Choice be viable in place of Jackson and Spiller?

4.  I knew it would be a big week for AJ Green 😦

5.  I may have spoke too soon about Larry Fitzgerald.

6.  Heeeeeeeeey  Jamaal Charles…I see you!

7.  Dez Bryant is the best offensive weapon the Cowboys have.

8.  MJD back like he left something.

9.  Will Mike Vick be benched?

10.  I still believe in you Cam. 

Congrats to the ladies taking that #1 spot back from the fellas!.  This week we have Battle of the Sexes match ups across the board.  Good luck!

Wi-Fi, Injuries, Wild Endings and Other Fans

What a wild weekend in the NFL!  There were upsets, shoot-outs, close calls, questionable calls, and OTs.  It was definitely something for everyone (unless your team happens to be one of the teams that lost).  

We watched the early games at The Green Turtle in Arlington, VA.  We are moving to the area in 2 weeks so we wanted to explore sports bars in our neighborhood (there are MANY).  The atmosphere was awesome, but there is one major flaw for this place.  They did not have Wi-Fi.  I’m not a picky person, but as a NFL fan and Fantasy Football owner, I expect a sports bar to have Wi-Fi in 2012.  There were fans of many teams so it was cool to hear people yelling about different games.

There was a Lions fan directly in front of us and he could barely breathe.  This guy was full of emotions-rightfully so.  I wanted to feel bad for him when the Lions actually lost in OT, but I was distracted by the Skins loss myself.  Sitting to the right of us was a Jets fan.  He was another one yelling on every other play, taking his hat off and putting it back on, standing up and sitting down.  The nerves of fans.  It’s a sight to see.  Continue reading

Our Week 3 Picks

Looks like things will get interesting late…

Ladies vs. Fellas: Week 2 2012

Nice work to the fellas–way to claim that #1 spot!  Before we reveal the results for our league this week.  Here are a few notes on NFL players…

Fred Jackson might not have a job when he returns.

The Matt Ryan Fantasy Bandwagon has arrived!

Larry Fitzgerald is going to ask for a trade.

Danny Amendola tho?

Don’t give up on Peyton or Brees just yet.

With the exception of DEF/ST, the Bears vs. Packers game was a fantasy nightmare.

Who is Andre Brown and should Ahmad Bradshaw and David Wilson be worried?

Alfred Morris (your best fantasy pick up from last week) is still doing it.

Get to know Nick Foles, because Michael Vick will not last much longer. 

I saw the USC Reggie Bush Sunday.

The fellas have taken over the #1 spot this week!

We’ve Had Enough Roger…

Today was a day filled with many surprises: the Cowboys were blown out by the Seahawks, the Saints are 0-2 after a bad loss to Cam and the Panthers, Steven Jackson benched (Coach Fisher later said it was groin injury), and a Manning not named Peyton threw for over 500 yards.  There’s a lot to talk about after a week that started with the crybaby antics of Jay Cutler.

Even with the various storylines that dominated Week 2 of the NFL, the biggest story to me had to be about the officials.  It all started this morning with stories about a linesman that was removed from the officiating crew for the New Orleans-Carolina game.  It turns out that the man is a huge Saints fan.  In fact, his Facebook page is full of photos of him decked out in Who Dat garb.  The NFL not only removed him from the game, but also had the man shutdown his FB page.  Question:  how did Sheriff Roger and his deputies let this happen?  Aren’t background checks done on these replacement refs?  If that isn’t bad enough, the bevy of bad calls and missed calls marred some really good games and may have changed the outcome of some of those games.  The call where Joe Flacco hit Jacoby Jones for a perfect TD strike, and the official called offensive pass interference.  First of all, the official making the call was not in position to throw the flag especially when the back judge that was in position didn’t make the call.  The defender Nnamdi Asoumugha, pushed off first.  No Flag!  But they threw a flag on a clear No Call!?!?!  No consistency at all from these minor league officials.  I’m not suggesting that this us the sole reason for the Ravens loss, but these consistent mistakes wouldn’t happen with the real refs.   Continue reading

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