He Said: Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins Ep. 4

Last night’s installment of Hard Knocks gave an in-depth look into the human side of the NFL and what it’s like for a young player.   We first take a look at rookie QB Ryan Tannehill, who is fresh off being named the starter, ask another player about another player.  Apparently, that particular player that he asked about was cut, which was unknown to the rookie signal caller.   We see the inevitable fate of rookie TE Les Brown, who has struggled the entire preseason.  The Dolphins were banking on Brown  to be the next basketball player turned elite TE, but because of his ineptitude at blocking, he became a liability.  Brown was noticeably upset, and it was sad to see, but it definitely wasn’t the saddest part of this episode.

It’s a known fact that rookies don’t display the most intelligence for whatever reason.  Whether its immaturity or nervousness, rookies do and say some dumb things.  The saddest thing I saw last night was not a player getting cut, but watching Tannehill and is complete ignorance of all things NFL.  He claimed to have never been an NFL fan, but to not know which teams were in which conference or division? I don’t buy it.  At some point in the last two years, he would have had to know that he was being considered by NFL teams.  That’s plenty of time to learn about the NFL.  To think that KC is in the NFC East?  That’s just sad.

Another interesting fact that we learned last night was about rookie defensive lineman, Chas Alecxih.  He has fought and competed for a position on this team like the rest of the rookies, but we learned that Chas was near death a few short months ago.  He told the story of how he was jet skiing with friends in the Gulf of Mexico, and got separated from the pack.  His jet ski broke down and he jumped in the water.  The Gulf took him in and he was lost.  This guy was a goner, but he was rescued in the 11th hour.  Trying out for the NFL is nothing to this guy compared to what he went through?  Unfortunately, the Dolphins cut him, but the guy will survive……..AGAIN.

Lastly, we see Vontae Davis get traded to the Indianapolis Colts.  It was ver interesting to see Davis’ reaction.  I’m sure he heard the rumors, but he had such a bewildered look.  before he wanted to hear the particulars, before he wanted to call his agent, Vontae wanted to call his grandmother and his brother.  Very interested.  It shows that we see these guys as gladiators and warriors of the gridiron.  But these guys are human, and most of them are still kids trying to find their way.  I felt for Davis.  That’s why I love the NFL.

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