She Said: My Football Bachelorette Weekend

In case you were wondering:  We are NOT having a football themed wedding.  Still, I love a good theme party!  I have to give credit to my girlfriends.  They did a great job helping me celebrate this transition in my life.  I’m not a fan of the typical Bachelorette Weekend: male strippers and wild partying.  I am however ALL ABOUT great fun, food (yes drinks), and football.  My girls got it exactly right!

All of my girlfriends on this trip do not like football (3 of us can’t get enough, the other 3 could care less), so we didn’t go overboard. Plus, this is the preseason we are talking about.  Last weekend kicked off in rivalry fashion.  My friend who loves the Dallas Cowboys got her nails painted Blue and Silver–I’m sure just to irk me!  As soon as I hugged her hello at the airport, I noticed them…  

Before dinner, we got dressed watching the games with a little “pregame” of our own.  Friday night was one of catching up, dinner (at Cucina Asellina), and dancing (at Vanquish)!  Saturday afternoon we went accessories shopping (my favorite type of shopping by the way) and then headed to Buckhead Bottle Bar.  This was supposed to be a mid day stop, however they had the games playing.  I have other friends who live in Atlanta and they came through.  For you Love and Hip Hop Atlanta folks, we saw Lil Scrappy’s mom (I don’t watch the show but apparently she’s a big deal in the A).  So instead of moving to another sports bar (Stats or Yardhouse) as planned, we just stayed put and watched the games at Buckhead Bottle Bar.  

Now because we were in Atlanta, I was not able to really watch my Skins like I wanted.  But thanks to my friends on Facebook and all of our wonderful followers on Twitter, I feel like I didn’t miss a single snap.  Who knew they were so many commentators in the world?  If I believed every over reaction I read-I would give up being a football fan.  Luckily I’m level-headed and patient when it comes to my team (with the Redskins you have to!).  I’m glad our rookie got reps against a certified defense.  Week 1 of the preseason, he mentioned how he didn’t get touched…he needed to see the real!

D and I have this thing about taking pics at every NFL stadium.  So after a delicious Sunday brunch at Park’s Edge, I could not pass up on the opportunity to take pictures in front of the Georgia Dome–Home of the Atlanta Falcons.   

I had such a good time laughing and catching up with everyone (we live in different cities).  This certainly is not the type of bachelorette weekend many women have in mind, but this one was perfectly JMO.

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