He Said: Hard Knocks Miami Ep. 3

This weeks’ episode of Hard Knocks picks up after the Chad Johnson fiasco.  LB Karlos Dansby told the media of his disappointment in the organization not standing behind Chad.  The rest of the team apparently had mixed feelings, but I found it very interesting to see that team leaders, which consisted of Dansby, Reggie Bush, and Jake Long, meeting with Coach Philbin, about starting a “peer counseling” group to keep players on the straight and narrow.

 Chad’s absence  brings a bigger problem:  Who do the Dolphins have to fill the spot at receiver?  Last night, we saw a bevy WRs that weren’t particularly impressive.  Philbin said that his gut told him that Chad wouldn’t fit on the team.  What is his gut saying now?

The highlight of the night (if you wanna call it that), was the announcing of rookie QB Ryan Tannehill being named the starter.  We were walked through seeing Matt Moore being let down easy, and Tannehill waiting in solitude to meet with the coaches to get the news.  Anybody that has been watching Hard Knocks this season knew that this was bound to happen.

I have to say this.  When I first heard about the Dolphins being profiled, I was giddy with excitement.  But this team is boring.  There are no players that we can identify with, no particular player to root for.  I know it’s just the third episode, but I’m praying for more excitement in the upcoming episodes.

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