Guest Post: The Best Fantasy Football Cell Phone Apps of 2012

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The Best Fantasy Football Cell Phone Apps of 2012

4 fanatic-worthy apps that take action with you—wherever you go!

My husband woke up from a fantastic dream this morning—body covered in sweat big, eyes wide with anticipation, panting, his hands clammy and his racing pulse. He bounced out of that bed with every ounce of energy. It was like seeing a kid wake up on Christmas morning. But it’s August—and it’s Fantasy Football season once again!

If you’re glued to the television, radio, internet, and smart phone come Fantasy Football draft season like my husband is—do yourself a favor and get some cell phone apps to keep you updated on all of the first round picks, trash talk, and drama when you’re on the go. There’s zero need to stick to the television anymore with the following fanatic-worthy apps for the iPhone, Android, and Droid-enabled tablets and phones like our T-Mobile 4G phones.

My husband trusts the following Fantasy Football-dedicated apps for complete up-to-date news and management of his Fantasy Football teams.

1. Draft Machine 2012 – Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet ($0.99 – for iPhone)

The Draft Machine 2012 – Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet is a fully-functioning Fantasy Football draft order generator. This particular app is based on something called Value Based Drafting—which means it orders determined on the previous year’s results as well as the most recent year’s player ratings. My hubby digs this tool to help him with his picks because it takes the following into consideration:

  • The number      of people playing in your league
  • The number      of starting positions for each position
  • The number      of available starting positions in the NFL
  • Standard      league settings—including all positions (i.e., QB, WR, RB, TE, K, DEF, and      all individual defensive positions) and scoring options (i.e., from ESPN,      NFL, etc)

Taking all the details into consideration (i.e., injuries and team changes from the previous year), this app will generate a list of valuable players for your picks based upon your specific league settings.

2. Fantasy Football 2012 (Free – for Android)

The ultimate team manager, the Fantasy Football 2012 app is the ultimate football buddy. Use it to register your team from your mobile phone or device, get the latest gossip on players and injuries, add or drop players, start or bench your picks, and follow your Fantasy Football teams and scores in real time so you never miss a beat.

3. Fantasy Monster Pro – for Yahoo/ESPN football ($4.99 – for iPhone)

I know that my husband likes to use one app to manage all of his Fantasy Football teams once the season gets going. And for that purpose he utilizes Fantasy Monster Pro – for Yahoo and ESPN football—the ultimate coach, director, and executive decision maker when it comes to successful Fantasy Football teams! This app not only gives complete management abilities to the user for all Yahoo and ESPN news, gossip, and players—it puts everything in one place so you can quickly drag and drop players to edit your team lineups, trade players, consult weekly matchups, check real time scores, and hear about the latest player transactions.

4. Fantasy Football Draft Magnate ($1.50 – for Android)

The Fantasy Football Draft Magnate is a fully-interactive Fantasy Football cheat sheet. Use this friendly user interface to manage all aspects of your Fantasy Football draft with convenience and ease—including the ability to view and manage all of your teams from one spot; view real time player stats; set up a player queue; view your cheat sheet by player, position, round, or team; and edit your list by replacing or dropping your individual picks. And, my favorite thing about this app is that it’s ad-free, which means no annoying advertisements in your face when you’re getting down to serious picks.

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