He Said: 32 Questions I Need Answered!

It’s official:  Our favorite players are heading back to work for the 2012-2013 NFL Season!  I’m excited, but I also have concerns.

Atlanta Falcons:  How will the loss of Lofa Tatupu effect the Falcon defense?  Tatupu was placed on season ending IR yesterday. Arizona Cardinals:  Which quarterback will be throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald?  Apparently the team is split down the middle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton.

Baltimore Ravens:  Is this the year that Joe Flacco becomes an elite QB?  This summer Flacco declared himself the best NFL QB.  On top of that, Ron Jaworski put him on the list of top quarterbacks.

Buffalo Bills:  Will Fred Jackson rebound after a season ending injury halted his breakout season?  Last week, the Bills announced that Jackson will be sharing the load with CJ Spiller.

Carolina Panthers:  Does OL Ryan Khalil know something that the rest of us don’t know?  Just today, Khalil made a shocking statement that the Panthers will win the Super Bowl.

Cincinnati Bengals:  Will Andy Dalton and AJ Green build on their rookie year, or will they hit a sophomore slump?  Dalton threw for 20 TDs and Green had over 1000 yards receiving.

Chicago Bears:  Will Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall rekindle the flame they lit while in Denver?  They both had their best statistical years in the Mile High City.

Cleveland Browns:  Has Mike Holmgren found his new franchise QB in Brandon Weeden? Holmgren had special relationships with Brett Favre in Green Bay, and Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle.

Dallas Cowboys:  Is this the last year that Tony Romo has to prove that he is the man to lead the Cowboys back to glory?  Statistically Romo has been among the best in the NFL, but he has only been able to provide one playoff win.

Denver Broncos:  Will Peyton Manning be 100% healthy this season?  Manning considered retirement because of his severe neck injury.

Detroit Lions:  Will the Lions be able to focus after a tumultuous off season?  The Lions have had several players involved with illegal activity this summer.  They finally did something this week by releasing CB Aaron Berry, who had repeat run-ins with the law.

Green Bay Packers:  Will the Packers be better on defense?  Last season, the Packers were ranked dead last on defense while the offense was one of the best in NFL history.

Houston Texans:  Will Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson be back to top form after an injury riddled season?  Both the quarterback and receiver had shortened seasons last year because of devastating injuries.

Indianapolis Colts:  How bad will the Colts be this season?  Indy had their worst season in years last year, and sent many players packing.  They have pinned their future on the number one draft pick, Andrew Luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars:  Is this the last season for MJD in Jacksonville, and is he on the downside of his career?  Maurice Jones-Drew battled with the front office all summer, and he is planning on holding out.  He has also had a career of 300 plus touches per season,and taken a huge pounding.

Kansas City Chiefs:  Will defensive minded coach Romeo Crennel be able to develop an offensive powerhouse?  Crennel is a mastermind on D, but his teams have always struggled on the offensive side of the ball.

Miami Dolphins:  Who will be the quarterback in MIA?  The Dolphins have rookie Ryan Tannehill, and veterans David Garrard, and last year’s QB Matt Moore, competing for the starting spot.

Minnesota Vikings:  Is Adrian Peterson going to be Adrian Peterson this year?  Peterson had a near career ending injury last year.  It’s hard to say whether he will be ready by the season opener.

New England Patriots:  What will the Patriots do with Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski?  Welker has been fighting with the Patriots the entire off season over a contract extension.  The organization didn’t like the way Welker ran his mouth in the media.  Gronk has been basking in stardom, at parties, award shows and reality tv, much to the chagrin of the Pats front office.  The Pats have warned him to cool it or else.

New Orleans Saints:  Should the Saints even bother this year?  New Orleans have been embattled for months with contract disputes, Bountygate, Spygate II, suspensions, and lawsuits.  It will be interesting to see how they will perform.

New York Giants:  How will the Super Bowl champs perform this year?  The Giants were under dogs all last year and it resulted in a World Championship.  Going into this season, they aren’t even favored to win their division.

New York Jets:  Will Tim Tebow become he starting QB?  Stephen A. Smith says the “fix is in”‘ and it’s inevitable that Tebow will be the Jets signal caller.  It’s probable that Mark Sanchez will begin the season as the starter.  He struggled last year in his third year in the league.

Oakland Raiders:  Will Darren McFadden play the whole season?  McFadden has not played a full season since being drafted by the Raiders.  Last year, he only lasted 7 games because of an injury.  McFadden could be one of the best in the league i he stayed healthy.

Philadelphia Eagles:  Will Andy Reid survive this season?  Reid has been the head coach since 1999, and in charge of football operations since 2001.  He has had great success, but has only reached the Super Bowl once, and has yet to bring the city a NFL champ.  He has been vilified vehemently, and many have called for his dismissal for years.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Will new offensive coordinator and Big Ben coexist this year?  There have been reports that Roethlisburger has complained greatly with the new offensive that Haley has implemented.  Haley is famous for lashing with his star players.

San Diego Charger:  Will Norv Turner finally get fired?  Turner has underacheived as the head coach in SD, and has never been successful as a head coach in his other stints.  When will owners realize he can’t do the job?

San Francisco 49ers:  Will the Niners go all the way this year?  SF was one fumble away from a Super Bowl appearance.  They have added some offensive weapons to go along with that stifling defense.

Seattle Seahawks: Will Marshawn Lynch’s stupid mistake cost the Seahawks a playoff appearance this year?  Lynch found a new home as an elite back after struggling in Buffalo.  Last week he was arrested for DUI.

St. Louis Rams:  Has Steven Jackson hit the RB wall?  Jackson has been the primary offensive weapon for the Rams.  In recent years he has produced yards but very few points.  In his career, he has had double-digit TDs only once, and only reached pay dirt 12 times in 2 seasons.  With no deep threat, QB Sam Bradford and the Rams offensive will struggle while they pound Jackson into the ground.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Will LaGarret Blount survive training camp with the Bucs?  Blount struggled last season and the Bucs used a first round pick to draft RB Doug Martin. There is speculation that Blount could be released before the season starts.

Tennessee Titans:  Will Chris Johnson have a comeback season?  Last year, Johnson was a holdout.  He barely had 1000 yards and had a paltry 4 touchdowns.  Johnson will have to show that he’s worth the huge contract that he signed.

Washington Redskins:  Will Robert Griffin III show that he is ready for the big time?  The Skins mortgaged their future for their chosen quarterback of the future.  But the Skins have some questions of their own regarding the offensive line and their receiving corp.  This could make or break a rookie quarterback.

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