Sunday in the Skybox: NFC East

The National Football Conference-Eastern Division (NFC East) will wrap up our Sunday in the Skybox team by team 2012 Preview.  This division (composed of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins) is the division WE love the most!  For our newer readers, I am a Redskins fan and D is a Cowboys fan.  While we are often a house divided when it comes to football games on Sunday, we certainly both weren’t jumping up and down about our division foes, the NY Giants winning yet another Superbowl.  Still-we must give credit where credit is due.  The Giants went on an amazing run in 2011.  Congrats to them and their fans.  We highlight the Giants, their special 2011 run, and all they have in store for 2012 as our last team by team 2012 Preview.   As of late, the Giants have been the most successful (Superbowls 2 in 4 years) of the division.  However, overall the team with the most Lombardi Trophies is the Dallas Cowboys (that was tough to type!).

Bad Blood in this Division:  The bad blood in this division is what makes it one of the most exciting in the NFL.  None of the teams like or respect each other.  Fans of the respective teams will not give any love on the talents of players on the other teams.  Redskins fans hate Tony Romo, Cowboys fans hate Michael Vick.  And the rivalries in this division are not a joke!  Especially not to us.  As a Cowboys fan, it seems as if every other team in the entire division claims us as a rival.  Because of tradition, the city in which I live, and my lady–I hate the Washington Redskins.  I consider the Cowboys vs Redskins rivalries the most significant.  However nowadays, fans of other teams and around the league see this rivalry as a dying one.  With the Mike Vick era and the Donovan McNabb era that preceded, the Eagles vs Cowboys rivalries have turned into true battles.  The Giants have crushed the very real playoff hopes of Cowboys fans and Eagles fans plenty of times.  Every year is a nail biter. 

Division Superstars: Of the many superstars in this division, admittedly I root against most of them on Sundays.  Still this division is stacked!  Every quarterback in this division is famous:  Eli Manning, Michael Vick, Tony Romo, and even rookie Robert Griffin III are all the face of their respective franchise.  But the big names don’t stop there.  The Giants Superbowl Champion defense has star quality names such as Osi Umenyura, Jason Peirre Paul, and Justin Tuck.  The Eagles have crazy WR Deshawn Jackson, and RB LeSean McCoy.  Demarcus Ware has made a name for himself wreaking havoc on QBs all around the league.  Finally, let’s not forget the league’s most popular owner: Jerry Jones.

Superbowl Count: Yet another category I have to brag about.  Our division has plenty of trophies, and who has the most?  My Cowboys with 5!   The Giants are gaining on us with 4.  The Redskins have 3.  Those lowly Eagles fans have no championships to brag about.

Ranking Last Season: New York Giants (9-7), Philadelphia Eagles (8-8), Dallas Cowboys (8-8), Washington Redskins (5-11)

2012 Division Showdowns: Kicking off the season Week 1 Dallas at the Giants, Week 7 Washington at the Giants, Week 8 Giants at Dallas, Week 10 Dallas at Philadelphia, Week 11 Philadelphia at Washington, Week 12 Washington at Dallas (Thanksgiving Day!), Week 13 Philadelphia at Dallas and Giants at Washington, Week 16 Washington at Philadelphia, Week 17 Washington at Dallas and Philadelphia at the Giants.  Interesting how the league just piles our divisional games right up at the end.

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