2012 Preview: Tennessee Titans

The 2012 Tennessee Titans are hoping to rebound from a lackluster 2011 campaign, where they went 9-7 and spent the post season at a Nashville area sports bar with sports blogger Mike Patton.  It’s difficult to understand what the expectations  are for the Titans this year.  I guess they can say that it could be a better year since their best player, Chris Johnson, is signed and sealed and there is no possibility for a holdout, and they have their quarterback of the future, Jake Locker, who gets to sit under the tutelage of wicked vet Matthew Hasselbeck.  So it seems they are all set at QB and RB, but then there’s the Titans receiving corp, who’s best receiver Kenny Britt, has constantly battled injuries throughout his career.  Will the Tennessee defense, who lost standout corner, Courtland Finnegan, deliver?  If there was a year for the Titans to make their move, it’s now.  The Colts are rebuilding, the Jags are without an identity, and the Texans are ripe for the picking with a shaky defense.  Will the Titans take advantage?  Here is more from the 2012 Tennessee Titans.

Fantasy Football Studs:    Remember when it was easy to just say Chris Johnson?  CJ2K?  Let’s face it:  CJ has been a long way from 2000 yards (well, just two years), but he’s still a stud.  He’s still a 1000 yard rusher, he still has world-class speed, and he is still the only stud on the Titans roster.  You would like to able to count on Britt, but can you? Not really.  In Kenny Britt’s absence, Nate Washington, emerged as the number one receiver, and in fact, had his first 1000 yard season in his 7 year career.  But can you really count on him?  We’ll see.

Area of Strength:  The area of strength for the Titans? I’m at a loss for words.  Is it the running game?  Could be.  Is it the passing game?  Probably not.  The receivers?  Definitely not.  In saying this, the Titans are not a strong team, but they aren’t weak either.  There is nothing discernible or special about them.  Maybe, they will be one of those teams that get better as the season goes on.  Teams like that end up winning Super Bowls.

Area of Weakness:  The Titans defense has no personality without Courtland Finnegan.  It doesn’t make them weak.  They did hold their opponents to under 20 points a game.  In fact, the defense were probably the strongest part of the team, and could have been the component that game them 9 wins last season.  But, again, they have no personality or identity.  Maybe once a new defensive leader emerges, the defense will become the identity of the whole team.

2012 Marquee Matchups:   Right out the gate, its gonna be tough for the Titans:  Here are their opponents Weeks 1-4: New England, San Diego, Detroit, and Houston.  That’s a tough September!  Week 6 is Pittsburgh and Week 9 is Chicago.  Weeks 15&16 is the Jets and Green Bay.  I don’t have high hopes for the record of the 2012 Tennessee Titans. 

All Things Tennessee Titans: There are many ways to keep up with the 2012 Tennessee Titans.  Here are a few…

Blogs:  Music City Miracles http://www.musiccitymiracles.com/ ; Total Titans  http://www.totaltitans.com/ ; Titan Sized http://titansized.com/

Apps: There are no great apps I can recommend for the Titans.  Sorry fans…

Fan Clubs:  The official Tennessee Titans fan club can be found on www.titansonline.com under the fan zone section. 

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