2012 Preview: Baltimore Ravens

The 2012 Baltimore Ravens have had some tests this off season.  The biggest news to hurt Ravens fans was the injury to LB Terrell Suggs.  T. Sizzle was hurt, well its not clear how he was hurt actually.  At first it was reported by playing hoops, then it was reported that he was injured through conditioning or during the season.  Regardless, this is a blow to the team, and especially to an aging defense.  Suggs was named the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year and wreaked havoc on Olines and QBs.  Suggs feels he will make a speedy recovery and is not down for the count this season.  Another nail biter for fans is the fact that their star RB Ray Rice may be holding out due to contract issues.  Finally, their long time probowl Safety Ed Reed is considering calling it a career.  Despite all of this, the Ravens are a premiere team in the league.  It will be great to see them pull through it all.  Here is more about the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.

Fantasy Football Studs:  Ray Rice is still going strong.  He ended this season with 1364 yards and 12 TDs.  That’s 2nd in the league and a DREAM for Fantasy Footballers and Ravens faithful.  Of course the DEF has been a staple for fantasy football.  Last year the D ranked 3rd in the league.  Not sure how successful this D will be in 2012 due to the questionable return of Ed Reed who is known for INTs, and infamous for taking them to the house.  Alos, missing the crushing pressure of Suggs and those sacks will hurt.  Hope the next man up for the Ravens is ready. 

Area of Strength:  Most certainly the run!  Thanks to Ray Rice they are quite effective.  Additionally the Ravens added some upgrades to their Oline during the 2012 draft.  One more thing, they drafted another RB, Bernard Peirce out of Temple was acquired in the 3rd round.  Depending on how great he develops this could further improve the run game.  While Rice ranked 2nd in rushing, the Ravens overall ranked 10th in the league.

Area of Weakness:  When a team makes it to the AFC Championship game, its hard to pick a weakness.  This is a very good team.  That being said I have to call out 2 little chinks in their armor: Joe Flacco and this aging defense.  I’ll start with Joe and let me say this, he’s a good QB.  He’s just the weaker link on an incredible team.  Some weeks he is amazing and some weeks he’s frustrating.  He was my backup fantasy QB last season and it was quite a roller coaster ride looking at his stats and watching the Ravens play.  Flacco finished the year with 3610 passing yards (ranking 12th in the league). The WR core has helped him get out of many jams, but I think Ravens fans are growing increasingly impatient.  The other weakness?  Not the defense, but the AGE of this defense.  Many starters and playmakers on this team have gotten older.  Losing Suggs for awhile won’t help.  Hopefully the bench on this D is ready to step up and play.  All the wisdom of ballers on this team would be in vain if it weren’t shared appropriately.  I think they will be okay.

2012 Marquee Matchups:  Weeks 2 and 3 will be great games to watch as the Ravens take on the Eagles followed by the Patriots.  Weeks 6 and 7 they play Dallas and Houston just before their bye week.  Then it gets crazy:  Week 11 they play Pittsburgh.  Week 12 San Diego, then they play Pittsburgh again Week 13…rough

All Things Baltimore Ravens:  There are many ways to keep up with the 2012 Baltimore Ravens.  Here are a few…

Blogs:  Baltimore Beat Down http://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/ ; The Ebony Bird http://ebonybird.com/ ; and The Purple Chaos  http://thepurplechaos.com/

Apps:  Baltimore Ravens Mobile App for iPhone (by YinzCam/Ravens)

Fan Clubs:  The Purple Club (officially for the ladies!); The Chamber of Ravens Nests http://www.ravensnests.com/ ; Ravens Roots 52 http://www.ravensroost52.com/site/

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