He Said: A Cowboys Fan in a Redskins World

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1977.  During that time, I was living in Portsmouth, VA.  I was born and have spent most of my life in the Washington, DC area.  It has been a tough ride being a Cowboys fan in a Redskins world.  Since I am a proud fan, I rep my team.  I always get challenged and questioned as to why I’m a Dallas fan:  “Have you ever been to Dallas?   Where are you from?  Name a player other Tony Romo! Where do the Cowboys play?”  It’s crazy to hear the same old mundane questions.  I actually think Redskins fans know more about my team than they do about their own team based on the questions I get.  I do have to admit that some bandwagon Cowboys fans misrepresent us with their lack of knowledge and unwillingness to support the team in hard times.  But for tried and true fans like myself, it has been a pleasure to cheer on America’s Team week after week, win or lose.
This past weekend, I attended a Draft Day for the Washington Redskins with J.  As she left me to rub elbows with the likes of Ryan Kerrigan in the private Women of Washington Redskins party, I mixed in with the crowd as they anticipated the arrival of their already beloved Robert Griffin III.  I heard the crowd reactions to the Kirk Cousins pick in the 4th round.  I was in the crowd in front of the ESPN SportsTalk 980 announcers as they interviewed newly acquired Pierre Garcon. There was excitement everywhere.   Even as a Cowboys fan, I got a little excited too.  I wanted to get a glimpse of RG3.  I wanted to hear what he had to say, see how he reacted to the 20k plus fans who showed up to cheer him on.  It seemed like there were more Skins fans at FedEx for Draft Day than for a regular season game.  There was a sea of burgundy and gold everywhere.  I have to admit, I got caught up.  It was a new day for the Redskins…

But, we’ve seen this before.  As a Cowboys fan living in a Redskins world, its always hilarious to hear all the Skins fans pontificating about the upcoming season:  “We have Steve Spurrier, so we’ll go to the playoffs.  We have Shanahan and McNabb, so we’re going to the Super Bowl.”  Every year, it’s something else.  But, I can’t talk–every year is the Cowboys year:  “The Cowboys are the best team on paper….”  Yeah, right!

In my opinion, the Skins fans do have a lot to be excited about.  RG3 is a great talent and will be a great player for the NFL.  But as a Cowboys fan living in a Redskins world, I want the same thing that I want every season:  a winning season for my team, a run at the Super Bowl, two wins against the Skins, and for Skins fans to leave the talk about the good ole days in the past.
Good luck Skins fans……(not really)

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The man of He Said She Said Football. I'm a die hard fan of America's Team: The Dallas Cowboys. I'm heavy into Fantasy Football, game day eats, and The U football. View all posts by darylemcghee

One response to “He Said: A Cowboys Fan in a Redskins World

  • MyLowEndTheory

    I mostly relate with personal experience here.

    I am a Los Angeles Lakers fan (since the Showtime days) who was born and raised in Toronto. However, there is no rivalry between the two clubs…just the natural buzz love/hate for the Lakers that exists in a lot of the newer NBA cities. (Mind you, the people who like the Raptors here are very very supportive of their team…but they aren’t big here like the Lakers, Celtics, Knicks etc etc are in the big NBA markets.)

    It does present challenges and a lot of “why don’t you support your home town team” questions…but it’s definitely not the same as yours….the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry is probably one of the 3 greatest in North American sports.

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