She Said: Great Day to be a Redskins Fan

Just 2 days after he was drafted by the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III made his way to the nation’s capital.  There were reportedly 19,000 people waiting to welcome him.  I was one of them.  We arrived to Fed Ex Field 3o minutes prior to the start of the Washington Redskins Draft Party and joined a sea of burgundy and gold clad fans! Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, people from all walks of life were out there ready to celebrate the Redskins.

Before taking the field for the RGIII press conference, I attended the Draft Party event hosted by the Women of Washington (WOW) Redskins. WOW Redskins is a fan club just for the ladies.  Boy, did I have a great time!  Not only did I get a chance to network with some incredibly wonderful, football savvy ladies; but I also met a few Washington Redskins.  My favorite of the bunch was Ryan Kerrigan, last year’s 1st round pick of the Redskins.

It’s worth noting the crowd at Fed Ex had mixed emotions about the Redskins drafting of Kirk Cousins during the 4th round.  The ladies at the WOW Redskins party were buzzing about the move a great deal.  The draft was on every TV all around the stadium.  When the Redskins selected, the audio was turned up for all 19,000 in attendance.  A back up QB is great, but the team should have address other needs.  As I’ve said before this combine was not stacked with skill position players, but it was stacked with role players and I’m sure we could have used who ever else was on the board at the time.  On the other side of that, we Redskins fans know all too well how terrible a bad back up QB can be (hence the release of John Beck).

After partying with the ladies at the WOW Redskins party, I met up with D and we took a tour of the Redskins locker room.  I also got to take pictures with the 3 Lombardi trophies!

There was more hope in the fans of the Redskins today than I have seen in quite some time.  I really hope things work out for us.  I’m not one of those fans that expects miracles from our new QB overnight.  I also realize that football is played on offense, defense, and special teams.  The Redskins (the entire team/organization) have a lot of work to do.  It’s been a long time coming…

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3 responses to “She Said: Great Day to be a Redskins Fan

  • patton26

    We’ll see what happens as they go forward. Building blocks are there though.

  • Sam's Sports Brief

    Sounds like a great day! I’m all for RGIII!

  • MyLowEndTheory

    Last year probably spooked Shanahan ( did) & he did not want to be left with John “What The” Beck “Am I Doing?” type options.

    Cousins slid…Redskins nabbed him as a developmental type QB…chances are he’ll be #2 for the 13-14 season…Grossman kept around merely because it’s not a great idea to have 2 rookie QB’s as 1-2 on the depth chart.

    As for the o-line, it’s still very questionable (it was rated in the bottom 5 last year by Pro Football Focus)…looks like Allen/Shanahan might be hoping to score another team’s release(s) to shore up the line?

    Thanks for sharing your experience at the after draft party!

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