Draft Day Our Way

What a great Round 1 of the 2012 NFL Draft!  Our game plan was to be around as many fans as possible!  Since I am a Redskins fan and we live in Washington DC, heading to Fed Ex Field on Draft Day was a no-brainer!  There were far more fans at the stadium than I expected.   Hundreds came out on a slightly rainy day to celebrate the newest era of Redskins football.  I checked out awesome things such as a display of the late Sean Taylor’s locker and the Redskins history wall.  I also pretended to be Brian Orakpo.

While we had a great time at Fed Ex, we wanted to hang out with other fans too.  Plus D was a trooper for going, but I think all the Burgundy and Gold was making him ill.  We decided to head to another Draft Party where fans of other teams would be watching and celebrating.  Redline Sports Bar in downtown DC is where we actually watched the draft.  Check out the crowd’s reaction to the drafting of Robert Griffin III: 


Sans the Pro Bowl, the NFL turns every event  into an extravaganza of epic proportions.  What other sport has this much hype around Draft Day?  Excitement was in the air at FedEx and RedLine, so I can only imagine the feeling for the fans at Radio City Music Hall.

The best thing for me has to be seeing Roger Goodell with the newly drafted players.  Now I’m no Goodell guy, but I love seeing him embrace these young guys, welcoming them into the league.  For a moment, I actually believe that he genuinely cares about these youngsters.  It’s very cool to see that side of him, even if it’s only once a year.  There were a lot of exciting moves of the night but here are 3 that really stood out:

1. My Cowboys really did me proud trading up to get Morris Claiborne.  As a fan, Jerry often makes me angry, but last night I was happy!  As I said to J, I see Claiborne catching a lot of passes from RGIII!

2.  The Cleveland Browns lucked up and acquired Brandon Weeden, symbolically saying goodbye to Colt McCoy.  In fact, I think Cleveland will have more success with Weeden than the Dolphins will have with Tannihil…Miami just can’t get it right at QB.

3.  The Patriots (as usual) made great moves in the first round.  Of course they had two picks and they used them wisely to improve their defense.  Impressive!

The bonehead move of the night for me was by the New York Jets.  I was sitting next to a Jets fan at Redline and he like many other Jets fans was sure the Jets were going to draft LB Melvin Ingram.  Instead the Jets draft DL Quinton Coples.  There was a lot of talk about the work ethic and commitment of this guy.  The last thing the Jets need is another project.  They have enough issues…

The rest of the rounds will no doubt be interesting!  Saturday we are heading back to Fed Ex Field for the RGIII press conference!

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