We Are ONE Year Old!

As you know, we are HUGE football fans.  We’ve had many football centered conversations.  A year ago we chose to take our ongoing conversation public.  Initially, we were looking for an outlet and wanted to connect with other fans.  As a result, we decided to start this crazy journey to create He Said She Said Football!

I have no idea what we were thinking when we came up with the concept for He Said She Said Football.  In its infancy stage, even before we decided to write the blog, this was about one thing and one thing only:  Fantasy Football.  J was the first woman who I had ever met that was as serious and passionate about fantasy football as me.  Not just fantasy, but football in general.  We each played in separate leagues for years, even running our own separate leagues.  We would bounce ideas about who to start and who to sit, what match-ups to exploit, who was garbage, and who was a sleeper.  It was a weekly ritual for us, until one day we decided we should play in the same league.  That’s when He Said She Said was born:  Guys against the ladies, in a head to head fantasy football league.  But it didn’t stop there–we should write about it.  We actually had the audacity to think that people would want to read about our competitive relationship revolving around football.  We had no idea that after one year, we would still have things to discuss.

We have learned so much about blogging and each other during this first year.  You may think our arguments have been just about the Redskins vs Cowboys or Fantasy Football.  We’ve had MANY arguments about things like editorial calendars, post ideas, meeting dates, etc.  Through it all, we have grown closer and gotten better!  God has blessed us with so many opportunities and experiences, many beyond what we could think or imagine.  The best has been all the fun we have had with other fans, bloggers, and readers.

You all are simply amazing!   Thank you so much for every time you have read our blog, shared our blog, commented on a post, connected with us on Facebook and Twitter, invited us to guest post, helped us with ideas, and encouraged us to continue to be ourselves.  Here’s to many more years of FUN!

About hesaidshesaidfootball

He Said She Said Football is a blog written by Daryle McGhee and Jeanita Morris. We simply LOVE the game. We write this blog for fun and encourage your comments! If there is a topic you'd like us to discuss, comment or email us at hesaidshesaidfootball@gmail.com View all posts by hesaidshesaidfootball

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