She Said: Thanking Nike this Thursday

The most exciting NFL related event this week was the Nike launch of the new NFL uniforms.  I was not among the privileged to go to the launch event live in NYC.  As a result, I refreshed Twitter a thousand times trying to keep up with all the live tweets of the event to see pictures and such.  Nike deserves a lot of credit.  There was a lot of hype for this event.  The hype continued during this launch.  The launch started at 11am and it was close to 12 before we got to see the goods!  After all the fuss, the uniforms for the most part pretty much look the same.  Don’t get me wrong, the uniforms look great.  I love the sleeker design, but there were not the drastic changes I was expecting.  Clearly I feel victim to the leaked photos on the internet showing other design prototypes.    The best part of the uniforms were the gloves (love them!) and the shoes.  Accessories! Nike knows how to impress a girl like me!  Give me some sexy accessories any day-they make the outfit! 

Prior to the uniform launch, Nike also promoted their new fanware line on NFLShop.  I really like all of the designs, however there are two designs I LOVE! As a Redskins fan I refuse to spend my money on anything related to the Dallas Cowboys.  However, if D insists on repping his team then I will suggest this helmet Tshirt.  In fact, I am positive you well see us rocking these shirts poking fun at each other sometime in 2012!

What do you think of the new Nike products?  As a  Nike shareholder, I appreciate the boost!

photos:  Nike, Inc.

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