She Said: Donovan McNabb on First Take This Thursday

My 3 Things This Thursday all involve Donovan McNabb on ESPN’s First Take.  I can’t lie, I was fired UP watching the show today.

Last Thursday I wrote that Donovan would be the go-to person regarding the Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow situation because Donovan experienced a similar situation when Mike Vick came to Philly as a “package QB”.  So when I turned on First Take this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see Donovan on and wanted to hear what he had to say regarding that topic.  Donovan felt that Sanchez wouldn’t lose his job…apparently experience is not the greatest teacher in this case.  Donovan stuck to how he asked Andy Reid about Mike Vick coming to play.  Donovan felt this situation was different because Michael Vick was coming out of jail and I’m guessing he did not believe Michael Vick would take his job.  Donovan says he had to leave Philly because of money.  Vick, Kolb, and McNabb all had one year left but because he (Donovan) was owed the most money, he was the one to go…More on that in a minute. Donovan told Skip he does not regret recommending Mike Vick to Andy Reid.  According to Donovan, Mark Sanchez has nothing to worry about. 

But that’s not why I’m fired up.  The next segment, they asked Donovan McNabb for his thoughts regarding RGIII in DC.  Clearly my opinion is far from objective (Hail to the Redskins), but Donovan McNabb sounded like a straight UP hater!  Donovan went on to say that DC is not a great place for RGIII because of the ego of the Shanahans. Donovan believes that the Shannys will not cater the offense to the abilities of RGIII, rather the Shannys would force RGIII into their system and he will not flourish.  Donovan stated that the system would not work with RGIII’s abilities because the Redskins are a pass first, run second team.  When Donovan was in DC, the Redskins starting RB (for a quick minute) was declining, injured Clinton Portis, followed by Ryan Torian.  We all know what a disaster the run game was that season.  I don’t believe this season will be the same.  In fact, the Redskins running game had promise last year with Hightower (before he got injured) and rookie Roy Helu.  

Donovan also said (and this is where he sounds bitter to me) if RGIII is not successful in his first year (like Cam Newton) that it would be over for RGIII in Washington.  Donovan said most QBs get a second chance to improve over the first year and he (Donovan) was not given that chance.  As a Redskins fan, I will admit that this city is impatient when it comes to wanting success. That starts with the owner of the Redskins all the way down to fans like me.  Our team has been unsuccessful as a result of that impatience, especially with hasty decision-making. Even if RGIII does not have a “Cam Newton Season” I’m sure the Shannys and fans would not run him out of DC after 1 year.  He would get another chance.   It is foolish to compare yourself (a then 34-year-old Donovan McNabb) to a Heisman trophy winner coming straight out of college.  Just because YOUR experience for ONE year didn’t go so well does not mean that is how things will be for this kid.  In fact, Michael Smith even asked Donovan, “Are you qualified to talk about this because you were not successful”.  Skip asked Donovan, “Do you have an axe to grind against Washington?”  I have a better question for Donovan:  “What was the problem for your lack of success in Minnesota? A mean question I know, but I feel like Donovan is not accepting HIS part in the lack of success he experienced when he played for the Redskins.   Money is not the reason you were shipped to Washington Donovan.  The Eagles believed Kevin Kolb (HA!) and Michael Vick were better QBs than you.  From the moment Donovan came to DC, I was not a fan of the situation.  It never sat well with me that a team would trade their starting QB to their division rival.  DUH!  Anyway, I feel Donovan also brought his ego to DC, not just the Shannys.  I can’t imagine RGIII coming to DC with an ego. 

Did you see ESPN’s First Take today? What do you think about Donovan’s comments?  Do you think I’m being a Redskins apologist?

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3 responses to “She Said: Donovan McNabb on First Take This Thursday

  • Johnny

    I agree with you all the way. He, like any seasoned QB with sucess under his belt, will bring their EGO and the LEAD DOG mentality wherever they go. It is true that DC has a bad rap for how impatient we are as fans but I think after so many years of being the ass of the joke, we know what we have to do. No quick fixes, but instead, build up a QB for years to come. RG3 is young and has alot to learn but im sure he has the mindset to come and learn and then execute based on his own skills and the direction of the staff. not come in looking to clash or debate with the already in place leadership

    • hesaidshesaidfootball

      Exactly Johnny! I think last year when the Redskins traded down for more picks last year shows that the team is trying to build. For the people who think its back to business as usual because the Skins gave up so much to move up this year, I feel like it was a move they had to make. Donovan was disappointing with his perspective. I guess he could only speak from his experience in DC, but I still think he was unfair. Thanks for reading.

  • MyLowEndTheory

    Donovan McNabb has never ever looked in the mirror with honesty…it’s always about other elements/people doing him wrong…never about what he did do/may have done wrong.

    Fact is, he got lazy in the tail end of his career. Thus, it went downhill relatively fast.

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