She Said: 3 Thoughts This Thursday…

What a wild week in the NFL!  There has not been a dull moment since the start of Free Agency.  I wanna share these thoughts with you…

Mark Sanchez: make your next move your best move.  I really feel for Mark.  Tim Tebow coming to NY is the worst thing that could have possibly happened for Mark.   I believe the Jets front office has not really been up front with us (or Mark Sanchez for that matter).  All this talk about how they have confidence in Mark Sanchez..HUMPH!  The Jets had one of the most tumultuous locker rooms in all of the NFL last season and to bring in additional drama is confusing to me.  I know, I know-they wanna bring Tim in for Wild Cat packages…but I don’t buy that.  A QB package player is still a threat to the starting QB.  Ask Donovan McNabb!  He thought it was all rainbows and good times when Mike Vick was acquired from the Eagles.  “Oh, he’ll be an option for certain packages”  We all know how that story ended.  Skip Bayless had a funny quote today: “Mark Sanchez is a mistake maker, Tim Tebow is a play maker”.  I’m just saying,  for the sanity of JETS fans everywhere, I sincerely hope Mark has his best season.

Drew Brees: Get your money or hold out homie!  Why play for less than you deserve in the midst of this mess?  They basically HAVE to reward Drew handsomely!  In this situation, Drew has been there, done that.  Tried to be nice in San Diego, then got hurt.  Now in New Orleans, (even before the Goodell punishment smack down) he was unhappy with the way the front office handled his contract negotiations.  I fully believe at this point the Saints are obligated to take care of the face of this tarnished franchise.

Sean Payton: One year and 7 million dollars is a large pill to swallow.  Lying for Gregg Williams sure wasn’t worth it.  Seems like Payton got the brunt of the punishment.  I don’t need anymore proof that it costs to be the boss.  While, I think the commissioner’s decision was extreme.   I’m also certain no organization will ever do this again.  I believe the message of “don’t maliciously harm players on purpose and lie to the NFL about it”  would not be received as urgently if the punishment happened to a coach that was not as successful and well liked as Sean Payton.  I hope the Saints don’t go so extreme as to fire Payton after this is all over…but if they do…please, please, PLEASE don’t go to Dallas Sean Payton.  Thank you 🙂  On a serious note, as a fan, I feel for Saints fans everywhere.  I would be crushed if this happened to my team. 

What do you think about all things NFL this week?

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